Poetry Is Only For the Strong

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A long time ago, many moons before us, telling stories were something to be respected and in a way- it still is. Or, rather if you are published by a brand name- it is…sad.

Poets however, had to have come from another realm.

I’m talking about the Edgar Allan Poes, the Langston Hughes, Emily Dickinsons, W.H. Audens, and the Nikki Giovannis-plenty more. These people wrote some of the best lines we know and we learn about them in school at least by middle school and high school year.

Why is it that Virgil, the ancient Roman poet is Dante’s guide in hell?

Why is love the fodder for so many love songs/psalms?

I let these questions stew in my mind daily because my dream as a little girl, was not to become a doctor, or lawyer, or some CEO of a business(although I wanted to be a vet and astronaut later on in life).

No. I wanted to become a famous writer- a poet who could knock people’s socks off with but a few words. How is it that those poetry slams I have seen on HBO, have fresh faces with the energy and vocals to come up with motion hitting words in but a few lines? How the heck can they do that?

How is it that only a few can be recognized as paid and popular poets while the rest just write until their laptops burst and fingertips bleed? They have so much heart…so much imagination and the market is so dim.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

I have made it my daily passion now to visit The Gogyohka Junction to submit my five line poem and read and comment on others. I am truly addicted now!

I have also made it my duty to frequent the sites below as well and you can too! I implore you!

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