Here’s your chance to win a free copy of ‘Night of the Living Dead Christian’, you’re welcome

*My very personal thoughts about Night of the Living Dead is that this book was devourable(is that a word?). Anyway, another fun thing I did with reading this book, was reflect on what kind of monster am I? Mikalatos was gracious enough to include a monster glossary to glean over. before reading more below, check out my review on then come back for more.

Now, for the  monster list:


Invisible People

Mad Scientist


Robots(Androids, Cyborgs)






Some people can be a mixture of things, but me? It appears I fall on the spectrum of Sasquatch and Werewolf. Let me tell you why. Sasquatches, according to Mikalatos’ dictionary are “poorly suited for city life, sometimes we forget how to interact with others and have bitterness towards organizations including churches.

Werewolves are animalistic and have instinctive urges. So not only am I forgetful of how to communicate and am bitter(for good reason) towards organizations, I have animalistic urges(will not try to explain that one), so perhaps I need just a bit more Jesus.

Great book. Check out the video and other goodies below!

*Book received for my ubbiased review from Tyndale Publishers.

Matt Discusses NLDC here

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Now on to what you’ve been waiting for….

A free book!

Please post your comment to this post only if you’d like to receive a gift certificate to take to the bookstore and grab your own free copy of ‘Night of the Living Dead Christian’ Winner will be announced after December 15, 2011.

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