Science fiction books getting help from God’s word..?

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Science fiction has been expanding in recent years and not just in movies, but in christian novels as well. The beauty and wonder of science and fantasy has somehow collided with the bible and in turn has created a mainstream following in the young adult and adult categories.

Jill Williamson’s Replication: The Jason Experiment , shows that high adrenaline suspense, cloning, and the word of God can co-exist although the book reviewer notes that there were some “politically correct” elements which downplays the potentially great literature; yet the premise is unique to the Christian Fiction genre. Think of Offworld by Robin Parrish or The Void by Mark Mynheir- these books have a pretty strong speculative sense to them and has rallied up fans since.

While we can get into the difference between hard science, soft science, or speculative fiction(these shall be saved for another time), the main idea here is that the bible is fast becoming a literary tool for science fiction premise. For instance, ever hear of Brain Godawa ? So far he has received praise for his latest novel, Noah Primeval: Chronicles of the Nephilim Book One . The basic premise(read more on examiner)