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A simple Google search on “awkward moments” will bring up a whopping, gazillion sites claiming the Top 20, Top 10, and Top 31 awkward moments we face. Well, my awkward moment could be considered blasphemy, and it would have been placed in my personal journal but I decided to publicize it: I have awkward moments when someone asks me if I am a Christian. Here are my reasons.

First, before you think it is because I am ashamed of my Lord and Savior, I implore you to believe that is not the case. The problem is I have very slim good experiences with Christians. I think we can commend them for the food and clothing programs, but many can be very rude and I remember a church’s deacon avoiding me and my husband at a cookout because we once asked for a little financial assistance, but they did not avoid us when we donated money and paid “tithes and offerings” beforehand. Christians tend to be church folk and do what is most easy and comfortable for them.

A pastor told me that helping someone in need and expecting those in the church to lend a hand is “Secular thinking”. to Telling the person to pray to Jesus is more appropriate…according to him.

That is reason number one.

If you ask me if I am a Christian, I may clam up and kind of shoot my eyes left and right so I won’t look at the judgment in your gaze. Yes. Awkward moment of silence there but I will not apologize for it because of reason number two.

Reason number two for my awkwardness when asked if I am a Christian, is the history of Christianity. Let me put it bluntly. A few years ago, I would proudly say “I am a Christian” and I even put it on the About Me page here-proudly. But I live a filmy residual, ghost-like kind of life of intersectionality: I am Black. Female. Christian. At any time, I have to be all three.

Blacks had Christianity whipped into them. Women, in the bible and in churches are not seen as powerful, productive light(unless it’s the infamous unattainable goal of being the Lady of Proverbs 31).

Moving on, I may ignore you if you are a Christian and talk too much, too loud, and too harshly about certain groups of people you are uncomfortable with. Count me out. I am not going to bash the LGBTQI community. I will not say the “poor need to pull up invisible bootstraps”, I will not think that the only people on earth who need help is across the globe- we all need help all over the globe, maybe in different stages and degrees.

Point blank, you may hear me moan, groan, tap my foot, tap my pen or ignore you if you come at me with questions about Christianity.

Just kidding. I’m not that mean, but there may be an awkward silence for a moment.

Don’t know why this topic of Awkward made me spill all these beans, but there you have it.



Review of ‘The Full Armor of God’ by Larry Richards

Recognizing the spiritual warfare all around us may not be the difficult part of the Christian life. The difficult part is knowing exactly what Paul meant when he wrote Ephesians  while in Ephesus a place known for serving gods and goddess; demons.

Larry Richards, Ph.D. has written The Full Armor of God: Defending Your Life from Satan’s Schemes. The book, although somewhat brief, gets right to the point of how Christians should read Ephesians, Acts, and Luke in the bible. The author mentions plenty of historical, literary, and personal examples to highlight the fact that spiritual warfare is purely real and can be dealt with:

Recognition begins when we understand that real spiritual warfare takes place within the hearts and lives of individuals. Satan operates what Paul calls, “schemes”(18)

In our day to day events, demons watch for an open door in an individual’s life in order to cripple the believer. There is hope: Paul mentions a few weapons believers have in their spiritual arsenal to help fight the war against the enemy: The helmet of salvation, the shield of faith, the sandals of peace, the breastplate of righteousness, the belt of truth, and the sword of the spirit which is the Word of God.

We must understand that all of the weapons except for the sword of the spirit are defensive methods. The sword is the only offensive tool mentioned in Ephesians. This is amazing to know because Jesus used the Word of God to defeat the enemy for a season while he was on a fast.

Below is a breakdown of the chapters:

Part 1: Understanding Spiritual Forces

Part 2: The Helmet of Salvation(Ephesians 1:1-23)

Part 3: The Shield of Faith(Ephesians 2:1-10)

Part 4: The Sandals of Peace(Ephesians 2:11-4:16)

Part 5: The Breastplate of Righteousness(Ephesians:17-5:7)

Part 6: The Belt of Truth(Ephesians 5:8-6:9)

Part 7: Conclusion: Ephesians 6:10-20

So, what is my reaction to this book? Spiritual Warfare is personal to me to begin with because I have experienced it in my life and used to grab up any spiritual book I could to help me understand a little more. No book is better than the bible of course, but Larry Richards gives some healthy background and advice as well as more tips on combating the dark forces with the power Christ has already given us.

The book is concise, easy to understand, and perfect for anyone wanting to understand just what the full armor of God is.

*This book was received from Chosen Books for my unbiased review.

Book Review: ‘The Irish Healer’ by Nancy Herriman, 5 stars

The Irish Healer: A NovelThe Irish Healer: A Novel by Nancy Herriman

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Nancy Herriman’s writing can be described as lovely, on time, and true. Her characters’ personalities and their flaws is what makes “The Irish Healer” such a wonderful read.

It is the 1830s and Rachel Dunne is leaving her home in Ireland to be an assistant to a physician in London. Back at home though, she was accused of murder and the town was set to gossip. At least in London working for the elusive, handsome Physician James Edmunds, Rachel may have a chance to start afresh and perhaps leave healing alone all together.

