The Chocolate Reading Experience Presents: ‘The Sisters Are Alright’

The Sisters Are Alright Image courtesy of Berrett-Koehler Publishers, Inc.



The Sisters Are Alright: Changing the Broken Narrative of Black Women in America by Tamara Winfrey Harris

Published by Berrett-Koehler Publishers, Inc. (2015)


The worst thing in the world, for a little girl is to feel invisible…by no fault of her own.

If you are black, you face certain hardships your white counterparts would scratch their heads at.

But if you are black and female. The problems double and quadruple. With messages that your natural God given hair is somehow wrong. Earning degrees is wrong. Reacting to pain is wrong.

It is little wonder that black women of all ages have a chip on their shoulders.

In Tamara Winfrey Harris’s The Sisters Are Alright, you will glimpse the stories of real life black women from all economic levels, all shades and sizes- but amazingly no matter how meek they are, or how strong they are, they see the messages in media all day long, that for some reason black women are- wrong.

Perhaps the most complex thing about being a black woman, can be summed up with this quote from the book:

“The world does not love us, at least not in the way black women deserve to be loved.”(pg. 11)

One black woman from a popular reality television show said when she was meek and mild, the producers did not see her making it another season. To rev up views she had to become loud and bossy. Downright ghetto and mean like a stereotypical Sapphire. The loud black woman that everyone loves to hate and hate to love but it garnered the views needed right?

So, was this book worth reading?

To be fair most of the commentary about how black women are viewed, I knew from looking at YouTube comments and comments made across the blogs, news stations, personal conversations, etc.

The personal interviews with each black woman was so heartfelt and heart wrenching, I felt an instant connection to all of these women without even knowing them. There are several uplifting quotes too and here is one I’d like to leave with you:

“So what is wrong with black women?”

Not a damned thing.( from The Sisters Are Alright)


I highly recommend this book for all men and women no matter the shade or age because what happens to one group of people, affect us all.

Stay tuned for more book reviews and reports this month concerning African/African American writings!

Here’s to chocolates and love!