Rescued by Priscilla West(Wrecked #2)

Rescued(Wrecked #2)Honestly, I favor Wrecked more because of the initial meeting between Lorrie and Hunter

Rescued(Wrecked, #2)

CreateSpace Independent Publishing(2014)

Rating: 4 of 5 Stars

Let’s begin with a brief backdrop for those who want to know. In Wrecked, Lorrie met this hot MMA cage fighter named Hunter. The way they met is quite interesting and intense and it actually defines their entire relationship throughout both books in the Arrowhart College series.

On to the Rescued review. Was it good? Bad? Bleh?

Rescued has some good things going for it more than bad things. So, here they are: BEWARE OF SOME SPOILERS BELOW!!

  • Lorrie makes it to her aunt and uncle’s house and she gets counseling regularly it appears- most of her session centers around her mother’s murder and of course Hunter.
  • Surprise! Hunter shows up and Lorrie does not know whether this is good or bad.
  • I am so happy West has fully developed Hunter’s character as a guy with strength, flaws, compassion and a huge heart. Team Hunter over here!
  • The dynamic between Lorrie, Hunter and even her family is something beautiful and rare. Her aunt and uncle really adores Hunter and Hunter despite having MS flare ups, he finds time to encourage Lorrie on her quest to get answers from Marco, her mother’s murder. Basically, Rescued is exactly what it means, someone is being rescued and watch for symbols and signs from Book 1 to show up in this one as well  😉

There are no bad things I can say about this book aside from the fact that it is more doom and gloom for many of the chapters but that is reality. If you read between the lines though, you will see that although Lorrie has an internal battle and Hunter has an external/internal conflict, they both learn to really lean on one another. They are bigger than their problems and those scenes really cut into my heart and made me realize that maybe we should all be like Hunter.

Because even when things look dim, those around you who supports you can light up your life and you will never lose.

But you must read Rescued to learn if Hunter really does win or if his problem swallows him and Lorrie right up.

I encourage anyone who is into drama, MMA, and romance to read this series. It is intense and sexy.

Why haven’t you grabbed your copy today?

*ARC receved for my unbiased review from Priscilla West


The ‘classic V.C. Andrews formula’ and storms brewing in ‘Family Storms’

Family Storms by V.C. Andrews

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

“Do you really see me?”
So asks Sasha Fawne Porter in V.C. Andrews’ latest, “Family Storms”.

For those of you who do not know who this phenomenal writer is, she is the author of the very popular, dramatic story, “Flowers in the Attic” a superb gothic romance written with such sensitivity and detail it is such a tragedy that the author passed away from Breast Cancer in 1986 but her books still live on through a carefully selected ghost writer.

I’ve been reading V.C. Andrews books now since roughly 1995 and there is a distinct pattern to her works that one can trace through the plot. I call it the “Classic V.C. Andrews Format”

1. Girl found in a troubled home
2. Girl forced to leave the only place she knew(psychologically, emotionally, or physically)
3. A wealthy woman, typically, takes the girl under her wings and the male figure is wealthy and nonchalant-typically
4. Girl discovers something- good or bad, ambivalent
5. Girl’s story could continue in two or more books

In Family Storms Sasha and her mother are living on the streets and on one, rainy night her mother is hit and killed instantly leaving Sasha seriously injured and left in a shadow of hurt, confusion and despair.

In comes Jordan March, a wealthy woman who takes in Sasha and gives her everything a teen could want: expensive clothes, a luxurious home with an elegant bedroom to herself, servants to wait on her and the best in education. Not bad for someone coming from a place of Nothing to landing in a rich place where she never have to want for nothing again…

But if we know how V.C. Andrews storytelling is- all will not be rosy. Sasha soon discovers that the Marches’ have a few secrets of their own- the besroom Sasha now sleeps in belonged to their deceased daughter Alena who died of Leukemia. Is Mrs. March trying to turn Sasha into dead daughter? Sasha already feels Alena’s presence each night.

And then there’s Kiera. The Marches’ beautiful daughter who loves to party, hang out and skip school- she hates Sasha with a passion and will make sure Sasha feels hell all over again.

No matter what it costs.

As usual the story is in first person and is very captivating. I can never get tired reading V.C. Andrews’ books because the storyline although formulaic, is always refreshing and always manages to capture the essence of living, loving, dreaming, and believing in hope.

