3 Things I Learned While Reading ‘A Fistful of Honey’ #TruthInFiction

a fistful of honey

Published by Transformation Press(2015)

ISBN-13: 978-0-9966384-0-1

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Want to read a story that reflects what is happening in the world and in black communities specifically? Want a book that can tell a great story while adding action, romance, and the dark wisdom for a painfully delicious novel you can’t stop thinking about?

Here is a brief summary of this amazing book:

Her world is ending, but only she can stop all of existence from meeting the same fate…

This stunning novel begins when a pending divorce and job loss force Alena Ford out of her elite life in Manhattan’s Upper East Side, and into a gritty section of Brooklyn. Stripped of everything, she is forced to face the demons of her past and the ghosts in her heart. When Alena befriends her eccentric neighbor Gloria, the woman’s stunning amethyst necklace and Black Madonna painting draw her into a world of ancient secrets, dark forces, and powerful magic.

It is a world in which black women are divine. Alena finds that it is up to her to save humanity from a universal evil, the Shetani. To succeed, Alena must first conquer her own darkness; if she loses, the fate of the world is at stake. A brilliantly crafted story that seamlessly grapples race, oppression, divinity, and the redemptive power of forgiveness. 

-Blurb taken from Amazon

Let’s Talk Color

In the book, Alena is deeply hurt that the one man she wanted, a chocolate man-only seemed to gravitate to light skinned women and so when they finally reconnect, she shares her hurt and he reminds her that many men lusted after her and she learns that her own low self-esteem placed her in the path of a man who is not her race but who could not love her either, only as an exotic piece of the puzzle(this isn’t always the case, there are some happy IR relationships of course).

Anyway, I thought it interesting that this conversation takes place in the book because right now on social media there is a light black versus dark black discussion going on and it is pure silly. Attractive is attractive, who cares about the skin paint?

Is It All Just Spiritual?

Right now, many blacks are beginning to question all they’ve been taught. In the novel, Alena meets her Maker and other Ancestors and she learns that we were taught only part of the truth and the revealing of that Truth is beautiful and was enough to make me re-learn what I thought I knew.

Is God black? White? Male? Female? Truthfully, we don’t know and can’t know in this realm,  in this flesh. What I do know is that love transcends all of that and Alena had to rely on Love to get her though.

Current Events In Literature

I saved this one for last because it is too depressing to think of.

With all of the police brutality going on and of course the recent Starbucks incident, it makes you wonder: Is America falling behind? Why aren’t we progressing in humanity?

In A Fistful of Honey, the police are filled with hatred for the blacks and a little black boy is killed while going to the store for his mother. It is the most sickening and hurtful part of the book.

This is not to say that the blacks were saints in the story, but isn’t that reality? None of us are saints but we do not deserve to be lynched either. So the final showdown in the book gave me goosebumps and I hear there is a sequel too. I am so ready for it!

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Filtered, The Gods’ Conversation Continues #FreewillOrUltimatePeace

Photo Credit: Blue Ox Studio


This short fiction continues with Silver One(the silver god), showcasing her “management” skills of humans on her planet in her own universe. The question still is: Is it better to give people control over their own lives, should be peace be achieved by removing freewill.



Silver One’s beauty radiated throughout the dark universe. Appearing androgynous  with a shiny smooth head with large mirror-like aqua eyes, she was indeed beautiful, intelligent but Beautiful One would further call her- ruthless.

Gliding across the cold, onyx sky, with a blink they both stand over her planet. Similar to Beautiful One’s earth in size and even had the same radiating blue glow around it.

There was one tiny bit of difference.

“Silver One?” Beautiful One said crossing one sandled foot over the other. “Do your people drink water?”

Silver One gave a sly wink. “I know. You see mostly sky and land. My people do more flying than walking. There is some water though…here and there. Come on, stop judging!” Silver One gave a coy chuckle as they both floated downward.

Even from up high, Beautiful One could hear the pleasant sound of singing. It was morning on the side they were at and the voices were absolutely beautiful.

The people were talking. The cacophony was positively melodic.

