‘Seaweed Eyes’, A Brief Autumn Romance(Flash Walk Fiction)


**Below, you’ll find a very brief Autumn romance fit for readers of young adult fiction, love, and general literature. I hope you like this treat and feel free to comment and share. I will update the last part sometime this week**


Seaweed Eyes

Part 1

Hoping against hope, I sit on grandma’s swing, under the shady tree, the large one I used to be afraid of as a child until one day I saw a beautiful, emerald caterpillar undulating on its branch. The tree couldn’t be all bad if beautiful creatures took up residence there.

I swing my feet out, my church shoes looking like horse hooves and kicked back and forth, my long legs were spindly and my shoes kept kicking up the dirt patch, but the sun was warm, friendly and not unbearably hot.

Hoping against hope, I pray he doesn’t show up. Every Sunday dinner since I was ten, he came by with his son. The one with the bowl hair cut, sneaky smile and dingy clothes.

I stop my swinging and finally make up my mind to tell Grandma Olsa.

“Grandma!” I yell into the house. I pull open the front door and hear it scream in protest as I dash upstairs to where grandma was knitting by the window. They look like small hats, for a baby.

“I don’t want Casey and his dad here. I hate them!”

Grandma slowly lowers her knitting needles and turns away from the window. After she sighs she then says, “Dearie. Never say you hate someone.”

“I don’t like them, Grandma,” I whine. Now I feel six instead of sixteen. “That boy is always looking at me, like he wants to eat me. He is kind of chunky.”

“You hadn’t seen him all summer, why worry now Elesa? We go to the same church and his family is in need sometimes. Giving him a free meal once in a while and some friendship is the least we can offer.” Grandma Olsa stands up in a beautiful, print dress of sunflowers and I admire her long, silver hair which is incredibly healthy and thick.

“Well. Do I have to talk to him?”

“I would like for you to be polite,” Grandma Olsa says just as a firm knock on the door downstairs confirms the worst.

They’re here.

With the house smelling of sweet yams, buttered biscuits and grandma’s briskets memories of the last Fall sweeps through me and I feel a kind of nostalgia come over me. Last year’s cinnamon raisin cookies, the large green Christmas tree with lots of presents under them.

The unopened presents mom and dad will never see.

I take the steps one at a time slowly, not excited about seeing the dark haired Casey and his thick shouldered giant of a father.

Grandma opens the door wide and opens her arms wider for Casey’s dad. “Come in fellas! You’re just in time!”

I turn on the dining hall’s lights as Casey’s dad enters.

I keep looking around the man for Casey. Grandma holds the slender yet toned fella next to Casey’s dad.

The boy has his hair in a small bun at the nape of his neck and his eyes are the color of seaweed, framed by curly lashes.

He is mighty fine.

“Elesa. Aren’t you going to hug Casey?”

I swallow hard.

This. Can’t. Be. Casey.

***Story inspired by a great prompt on Pinterest!***

Copyright 2016 by Erica Jean Smith


The ‘N’ Word(From Race to Redemption), an Exceptional Novel

Handsome man with swastika
The N Word by Tiana Laveen

The N Word (From Race to Redemption Series, #1), Tiana Laveen

Amazon Digital Services(Aug. 8, 2015)

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Five Stars

Never have I felt a stirring of emotion­­— good emotion, tragic emotion for a White Supremacist- Ever, until I read Tiana Laveen’s the N Word.

That is just the first thing I love about the book.

The second is her great knowledge of history and psychology and the dynamics of long distance relationships and yes, the sexy tidbits as well.

So, the story is about Aaron Pike, a white guy with a lot of pride in his culture doing time for beating a black man into a coma and now he has to see a counselor and explore all of his demons. And believe me; Aaron has a lot of demons.

This dude’s mind is scarier than his actions. Trust me.

Meanwhile, the beautiful Mia Armstrong, teacher and volunteer at the prison decides to do the unthinkable: Make contact through letters with Aaron Pike, not truly knowing who he is and he not knowing who she is.

He does not know she is black.

But through their correspondence, it opens up a dam of pain, of anger, of possibilities…and it is those possibilities that keep you on the edge of your seat. The sizzling letters Aaron and Mia send each other. The subtle mind assassination they give each other, the poems…

I am so in love with this book and wish to tell more because this book is deep. It is about more than two people getting to know each other through one of the oldest forms of communication.

It begs the question:

Who are we really?

I will be reviewing Book 2: Word of Honor, really soon!

