Writers Aren’t Lazy, We’re Just…

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Gods and goddesses who use words to create…

I wouldn’t dare call Stephen King, Danielle Steel, J.K. Rowling, Dean Koontz, and other brand named writers lazy.

Yet, if you are a “struggle writer” that prefers sitting at the computer and cranking out tales, you best believe you will be considered lazy or uninspired at best.

*Encouraging tip: Just because you are not published, does not mean you are not a writer. A writer is a writer. Period.

Someone’s hole in the face will open and say, “You need a real job, a part time at least! Real money!”

Your rational side says, “Yes I agree. I do need to eat, I need a roof over my head. Yes this is true.”

But the side of you that is a lyrical beast, a writerly demon rears its head and flays open your flesh in the face to utter, “But I want to get paid for my passion.”

Here’s the deal.

Everyone wants to get paid for their passions: this is why those who love sex do porn, or those who like throwing pigskin play football, and those who talk too much have talk shows.

Even passions need to be honed and studied and practiced- daily. Think about it. There is sex and then there is sex– the kind that gets promoted and sold. There is taking a picture, then there is photography where you know how to make a photo come alive. Even passions take skill and unlazy bones.

My goals for next year and every year is:

  • Write daily.
  • Post weekly.
  • Read every grammar book I find.
  • Read books.
  • Relax with some classics.

These are GOALS and trust me, it takes a truly committed person to do this. Will I slip up, will we as writers slip up at times? Yes. But like anything you care about the most it will take time and energy.

And there is the kicker. Writing involves tons creativity and research. Who wants to do that all day? Writers.

Before anyone even gets the chance to argue that writers or would be writers are lazy. Think about it. Would you want to do it? Do you like staring at computer screens all day, sitting on your buns, researching and possibly being told your magic words suck?

No? Okay, then I am not lazy. Far from it.

I am strong.

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NaNo WriMo: The inception of a story grows by November 1

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November 1st is almost here and my entire body knows NaNo is here, it is forcing my brain to hear the voices of the characters ever more clearly and I can’t jot down notes fast enough. The beauty of it though, is while I am daydreaming and note-taking, there are cover design images filtering in my mind. Ever been through that? You think of a story and you can see what it will “grow up” and become instantly?

The time has come to really buckle down. Right now I urge you writers to begin thinking of your plots, your characters and their motivations- in my opinion this will make for smooth writing in the beginning and you will reach that 50k. I am cheering myself on and I am cheering on all of you who are cracking your knuckles and await 11/1/2013.

More exciting things are happening this year: the holidays, family gathering, birthdays- but what can be more exciting then knowing you have fulfilled your 50,000 word count and can possibly hold your book in your hands by next year? Or if you find an agent, you could be HarperCollins’ or David C. Cook’s next gem in the industry?

Just sayin’.

Meanwhile, check out my new and classic Nanowrimo blog posts for resources, inspiration and other stuff.

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