How to Write Your Resume Right, Blog Series Intro

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Ever wondered if creating a resume is truly the ticket to getting the job you want?

Tired of going through books on resume creation that seem to take too long?

Want instant feedback on your letters of application and resumes?

My goal for all of you is for you to find that dream job in 2017. With persistence and good faith, we can do this. Together!

Soon, I’ll be launching a blog series on resume creation. What qualifies me to do this?

I have been writing resumes since I was fifteen, and let me tell you, my first resume was HORRIBLE. Very sketchy and lean at best. After reading books on resumes and letters of applications and applying what I know, I finally found a few SUPER KEYS to unlock the power of the resume. I even got two calls in one day!

So here is how this will work.

  • No sharing of personal information! If you do wish to share your resume(or parts of it) please leave off your address(or give fake addresses) Just sharing the “barebones” of your work is enough.
  • This will be a Mondays Only course just to allow time to work on Resumes and keep information from bogging people down.
  • Once a week I will upload helpful posts to get your resume in shape as well as helpful resources from the experts too!
  • This blog series will include letter of application-CVs as well.
  • Let me know if you are interested and please share the link. I will let you know when the blog series begins! Also any helpful advice on how to run this is welcome!

In the future, if you’d like to find these blog posts, they are neatly collected in the Write Resumes 2017 link in the nav menu. Thank you!

Writers Aren’t Lazy, We’re Just…

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Gods and goddesses who use words to create…

I wouldn’t dare call Stephen King, Danielle Steel, J.K. Rowling, Dean Koontz, and other brand named writers lazy.

Yet, if you are a “struggle writer” that prefers sitting at the computer and cranking out tales, you best believe you will be considered lazy or uninspired at best.

*Encouraging tip: Just because you are not published, does not mean you are not a writer. A writer is a writer. Period.

Someone’s hole in the face will open and say, “You need a real job, a part time at least! Real money!”

Your rational side says, “Yes I agree. I do need to eat, I need a roof over my head. Yes this is true.”

But the side of you that is a lyrical beast, a writerly demon rears its head and flays open your flesh in the face to utter, “But I want to get paid for my passion.”

Here’s the deal.

Everyone wants to get paid for their passions: this is why those who love sex do porn, or those who like throwing pigskin play football, and those who talk too much have talk shows.

Even passions need to be honed and studied and practiced- daily. Think about it. There is sex and then there is sex– the kind that gets promoted and sold. There is taking a picture, then there is photography where you know how to make a photo come alive. Even passions take skill and unlazy bones.

My goals for next year and every year is:

  • Write daily.
  • Post weekly.
  • Read every grammar book I find.
  • Read books.
  • Relax with some classics.

These are GOALS and trust me, it takes a truly committed person to do this. Will I slip up, will we as writers slip up at times? Yes. But like anything you care about the most it will take time and energy.

And there is the kicker. Writing involves tons creativity and research. Who wants to do that all day? Writers.

Before anyone even gets the chance to argue that writers or would be writers are lazy. Think about it. Would you want to do it? Do you like staring at computer screens all day, sitting on your buns, researching and possibly being told your magic words suck?

No? Okay, then I am not lazy. Far from it.

I am strong.

Like. Share. Comment. Subscribe. More writer support on the way! 🙂


Goodbye to Book Reviewing, Sad Face

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I’ve been reviewing books roughly since 2008 when I began my blogging adventure and became fascinated with books and writing for the web. Those were the good ol’ happy days. Getting free books to my door and now technology has it so we can get e-galleys very early, connect with authors and publishers and now we can win prizes and digital badges.

I am thankful for it all. Truly.

However, as a bonafide bookworm I am addicted to words and the feeling they give me. I think it is because of this that I must leave official book reviewing.

Let me explain.

When I see a book I might like, I request it. Then I would request another. Then another…and another and then I miss the publishing dates sometimes and I still have a pretty large TBR pile. Secondly, I don’t like how some books expire after a certain time, and third- I get headaches now from reading too much. Ouch!

The interesting this is, before I was reviewing books, I would simply read, or join a nice reader’s group and give a brief review on Amazon then keep it moving. Sometimes I would read a book and not even discuss it or review it. It was a just a relaxing treasure for me to experience before moving on. I may tell a customer or two at my job how great it is was, but that’s it.

Anyhow, because of this change I will have to refocus my blog to only include posts about writing, poetry, and marketing writing, but will focus on more marketing writing more than anything. I have already updated the About TWW page to reflect this small but very important change.

Will I still review books on here? Perhaps, if they are self help for writers and writers wanting to learn more about marketing and the psychology behind it.

