‘Pilfering Hearts’- a hot box poem

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*before the fragrant odor of

his rose slip away into

history and leave the

pot boiling over-

before the dancing shoes are put up

and the legs filet around

his slim ones and the gift

of movement rocks me

and the techno grooves

the DJ ministers over the air

says “Goodnight”

here we stand, twin souls

that could have happened

should have but

I called him from her

and he took me from Him

we shake the sheets together

smooth skins and bruise lips

philandering other human’s hearts.

I sit alone.

*This poem arrived to my mind after the exercise in post on poetry exercises and invoking the muse. The words seem to be coming from a place of sensuality adulterated(and yes, I am happily married- don’t confuse me with the speaker of the poem-I blame the creative process) Anyhow towards the end of the poem, it became more spiritual for me and less about the physicalities between the speaker and her lover.

What do you think?


Semantha almost grows a spine in the dramatic conclusion to the Heavestone Secrets

Now that Cassie is dead(Cassie was Semantha’s older, dominating sister),  Semantha is now at a private school and supposedly this makes her more free from her horrible past…not really. Semantha still thinks about how her sister caused her own rape, the baby that was created by that and poor Semantha still celebrates the child’s birthday in secret in her dorm.  Since the book fast forward three years, the child should be three years old and living with distant relative.

So, now Semantha still hears the whispers of her ancestors and her sister. Even more so now that Mr. Heavenstone, Semantha’s father is getting . The entire time I felt Semantha was going psycho- and she had reason to be, especially since her love interest, Ethan Hunter may have a secret as well. But each person has their own demons. Here’s a SPOILER character profile of each. It’s quite a nutty group…

  • Semantha Heavenstone is presumably seventeen, hears voices and she talks to her dead sister in her mind. In fact most of the things she does in the book is because “Cassie told her to”. Right down to how to behave in front of her dad’s new fiance. Honestly I didn’t like the fiance, Lucille Bennet anyway. She was snobby and domineering…like Cassie.
  • Lucille Bennet has just turned 40 and wants to control the Heavenstone home. But Semantha will not have that. Oh, the woman does try to woo Semantha with gifts and promises that the will be friends. But who wants a friend who controls what people eat, wear, when they sleep and when they should marry…?
  • Mr. Heavenstone is Semantha’s rich and still oblivious dad. He actually allows Lucille Bennet to fire Mrs. Dobson and Doris! Servants that were with the Heavenstones for a while. All he can say is “Lucille knows what she is doing. She is in charge” I smell a Cassie Tornado part two coming on. When will he learn to leave domineering women alone? I think the dead Mrs. Heavenstone had more sense than anyone in the mansion.
  • Uncle Perry is still concerned with his business and promotion area of the Heavenstone Stores. Once again he asks Semantha if she needs anything at all and even wants her to work for him. By Uncle Perry not forcing any issues on anyone or being more in control, and by Semantha not taking his offer, allows things crash fast…
  • Ethan Hunter is an interesting and shady character at best. I say this because he does come off as the perfect guy for Semantha. He’s a college boy, good-looking, and very intelligent where areas of business are concerned. But mysteriously, after not showing up for Semantha’s graduation, he appears out of thin air claiming he loves her and I do give him some credit for a while-and he comes to live with the Heavenstones, impressing the father (and Lucille) and now they want him to skip getting that MBA for a while and work for the Heavenstones. The problem: Ethan seems more apt to please Lucille’s demands than Semantha. “Lucille says this” or Lucille said that” Semantha gets tired of it. What happened to the business major with a backbone? What is really going on?

So yeah, Cassie still controls much from the grave and it causes “grave” consequences in the end. But truthfully I really did not Lucille at all and Semantha almost grows a spine….

‘To Love a Wilde’, a blast from the past wielding sass captured him

To Love a WildeTo Love a Wilde by Kimberly Kaye Terry

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I can’t breathe without you.