Beautiful One smiled. “I must see one.”

“Whatever do you mean?”

“Go down there. Mingle with them. Learn of them. People do not fly.”

“In your universe, they do not,” quipped Silver One. “Why mingle with toys you produce. Absurd!”

“To gain perspective, Silver One. Come on. Let’s try!”

Silver One reluctantly agreed.

They swooped down from on high and finally landed on Silver One’s Earth. The people moved about robotically(for those of you who have seen the Matrix where Morpheus and Neo are strolling down the sidewalk bumping into people, this scene is similar).

Beautiful One noticed that one woman in particular with dark, shining hair held an ice cream cone in her hand and her small child was walking next to her, a spitting image of her. They appeared jovial but their eyes were…cold.

Silver One smiled but was already bored with being down there. The weather was beautiful, a small breeze but the people were in abundance and all she could do was keep “checking” on their program, making sure no one was thinking of murder or lying or stealing and any other rotten thing.

“Some do fall through the cracks, but I correct them instantly,” Silver One said. “For example, you allow those who cheat on their spouses to keep living! Some even have decent lives after they’re caught, while the one who was hurt becomes fatter, depressed or have to work twice as hard to keep up!”

Beautiful One felt as if he were getting a tongue lashing. Fact was, people can choose to do whatever. Why harm the one who made a mistake? Those make mistakes often make them again or…they become better and learn. Endure and aspire to be better people.

He told Silver One all of this, but she shook her head. “Once again, you are much too poetic for me. Have some logic in there. Let me show you something.”

Silver One’s naked, shiny body glided between the people like a thin strip of cool river. Beautiful One observed the sky above. The clouds were blue and gray against a semi-fushia backdrop. It looked like noon.

“See that man over there?” Silver One pointed to a guy sitting on a porch leading to what looked like a museum or court house- holding what looked like a gun. “He is not only a cheat to his wife, but he swindles money.”

“But you didn’t program him for that.”

“No. A bug. Whatever this bug is, I am sick of it! Anyway, he is contemplating doing away with his life. His mistress(the trifling wench) I brought her down to her knees in front of the wife. She threw up all her innards at the scorned woman’s feet, croaked right there. The wife is living a lavish life now…happy. The husband here is riddled with guilt. I have softened his heart.”

Beautiful One knew what would happen next.

In a mere three seconds the man was no more. The top of his head was blown off as crowds of people screamed and backed away. Even the screams sounded timed.

His body slumped over and the gun laid to his side.

“Question: Where does his soul go?”

“Oh, Beautiful One,” Silver One went over to the body and picked up the gun. To a casual observer, the gun appeared to be floating since the gods were invisible. “This is paradise!”

“So there is no eternal judgment for him?”

“You’re judging suicides now?”

“Actually no. I am quite understanding of most suicides. I am talking about his spirit overall. For how he treated not only himself, but how he treated others.”

“Ah, and this is where I see our differences,” Silver One looked into Beautiful One’s near transparent eyes. “You have lakes of fire waiting for anyone who dare not believe in your Son. Or who chooses a new lifestyle. You are Jealous Jealous but come off as Peace-loving.”

She got closer to him and could feel the emanating power roll off his shoulders. “I am not the unkind god here. The true monster is you.”

Beautiful One’s righteousness and holiness brimmed together and formed a static cloud about him. Silver One’s body shone brighter with her own truth.

To be continued…

Copyright 2018 Erica Jean Smith

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To be continued….

Copyright 2018 Erica Jean Smith

A Man Questions His Dreams in ‘The Between’

the between
Cover Image by: Harper Torch(1995)


“We’re always closest to death, when we’re asleep…”(from The Between by Tananarive Due, 1995)


Where to begin with such great writing!

In The Between, Hilton James has bad dreams that seems so real it could quite possibly be. When he was little, his grandmother saved him from drowning in Virginia Key Beach and now that a racist lunatic wants to murder his family, Hilton’s nightmares from childhood returns and this time they are making him question his own sanity.

