Heaven or Nah?(the conclusion )

Taking my hand, this man who felt new and old to me, I let him lead me through the beautiful, forest. The sun, about three suns shone brightly. There was no darkness, no shadows.

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Then roughly, I am pulled tight up against him. Our naked bodies- whatever they were made of, felt a thousand times more sensitive than on earth. Many tingles rippled throughout my body, causing me to moan.

Suddenly it all came to me.

Tipping my head up with a finger, the handsome being drags his lips across mine like twin feathers rubbing against each other. His arms wrapped about my waist and then our lips pressed harder.

His mouth was a like a vacuum sucking me up into the feeling, into his lips and his touch.

Teeth, tongue, mouths wet clashed and clanged against each other full of unnatural want and need.

My heart, wherever that was, beat loud in my ears. My spirit was incendiary and instead of seeing colors. I FELT them.

“Who are you?” I asked after we pulled away. I had to gasp for breath. I couldn’t help but stare at and through this magnificent man. “I think I know you.”

The right side of his mouth curled into a smile. A wicked, sexy one. “You know me, Nanine. I am yours back there.”

My skin prickled in confusion and excitement. Both his large hands rubbed down the length of my arms. I made the mistake of looking into his eyes. Which suddenly looked like small, twin planets. In them and through them, I saw what looked like stars, bursts of light and a shadow of doubt and of love.


“Adin. My name is Adin.” He said wearily.

“Adin! The love of my life!??” My brain snapped back to the past. The white hospital room, the alcohol scent, sick smells, the wailing of my family. My boyfriend, Adin.

The cancer that ate my life.

I am dead. But what am I now?

“You are one of us.”

“Wait. One of you?” I pull back farther. I am happy to see Adin, but what was he doing here?

Once again, he heard my silent question.

“I am with everyone in their final hour, Nanine.” His brows furrowed. “I have always been with you. Exclusively in your last hours though.”

“No. We. We dated. We were planning to get married. Remember?” Sunlight began drift from over his face, slowly and his skin began to lose its glow., a beautiful shade of navy and purple midnight crossed his handsome features.

“We have been together some time, Nanine. I, particularly like you, but I am not what you’ve been thinking. You already know my name, don’t be afraid to say it.”

The words bubbled in my subconscious. His name floated on every wind trail, every cell of my body. It was in every kiss. Every whispered conversation.

Every look.

The name that was ancient and forever. An ancient forever name, an event no one can escape.

“The cold one. The one that should not have been. A perfect, exact non-discriminatory design.”

His eyebrow raised. His full lips twitched.

Death.” I said as the suns dipped lower and we were finally cloaked in darkness. I heard the humming of women and children. A gentle tune of sorrow and loss. But saw no one. It was just us.

He nods solemnly, his long brown hair and brawny body, lithe and muscular, shimmers and shifts to a more pale color, a design slowly crawls over his left torso, down his left rib cage. Ink. Ebony ink, in the shape of a huge, black scorpion.

Gone were the rainbows, the squirrels- life. We both stood in a dark forest. I did not hurt. There was no devil chasing me.

“You can move around however you wish here. There is a boundary you can not go beyond though.” He points behind me and up into the sky where I see a silver lining arc across the night sky.

“So this isn’t, heaven? Is there a heaven?”

“Heaven….” He comes over to me and take my hand. His feels like a solid block of ice. “Heaven is in your mind.”

“Then the churches and the bible was wrong.”

He did not flinch when I said bible. Wasn’t he bad or something? Evil? Did he believe in God’s word? Funny I should be this judgmental in the afterlife.

“Actually, darlin’ the bible is a snippet of stories woven together to tell truths based off of personal experiences. I can not say it is completely wrong, but your finite minds cannot grasp the whole truth.” He lands another soft kiss on my lips, surprising me by how soft and cold his kiss is. “But you accepted me and kept your mind open. Which is why you’re here.”

Adin went on to explain that others before me, made it here, but are in another location. Others who pass on, stay in darkness forever, their minds shut down. He called it ultimate hell.

With a thought, I wished it light again. I wished for the silver blue oasis of water and the birds and squirrels and it made my Adin happy. When I opened my eyes again…all had come true.

Unfortunately he told me there are men, women, and children whom he granted the Kiss of Death to and I felt a familiar pang in my chest. Could be jealousy, not sure. But I watch his naked back as it turns away and walks into the clearing of the forest, the ground lighting up as he walks his path and into some void I can not see. A path where he will collect more of the dying.

I wonder if I will be alone here forever…


©Copyright 2017 Ericajean

Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoyed the conclusion to my Flash Walk story.

***BONUS: What inspired me to write this story?***

A few years back, I had a dream that I was “trapped” in this wooden gazebo thingee. It was big enough all around but I could touch the smooth glass and peek through it looking at life all around me. Somehow, without anyone telling me, I knew I was dead.

The gazebo kept me encased where “the dead belong” but I was floating and there were others around me in these small gazebos.

Inside me a voice said, I can move about but not past the gazebo, because then my spirit would fall.

Anyway, hope you enjoyed this. Stay tuned for more blog posts and stories this month!