James Edmunds no longer trusts God with his medical practice or his family anymore. After his wife passed away, he had his sister in law take care of his daughter Amelia- to keep at bay his own mistakes from the past, yet when he meets Rachel Dunne, his new assistant, he wants her around more and more and he wonders if God may be giving him another chance.

What makes this story grand and pleasing, is that both characters are at odds with God. They have both placed their trust in Him at some point before but when things went sour, they lost their faith. So not only does Mr. Edmunds push against the grain of God’s will, Rachel does too as she refuses to help anyone sick for fear she may kill them, yet God keep placing her where she needs to be-

Especially when James Edmunds own daughter falls ill and it may be up to Rachel to push past her hurt pride to help. She endures the stereotypes and dreadful words from those who hate her simply because she is Irish but she does meet a few nice folk along the way who help put her faith back in place.

*Book was received from Worthy Publishing for my unbiased review.

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Here’s your chance to win a free copy of ‘Night of the Living Dead Christian’, you’re welcome

*My very personal thoughts about Night of the Living Dead is that this book was devourable(is that a word?). Anyway, another fun thing I did with reading this book, was reflect on what kind of monster am I? Mikalatos was gracious enough to include a monster glossary to glean over. before reading more below, check out my review on then come back for more.

Now, for the  monster list:


Invisible People

Mad Scientist


Robots(Androids, Cyborgs)






Some people can be a mixture of things, but me? It appears I fall on the spectrum of Sasquatch and Werewolf. Let me tell you why. Sasquatches, according to Mikalatos’ dictionary are “poorly suited for city life, sometimes we forget how to interact with others and have bitterness towards organizations including churches.

Werewolves are animalistic and have instinctive urges. So not only am I forgetful of how to communicate and am bitter(for good reason) towards organizations, I have animalistic urges(will not try to explain that one), so perhaps I need just a bit more Jesus.

Great book. Check out the video and other goodies below!

*Book received for my ubbiased review from Tyndale Publishers.

Matt Discusses NLDC here

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Now on to what you’ve been waiting for….

A free book!

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Good luck!

Weddings and Wasabi by Camy Tang, a Touching Conclusion to a Series

WinePress Publishing

Camy Tang is the author of the Sushi Series and now Steeple Hill romance novels such as Stalker in the Shadows, releasing January 2012. In the fourth installment of the Sushi Series, Weddings and Wasabi,, Jennifer Lim, a rising chef with a palate for flavorful foods discovers that love and independence can be found not only in Malaysian Basil sauceand the support of friends and family.

Continuing from the last book in the Sushi Series, Single Sashimi, Jenn Lim is the cousin who everyone view as sweet and obedient. Well, she is tired of it and did not finish her Culinary Arts degree just to go working for her very controlling, very unshakeable Aunty Aikiko.  After much agonizing and finding out her mom is sick and will need medical care requiring lots of money, Jennifer finds that one thing is missing in her realizing her dream of becoming a chef and taking care of her mother at the same time: the Lord’s take on things.

In the midst of her quiet storm, Jenn meets Edward (Continue reading on Review of ‘Weddings and Wasabi’: Novella packs a punch with flavorful plot – Norfolk Christian fiction |

Book Review Alert: Why God Won’t Go Away

Received for an unbiased review from Thomas Nelson Publishers

Alister McGrath decided to write this book based off of the New Atheist Movement of people who deny God. Before getting into the specifics of the book, one must understand exactly what the New Atheist Movement is all about. McGrath defines it by saying that the “term was coined around 2006 by Gary Wolf, a writer for Wired, a british magazine” The four leaders or as McGrath calls the Four Horsemen of the movement are Sam Harris, Richard Dawkins, Daniel Dennett, and Christopher Hitchens.

Their goal?

To wipe out the belief in any and all religion. Oh and God too.

Atheism, is the denial that there is a God. So what is essentially new about the New Atheist Movement?

The New Atheist Movement, according to Alister McGrath seems to be embodied by atheists shying away from all kinds of religions because religons breeds violence. Some of the examples from websites that Alister uses is despicable. Atheists claiming that believing in God is a ‘meme’ and straying away from those who believe in God is like avoiding believers as if they literally have the plague.

Debates, debates, and more debates between Christian philosphers and atheists and the Christian philosophers have such a tightly wound argument each and every time that one person supposedly said, “let’s just shout theat they are all idiots and morons!”(130).

What I enjoyed about this book is the sincerity and humbleness Alister employed while using sharp wit, extensive research and the decency of putting it all together in a short, neat little book. it isn’t long and drawn out and it actually would educate any person no matter what background on how to be really prepared before publishing books and speaking on your subject matter.

Well done, Alister!

5/5 Stars!

Book Details:

Title: Why God Won’t Go Away

Publisher: Thomas Nelson(2010)

ISBN: 978-0-8499-4645-5

Price: $15.99