At some point, Hilton seeks hypnotherapy from a trusted friend  and this uncovers some strange things, but it isn’t until we as the reader truly understand the supernatural-ness of what’s happening that the heart begins to pound in fear and anticipation.

Tananarive Due told such a good story I was literally upset the book was over. The book does cross all racial lines and instead has a nicely brewed blend of supernatural/horror/psychological thriller appeal to it and for this to have been her first book, is quite an accomplishment.

I feel that The Between is a hodgepodge mixture of conversations we’ve all had with ourselves and others before. In a creative way the book shares a story we all try to rationalize: Are we dreaming what is real, or really dreaming? Does a dejavu prove something more?

If a person almost dies, what can that change in their present life and is there a consequence?

I love the Final Destination movies, but I think The Between was much, much more profound.

Highly recommended!

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Catch Me When I Fall, Dreamcatchers, #1


Catch Me When I Fall (Dreamcatcher #1)Catch Me When I Fall by Vicki Leigh

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

His job is to catch dreams and protect the human world from nightmares.

For two hundred years, Daniel Graham has been the protector of Night fighting red eyed monsters that haunt people’s dreams. His next mission: Kayla Bartlett, a sixteen year old clinically depressed patient in a psychiatric ward.

Daniel finds himself attracted to her and bending(breaking) all the rules to get close to her.

But he has to be careful, because Kayla’s nightmares are not normal and what Daniel and others like him discover soon enough that they will need all the help they can get to fight her nightmares.

My Reaction:

This was definitely supernatural teen romance at its best. My two favorite parts of the book is the action and the love scenes.

The book is pretty dark because there are psychological battles and supernatural battles going on that Daniel must face. At first I thought the nightmares were just that, but they can be physical and the way the author describes scenes in the book you can pretty much imagine them on the screen. The fighting scenes are gruesome, very descriptive but important to the story.

Even the sensual/sex scene is done somewhat in taste but still there, FYI.

I actually enjoyed this one and hope that the next book is just as good.

Warning: Sex and Violence

About Vicki Leigh

Adopted by a construction worker and stay-at-home mom, Vicki grew up in a small suburb of Akron, Ohio where at the age of four she began to read and by the sixth grade she penned her first full-length screen play.

If she couldn’t be a writer, Vicki would be a hunter,(like on the show Supernatural) or a Jedi.

Book Details:

Catch Me When I Fall(Dreamcatchers, #1), Vicki Leigh

Curiosity Quills Press, LLC(2014)

ISBN: 978-1-62007-486-2(ebook)

ISBN: 978-1-62007-487-9(paperback)


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Another self pubbed author strikes the gold…

Another author who has sent in her manuscript to dozens of publishers and been rejected has finally been picked up byS&S books for young readers and she is now sitting on top of a six figure three book deal.

I’m talking about Brittany Geragotelis, author of the self pubbed Life’s a Witch. In a sentence, the protagonist is a descendant of a woman accused for being a witch, the woman was executed and now the teen must face contemporary times in high school while facing supernatural presence from the past[Read more about Brittany Geragotelis on Publisher’s Weekly]

Now, when you hear stories like these, it is easy to read the headline, the plot line and then close out of the page.

Don’t do that.

While reading the article I found that Geragotelis did some things that self pubbed and aspiring traditional pubbed writers should be doing:

  • Writing. This is the difficult part, but in order to think about publishing, you should just write.
  • Pay attention to trends. This certainly does not mean follow the trends, I certainly never do, but Brittany Gerogotelis is now capitalizing on the hugest market out there- Teen Supernatural Fiction.
  •  Huge online following. At this point, if you do not have at least a blog, a website, or even Twitter you are not getting your name out there. In fact, creating a social network now and generating buzz NOW about your genre of choice is the key to having people love you and your works.
  • Never giving up. Again, people like Amanda Hocking and Gerogotelis neve gave up. They submitted their manuscripts, got turned down, and decided to go ahead and self publish. Hey, that’s what Lulu, CreateSpace, and e-publishing is there for. When several doors close, one major free-way opens up.

Take this as a lesson: Never, ever give up.