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‘Tempting Faith’ shows that facing your past don’t have to be a lonely job

Tempting FaithTempting Faith by Crystal Hubbard

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

*Entertainment reporter Faith Wheeler knows a secret that can make her name in Hollywood. Unfortunately, that same secret could break megastar Zander Baron.

Known for her creative ways of catching and writing up an entertainment story, Faith is sent to do one on the super sexy, uber hot Zander Baron. The only monkey wrench in her job is the fact that she knows Zander Baron. In fact, they both grew up together in Booger Hollow, West Virginia- and his real name is not Zander Baron.

Zander knows who the pretty eyed, now straight haired chic is asking him so many personal questions and for him things get confusing, because he knows her and he knows that she knows his deep, dark secrets. His life was riddled with all forms of malice, sadness, and anger and the only one he could hold on to was Faith.

For me, Crystal Hubbard has done it again with her superb writing and research and believable characters who grab hold of your heart long after you’re done reading. Faith and Zander heats up the pages as he tempts her with his lips and eyes and Faith has no choice but to give in to his touches and those eyes that never change.
There was one part of the book that I felt could have been a stand alone but once I got to the end of the subplot I realized it was quite good. It was the play Zander starred in called “Garden of Evils”. It took up more than five pages of the book- full script and all, but it was a pretty good script. I ached for more pages with Zander and Faith and the author delivered on those goods.


My totally awesome, fantastic, reader worthy moment was when Zander went back to West Virginia during a crisis and those who used to tease him and taunt him, saw him as the megastar with a giant sized…heart. Faith’s constant pleading for him to return home to where he grew up had finally sank into him and boy do people change after highschool! Many of them were doing flat out bad.

Personally, I got tired of Faith wanting Zander to see West Virginia as a lovely place now when it was the place he was abused by his father. He had no friends either. Faith lived on the other side with rich parents and was a cheerleader, so she could have at least been a bit more sympathetic. Instead she told Zander, “Get over it!”
Still a pretty darn good romantic story with some VERY hot scenes to make a cool night toasty!

*Blurb taken from back of the book

Book Details:
Tempting Faith
Crystal Hubbard
Published: Indigo Love Spectrum(2009)
ISBN: 978-158571288-5
Price: $6.99US/$8.49CAN

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Review of ‘The Guardian’ and exploring love, law and obsession

To start my review, I’d like to add that I have never- I repeat- NEVER read a Nicholas Sparks book before. What got me interested was watching A Walk to Remember starring Mandy Moore which aired last year on TBN and I found the story so moving, I wanted to know who the writer was. Before that, I was required to watch The Notebook for one of my courses (but did not access to it at the time). So last week I checked out a few Sparks’ books and the premise for the Guardian seemed enticing.

Basically, in The Guardian, 29 year old Julie Barenson lost her husband to cancer four years ago and is now in the dating pool. Her constant companion is her Great Dane named Singer, a gift from her late husband. The book starts off with Julie and her life in the salon and her pretty bad dates.

Until Richard Franklin.

He is smooth. Charming. Buys her anything she wants. However, Julie’s husband’s friend Mike Harris has trouble finding love and it is because he is in love with one woman- Julie. Things go downhill fast when an obsession turns into assault and hidden evil in a man’s heart shows up and Julie winds up in danger.

The book was hard to put down and it’s been a while since I’ve read a book mixed with love and suspense and when I say suspense, I mean page turning. Some obsession, some jealousy and yes, some bloodshed occurs in this book and stole my sleep.

It also pricked my tears.

Now, for the slightly downside:  There was a slight issue with grammar in this novel and mistakes in dialogue, specifically on page 335 when it was supposed to be Jennifer’s point of view instead of Julie’s. But that’s small potatoes.

All in all, a great story worth 4.5 stars and I will be reading much more of this talented writer’s stories.

Quote Pleaser: “What does that say about the criminal justice system? This guy can do whatever he wants, but I can’t do a damn thing.”(Sparks, 2003, pg. 233: The Guardian)

If you like: Fatal Attractions, you would love this book.


Book Details:

The Guardian

Author: Nicholas Sparks

ISBN: 0-446-52779-3