Beast, by Pepper Pace a (steaming hot) review

Beast of a guy on front cover
Beast, Pepper Pace Productions

Beast by Pepper Pace

Published by Pepper Pace 2013

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5 Stars


Warning! Do not read this book near a gas station! This story is sexually explicit and with serious matters that may be uncomfortable for most….

Beast is the remastered, incredible modern day fairytale about Lt. Christopher Jameson a.k.a. Beast, a marine born with a severe facial deformity. Ashleigh Marie Dalton is what you would call “bodacious” with a very pretty face but slightly overweight.

When Beast meets Ashleigh, the combination of their stories and souls collide into something beautiful, heartfelt, and strong.

My Reaction:

Beast has a lot of love to give.

I could not put the book down. I have read several really good books this year so far and I will say with confidence, Beast stands on top of the rest. Number one, the characters are so real I literally miss them, the passion and erotic scenes between Beast and Ashleigh are enough to cause firestorms, and the story deals with real issues.

Ashleigh is superficial, but she comes from a superficial family. When she meets Beast, her reaction to his very powerfully built body is instant and understandable and her slight repulsion to his facial deformity, is also, sadly understandable.

Beast is such a shy, sweet man! But he does not play around when it comes to courting the woman he is attracted to and even though Ashleigh is overweight, her beauty is undeniable and her weight has never been a problem for him.

I really enjoyed the hot scenes…sorry. Had to say that. The book definitely gets five star rating for that and also for storyline.

Quote: “She was so little…well she was a big girl, but in his arms she was dwarfed…His arms tightened protectively around her.”

Finally, what I absolutely loved about the book was that there were a few serious issues addressed and fleshed out pretty well. I will not say what those are, but Ashleigh and Beast have childhoods that weren’t so pretty.

Little Nuances: There were some cases where the author misspelled a character’s name and maybe just a couple of grammatical/spelling errors, but certainly not enough to turn you away from this powerful read!

Five stars all around!


‘Melt With You’: a Totally ’80s Romance (review)

Melt With You
Cover Design by Gaffey Media

Melt With You(A  Totally 80s Romance, Book #1)

Addison Moore

Hollis Thatcher Press(2016)

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5 Stars

Intended Audience: Young Adults, 80s Fanatics, Addison Moore Fans, Bookworms, Romance Readers

Warning! This book is young adult fiction, yet includes explicit language and sex scenes.


What an amazing story! Before I gush about this book with face flushed from the constant swooning, let me tell you the story…

Melissa Malinowski always had a crush on the hottest of guys at Glen Heights High School. It is 1984 and the only time she gets close to Joel effing Miller…

Is when he runs over her with his truck.

The accident shakes both of them up but other things get shaken up too when Joel starts caring for her by walking her to class, picking her up from home and taking her back home. Like, how awesome is it to have the hottest football player, the cutest boy on earth, care for you so much?

Joel Miller does not know what he has on his hands, but he does have a girlfriend already. A hot one, but there is something real, something different about Melissa.

My Reaction:

From the Go, I was in love with the story. I was born in the early 80s and so chapters like, “Hit Me With Your Best Shot”, “Like a Virgin”, “Girls Just Want to Have Fun”, I was totally into it. Even the cover looks very Flash Dance-y. So, I was hooked.

What is really beautiful about this story is the way Joel and Melissa connect. She is not a hot chick, per se who wears heavy makeup and she does not think the sun rises and sets on her – nope. She is self conscious, an introvert and loves to write.

Joel is portrayed as beautiful, but is a hero in many aspects. He willingly accepts responsibility for Melissa’s pain and sometimes when he talks, he comes off as older than his years in my opinion. He is a senior in high school but you get the feeling he is on his way to being a decent human being.

Melt With You Quote Graphic
Image designed by Ericajean using Canva

Finally, Addison Moore has a way with words. I reviewed Moore’s super charged sexy book 3:AM Kisses, and I mention how she has a way with words. Her character’s dialogue and internal monologues are what I live for.

Check this out: “The sky blushes when she sees how blue they are…”(pg. 72). I love that sentence!

What kept me up at night were the feels and thrills when I realize how much Joel is falling for this girl. It is sweet and endearing how much she means to him and you pray she knows it.

Of course there is partying, booze drinking, loud and crazy music, prom…all the makings of a great book.

Another great read from a great author.

Get your butt in gear and read this book NOW, download full novel for FREE on Amazon!

And yes, this is a series. Thank God. 🙂

Happy reading!


