Tracking An Author: What Audience Do I Write For? Infusing the Fiction, and Free eBooks

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Keeping you up to date with my writing and how you can embark on your own journey, I have learned a few things this past week and thought I’d share it with you.

First, I discovered that writing shouldn’t be tedious and about cramped fingers. It is an exploration of what you know and wish to know. Writing is a powerful tool for me because I feel I can say more and see how the words flow onto the page/screen and play with them a little. I can do this verbally, but thats what is for. And it is a great venture to get into.

These days its more about conveying a message than just shouting, “I’m a writer!” What am I writing? Who am I writing this for? As a writer, or should I say storyteller, you must convey your thoughts in al mediums to reach the crowd. eBook, Print, Audible, and maybe even animation/video. I certainly only have 2 out of 4 for my own book but will be working more on conveying my idea and will discuss more about multiple formats in a later post. For now consider why you are writing and whom you are writing for to generate a pre-marketing scheme. For example: I write to share a thought or “many” speculative thoughts. I wish to share these thoughts with the young adult group of readers. Not because of the upstart in teen reading, but my style seems to flow in that direction, plus I feel I never left my teens.

Next subject: Infusing a memoir with fiction seems to be what makes a story more uncanny yet ineresting. Think of Robert R. McCammon‘s Boy’s Life story. It reads like a memoir but infused with some supernatural elements we (may) have never experienced. What conversations, episodes, or feelings springs up from time to time? Have you thought about either planting some pieces of it in a memoir or using it to fuel your fiction? I certainly think it can help.

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Tracking an Author Series…When Your Character Deviates From the Plan

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I had a plan. I had an outline. I had to type. Everything was laid out as it was in the foundation of the world. Somehow my character leapt from the pages, strangled me and told me they didn’t like what I had planned.






The plan was for the hero to be a human boy.

The plan was for the un-human to be a girl.

The plan was for them to instantly fall in love.

What happened was opposite of all those things. I am unsure if it is because my muse has been different music I’ve listened to at night or the books I have been reading. I will focus on that another time, but for now-don’t you just love and hate that at the same time? The beauty of story is that you as the writer is playing as “god”. As what happened during Adam and Eve’s day, they kinda sorta deviated from God’s plan, but it brought forth something new…Free Will.

Yes Eve listened to the serpent.

Yes Adam took part of it.

Yes God was disappointed.

Yet their banishment from Paradise and the children they had went through many journeys(and still are) to make for interesting chapters. Okay, hopefully that wasn’t a terrible analogy but there you have it. I deviated from my plan of not being religious.

Happy writing! 🙂