Yasmine Taylor, an up and coming chef just got a message from her aunt that she needs her. Yasmine’s aunt Lilly lives in Wyoming on the Wilde ranch- a ranch filled with men who are brothers in spirit and heart and one particular one, Holt Wilde has been Yasmine’s crush for over ten years- she can’t hide from him now once she arrives on the ranch.

Holt Wilde hasn’t seen Yasmine in ten years, but back then she was a bit chubby yet had an affectionate, contagious laugh and smile that drew him in- and way. He saw her as his sister- until she arrives at the airport and he wonders where this shapely, confident woman came from. Suddenly he’s the one chasing her and not the other way around.

This was my first time reading anything in the Wilde series and I enjoyed it. Again, this is a Kimani Romance novel, so if you’re into quick, sizzling hot reads, this one scores way up the top. Holt is a man on a mission: To win Yasmine before any of the men on the ranch try to claim her and when he realizes she’s the one- he can not breathe without her. He needs her. They need each other.


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‘Hot to Touch’: Not even a blazin’ trail of fire could keep them apart

Hot to Touch by Kimberly Kaye Terry

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

So what did I think of this?

A typical Kimani Romance Book, or Silhouette Desire novel runs about 182-214 pages, so things between the protagonist and potential lover must progress quickly while still making the novel believable.

Kimberly Kaye Terry made this book believable for me by giving us quick childhood backgrounds of both main characters: Shane Westwood and Emogene Rawlings. Emogene Rawlings is a photojournalist who “isn’t afraid to fight fire with fire”. She believes she can handle anything- until meets rugged, handsome and very tall Shane Westwood.

Shane Westwood had put out enough fires in his life and enjoys the risk of being a firefighter. But he can not for the life of him squelsh the hidden flames of desire he has for the petite brown skinned woman who calls herself Gene Raw.

The book was a fast paced read and the writing sharp enough to elicit emotions and sympathy for both Shane and Emogene’s past. When they get togeher, there is no denying the heat they are cooking in.

If you like a quick, hot, passionate book to pass the time, this is a good one.

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Two different books, one tells the story, marketing uses story

Daughters of Africa by Margaret Busby

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I chose plenty of narratives and stories to read while curled up on the couch. The words were so inspiring and so real, it punches the soul and takes you to the place in Africa country, or African hearts in America.

The slave narratives, although gritty and real, provided words of encouragement for today. Words by Maria Stewart and “Old Elizabeth”

“I mourned sore like a dove and chattered forth my sorrow, moaning in the corners of the field, and under the fences.”

From Elizabeth(“Old Elizabeth”)[1863]- spent first thirty years in bondage in Maryland and at the age of forty-two began preaching career.

This is just a piece of the intelligent, soulful writing from women in the past. This is why the book received five stars from me and I hope others sample more from this book of biblical proportions.

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StoryBranding: Creating Stand-Out Brands Through The Power of Story by Jim Signorelli

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

As someone who writes stories and is interested in how to market brands for others, Jim Signorelli’s book, StoryBranding is right on time and because there was just so much information, I decided to focus on a couple of real key items which unlocked my perspective some on the brand marketing idea.

First, Jim Signorelli’s definition of a story goes like this: “A narrative about a character dealing with some obstacle to achieve some important goal” (p.31) With this in mind he tells us that both prospects and brands have an obstacle to cross and the barrier can only be broken down once we know the prospect’s inner and outer layer and the brand’s inner and outer layers. He brings on a bus load of examples of how to’s and what not to dos using McDonald’s, Denny’s, Oldsmobile and Old Spice as brands to study.

Second, Signorelli offers a review of basic principles at the end of each chapter so it sort of clarifies things for you if you’re feeling overwhelmed or just a simple study guide.
The downside could be the simple misspellings found in the book, but then again, it was an uncorrected proof and is probably fixed at this time.

If you’re looking for a book which cajoles you to think outside of the box and if you are reading to try your creative minds in learning how to tell a story, the marketing communications way, the this book is definitely for you.

Book Details:
Author: Jim Signorelli
Published: Greenleaf Book Group Press(2012)
ISBN: 978-1-60832-145-2

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