Hidden Monster by Amanda Strong, The Monsters Are Among Us(a review)

hidden monster

Hidden Monster
Hidden Monster by Amanda Strong Image courtesy of Clean Teen Publishing

Hidden Monster(Monsters Among Us, #1) Amanda Strong

Clean Teen Publishing (2014)

Cover Design by: Marya Heiman/Typography by: Courtney Nuckels

Book offered for free through Bookbub

4.5 Stars!


Hidden Monster is an enigma.

It was seriously so good and, well, had so many twists, that it left my head spinning.

But the important thing here is that the book is good and let me tell you why.


Here’s the Story:

Samantha is running in the woods when she is suddenly kidnapped, placed in a cabin without food or drink for a few weeks and her captor says five haunting words:

You are my special girl.

He wears a mask and says she will fall in love with him.

Only one boy calls her his special girl, her ex Jeremy. But could it really be him who had captured her?

Samantha escapes the cabin and that is when things get strange. Strange dreams, strange abilities, even her friends are acting strange.

And on top of that, her new neighbor, Blake, who is handsome and so sweet wants to spend time with her, but Samantha does not know who to trust.

Who is the real monster here?

PSSST: As of right now, Hidden Monster is free on Kindle! Grab it now by heading to the link of the title in this post 🙂

My Reaction:

My first reaction to the book was: “Oh wow! Love it!”

Then towards the middle, I was beginning to feel confused and maybe let down? You see, Hidden Monster begins like a suspenseful, teen novel. It really does.

Around the middle, say 50% of the novel, things pick up quickly and there is heart pounding romance and sci/fi. Pretty darn cool if you ask me.

Confusion gets worse as Samantha tries to figure out what she is and who she can trust. I got a little annoyed because of the long winded explanations and enormous twisty plots but this book still hovers on 4 or 4.5 stars for excellent storytelling and romance.

If you like Stephenie Meyer’s The Host and other novels involving science fiction, and love triangles, then you will really love this one!

Let me know what you think.

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Warning: ‘Aaren’ Will Cause a Slow Burn and Insomnia

Book cover courtesy of CreateSpace/ Blog Image design by Ericajean/Image of stars from pathfindersociety.com
Book cover courtesy of CreateSpace/ Blog Image design by Ericajean/Image of stars from pathfindersociety.com

I just finished reading T.A. Ford’s *Aaren and…Holy crap! This book was so good I had goose bumps in my sleep and imagined that Lifetime would scoop this one up quick.

I seriously lost some sleep folks. Insomnia ruled this week.

Aaren Robinson is a hot shot lawyer in New York about to divorce her husband when she receives the news her father has passed away. So she leaves home without telling her hubby and goes to Penns Point Kentucky to bury her father and oh Lord, the handsome Jarrod Pennington is there.

Click here for  My Amazon Review of Aaren

Jarrod, her first love. The judge’s son. The judge’s white son whom she fell for fourteen years ago.

And when I say the manure hit the fan hard. I mean it. All kinds of skeletons fly out of the closet in this book.

Betrayal, whodunit mystery, murder, brawls, adultery…on and on. All the while I am sitting up past midnight swiping the screen to the next page on my Kindle app, wondering if Aaren and Jarrod even have a chance. Considering the fact she is still so married to her chocolate honey at home. A honey she never loved.

Anytime I am missing sleep reading a book, knowing full well I have to be up before 6a.m., it is a darn good book.

Kudos Ms. T.A Ford!

If you want to learn more about the author of this five star novel, please head over to T.A. Ford’s Amazon Page and check out her Diva Pen Stories!

*Book received for free from Bookbub.

Book Details:

Aaren by T.A. Ford

CreateSpace/ Amazon Digital Services(May 26, 2010)






Teen Fiction Alert: This Song is (Not) For You by Laura Nowlin

This song is not for you
Book Cover courtesy of Sourcebooks Fire/ Design by Ericajean

The premise and the blurb is what got me going. It all sounded so good and I suppose I expected something…more?

I recommend This Song Is (Not) For You because it involves teenagers finding their way and defining what love and success is in their own eyes. On that note alone, the book is gold.


And this is a big however. Actually I have two howevers.

Despite this book being well written. I am not a fan of more than two POVs. I actually like first person or third person omniscient. Multiple voices cuts me off from the true power of a main character’s viewpoint. I enjoyed Sam and Ramona’s view and some of Tom’s views were entertaining as well, although disturbing.

This leads me to the next however. The point of the book is that Ramona is in love with Sam and always has been and suddenly she falls for Tom- but Sam handles this well. Too well.

I expected blasts of jealousy from Sam and certainly he begins to feel some type of way therefore making the story a tiny bit believable.

Again, awesome writing even great characterization, just different for me.

*This book was received for free for my unbiased review from Netgalley.