Using Words as Wrecking Balls on Social Media

sad, black woman
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sad, black man
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Words still matter.

In order to have a movie, we need a script.

In order to study biology, we need a textbook.

To have conversations without a voice, we text it to one another.

You see? We use words even more so today, maybe in a different medium now and perhaps using different reading strategies due to the web and e-book reading. But we do still use words.

Here is one thing I do know though: If I must use words, they will be used to build up and not tear down. It is quite easy for tongues to become a wrecking ball. Wrecking balls have no thought processes or feelings.

They turn things to rubble.

Vicious Words Tear Down Nubian Structures

However, to build up a house, it takes planning, blue prints, some kind of sensitivity for who will be living there.

Recently I have been reading tweets and watching videos of people who are disgusted with how black women are treated online. I knew it was bad, but I never thought in my life I would hear black men say some the most poisonous, vicious, vile things I hear them say today.

In turn, there are black women saying equally vicious, hateful things to those black men, in response to their hurt.

As a collective, we need to understand the power of words. They translate into pain, but we ignore it because we are too busy throwing stones at each other. Verbal stones hurt worse than real ones.

I refuse to use my mind, creativity and “Twitter fingers” to spit vitriol at a group of people who have not hurt me.

Put Our Tongues to Powerful Work

When I write blog posts, stories, and even novels, I am creating worlds with words and my hope is to entertain and sometimes to uplift or to make you think.

My mouthpiece should be used for three things:

  • To encourage and uplift.
  • To educate.
  • To have healthy, wholesome conversations(humor is even better!)

If I am using my words to judge and convict an entire group of people, I am no different than a wrecking ball being used to turn beauty into rubble.

I am not perfect, though.

There are still days when I nearly cry because I have said terrible things to someone in the past, not sure how I can take them back.

There are days when my patience is tested and I say something I know for sure I will regret.

What I have not done is make a ton of videos and blog posts of how much I hate a specific group of people. That is cowardly, that is bullying, and wholly evil.

On the show Mary Jane, Mary Jane learns that her friend has betrayed her, and even though she knows her friend is suicidal, she says vile things to her and does not forgive her. Was the friend wrong? Certainly! However, Mary Jane’s words became that ye old wrecking ball and the consequences were…fatal.

Anyway, I just thought I’d post this because we can all do better with how we wield the most powerful weapon which happens to be one of the smallest part of our bodies: The tongue.

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Love yall! 🙂