Angels and love triangles, Henley and Burch books

More angelic reads coming up this month. To follow up Halflings, I am reading ‘Eye of the Sword’ by Karyn Henley. although similar in theme to Halflings by Heather Burch, I immediately see the differences in both writers’ approach to angels.

Here’s my little comparison chart. Any further discussion or opinions on this is welcome.


  • Contemporary Fiction
  • Modern Teenage ‘lingo’
  • Seems compatible to other YA supernatural literature out there
  • Very short, brief
  • Sensual love Triangle(love it!)
  • Unique approach to the idea of half angel/half human

Angeleon Series(Breath of Angel & Eye of the Sword)

  • Historical/Fantasy Fiction(ancient times as the setting)
  • Teenage issues, but not so modern
  • Not really compatible with other YA- its more “intricate”
  • Not a long, book, not short either and multiple character and place names(I forget them sometimes)
  • One prince, one princess, possible triangle, but not sole focus of the story
  • Unique approach to half angels using music and fantasy

So based off those points, I’ll say this year is bringing on the best in fiction/fantasy writers and their take on these magnificient heavenly creatures!

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