Flash Walk Fiction: Life After

sliding patio doors overlooking trees
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Twelve days and eleven nights has gone by and the house have been eerily silent. Sarah blew out one more scented candle before going upstairs.

She purposely closes her eyes so she can avoid pictures frames of him and her together on their wedding night. Birthdays. Vacations. His handsome broad smile and always perfectly white teeth. All frames in neat order along the wall as she ascends to bed.

Smiles, laughter, lovemaking-

Are no more.

Twelve days since the eulogy she couldn’t finish. Twelve days since the burial and then the repast at this home.

And now she was alone.

They were supposed to make it past their fifties, yet cancer killed the dream, causing her strapping, strong husband to become a skeletal frame from a horror film and riddled with pain before taking his final breath.

And tonight will be another lonely one as she sits up with the television on in the dark, her bible laid across her lap.

“Jesus. There has to be an afterlife. I miss him so much,” she hugs the good book to her chest and cries harder.

Crickets begin their music and it drowns out the television. The stars were in the millions tonight and they were little bulbs of beautiful fires. The creaks and moans of her home grew worse tonight but she’ll get used to it.

Finally lying her bible down. She gets out of bed, throw on her silk, white robe she wore on her honey moon and walk over to the large patio doors and open them to look down into the darkened backyard, now lit with the millions of lights.

A soft breeze caresses her cheeks and hair like a lover’s touch.

“There is no such thing as heaven or hell. Loneliness is what I got for loving you.” She hugs her arms around herself, feeling slightly insane that the wind touching her cheeks and flicking her hair, felt too good and familiar.

Finally it swirled all around her, cool and warm all at once.

The scent of Tomorrow.

The End

©Copyright 2016 Erica Jean

Fallen Angels, Half Humans, Firecracker Romance and…Redemption?

Harlequin Nocturne
Imagine that you have walked from Heaven, got bored with Hell and are sick of Earth and its dim witted primates yet you must  deal with that because its your mission to wipe out the lesser demons or nefariand their half demon children.
Well, thats what Raum of the Fallen must contend with.  He and other ex-demons are summoned by a Higher Court to wipe out the humans’ half demon children, yet Ember Riddick, a shy but sassy, fiery red head has caught the beautiful dark haired Fallen angel’s eye. There is but one teensy weensy problem- She is the half-demon he must destroy, and soon enough the pages erupt with their silly banters, witty comebacks, and the sensuality which pulsates literally off the page.
My opinion of this book is very high, which is kind of awkward for this sweet bible believing blogger 🙂 and all, but I must say I give credit where it is due. Kendra Leigh Castle has crafted a story based on the Fall, the Heavens, and gives a pretty real description of what Hell must look like and how Raum gets bored with the heat and the darkness and you actually feel kind of bad for the big hunk because even though he has the green eyes, the muscular build, and a smile which obviously made Ember melt-he still believed he was evil incarnate and thus it makes him hard to love. I wanted to review this from Ember’s point of view but this was purely a story built off of the Alpha male and his spiritual/psycho-social problems. This 283 page story was hot! You get swept away in the world of the Vampires, wolves, and other ex demons all the while Raum trying to destroy and, er, save Ember. Its a weird relationship, but you will love it!
This book is like a cross between Twilight and the movie Legion.
The only thing I will say is that the angel Uriel, an angel of God played a good role in this work yet I didn’t like him swearing. Swearing? What is swearing anyway? Hmmm, case study for another blog post I guess.
If I could give this book ten stars, I would.
Ten Stars!
Please visit the author via her website at: www.kendraleighcastle.com.

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Book Details:
Renegade Angel,Kendra Leigh Castle
Harlequin Nocturne(Sept 2010)
ISBN: 978-0-373-61842-2
Price: $5.25/$6.25 Canada
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‘Breath of Angel’ was good, but could not handle the many twists

Breath of Angel-Karyn Henley


Breath of angel, blood of man…

So begins the story of  Melaia, a young priestess who witnesses the gruesome murder of a stranger inside the temple courtyard. She then discovers that the stranger had wings. After this discovery, Melaia is then thrown into a feud between two immortal brothers who destroyed the stairway to heaven.*

Karyn Henley penned a potential winner with this one. The cover of the book is gorgeous, the description of the temple, angels, and the priestesses who live there was very detailed, and furthermore this painted a clear picture in your mind and read as if it could be a movie, similar to Lord of Rings orNarnia.

Perhaps this bookworm is getting old or the book just had too much going on, I am unsure. Yet I had to race through the last few chapters this week just so I can post a review and get on with my school work. That seems unfair because I typically like fiction/fantasy categories, yet this one only gets  a mediocre review from me. The love interest Melaia has is the only reason why this book did not receive a low score of 3 stars. A more thorough review is located on my examiner page.

Book Details:

Title: Breath of Angel by Karyn Henley

On Sale June 21, 2011, WaterBrook Press

Price: $9.99/ $10.99 Canada

ISBN: 978-0-307-73012-1

eISBN: 978-0-307-73013-8


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*The Advanced Reading Copy was given to me for my unbiased review by WaterBrook Press