**Meet me at my Goodreads Page to talk books!**

Goodreads will be my bookie hub. To see books I’ve read, feel free to join me over there and I may do some brief reviews of books there also, but not on this blog. Again, I just want to get back to reading for pleasure and in my own time. Besides, reviewing does not pay. You get a free book to become an influencer for an author which is so much fun. I love it all! Those books, the authors and their interviews will still be housed here. Try out my categories and tags to find them all!

Again, I will still be reading but my reviews(if I do them at all) will be on Goodreads and Amazon.

Smile! This is a new adventure for us!

‘Made For Us’ by Samantha Chase (a review)

Made for Us (The Shaughnessy Brothers, #1)Made for Us by Samantha Chase

My rating: 5 of 5 stars




This is my first Samantha Chase book. After reading the blurbs on Freading for the Shaughnessy Brothers series, I had to feed my Contemporary Romance addiction!

Order your copy of Made for Us today!

Zoe Dalton, an interior decorator, just moved from Arizona after losing her mom and wanted to experience everything the east coast could possibly offer. She finds herself landing a job working for one of the most notorious, bullheaded bosses in the entire world. Who also happens to be incredibly sexy- Aidan Shaughnessy.

Aidan lives life on deadlines and habit. He and his family has adjusted somewhat after their mother’s death, but he has filled the shoes of second parent. However his harsh way of dealing with people has to change. When he meet Zoe, he thinks he can pull the same rank with her, but this fiery red head is not having it.

My Reaction:

Aiden is the oldest so it kind of makes since that he has always been there for family, but he definitely got on my nerves with his rigid rules and inability to adapt to change. Still, I had some pity on him. Samantha Chase created real characters who demand us to root for them or to loathe them.

What made the book frothy and fun were the supporting characters too. The interaction between them and the main characters gave even more insight into the psyche of both Zoe and Aidan.

On a personal level this book really speaks to me, because losing someone is hard and in a way it does change you. In the midst of that there is happiness. Not necessarily easily achieved but possible.

Also, this was a clean romance. Some sexual suggestions but surprisingly it was kept decent and smokin’ hot at the same time. I really loved that.

*Stay tuned for my review of Book 2: Love Walks In, Shaughnessy Brothers, #2.

Wanna read with me? Post your comments below so we can talk about this sweet, romantic series. Let me know how you’re doin’ 🙂

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‘Bunny and the Bear’ by Eve Langlais(a review)

hot couple kissing
Cover Art by Amanda Kelsey/Blog design by Ericajean using Canva

Warning! This book has fiery hot scenes in it inappropriate for certain audiences. Thank you!

Book Details:

Bunny and the Bear(Furry United Coalition, #1), by Eve Langlais

Published by Eve Langlais (July 2011)

ISBN: 978-0-9869154-4-4

Five Stars

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After having a delicious time this summer reading C791 by Eve Langlais, I just knew I was about to get into another delicious romp fest. Instead of cyborgs this time, we are introduced to the land of the were folks. Werebears, Wererabbits…


Did I just say Were-Rabbits?

Gah! Rabbits are my favorite of all the woodland creatures, and in Bunny and the Bear, Langlais is sure to include the quirks and the fun of both beasts!

The Hot, Hoppin’Story

Chase doesn’t know whether to strangle or make love to his playful platinum blond neighbor. She is definitely fun and perky and…bothersome. As a werebear, Chase spends his time sleeping, going to work, eating and then repeating the same cycle all over again. Now it is interrupted by dreams of having the delectable Miranda all to himself.

Miranda knows how Chase feel about intermixing species, but she can’t help but adore the big lug. He is handsome and so predictable. Unfortunately, she is here to protect him from the real danger lurking. A terrible danger, that she as a Werebunny is designed to take care of.

My Honey Sweet Reaction:

I needed something fun and frothy but with some spice. Add a little easy reading and an alpha male and this is exactly what I got.

Miranda was everything a bubbly bunny should be yet she had lots of bite. Chase comes off as your typical alpha male you’d pretty much find in any romance, yet I found something very special about him that instantly made my heart go Ba-Boom!

Besides eating honey buns everyday, Chase is intuitive when it concerns Miranda. He can sense when she has her low points and doubts and he is there to pick her up- literally and figuratively.

Fun Fact: this book reminded so much of Zootopia, but with a slight twist. Watch the film, you’ll see!

Needless to say, this one was quick and sweet but such a hot treat! I need to get more of these shifter books!

Let me know if you’ve read any of Eve Langlais’s books.

Or just stop by and say hi!

Until next time.


Decoding Poetry Series…’Since There is No Help’ by Michael Drayton

Blog graphic designed by Ericajean using Canva
Blog graphic designed by Ericajean using Canva

Keywords: Sonnets, Michael Drayton, Love, poetry, 17th century English poetry

Welcome to another installment of Decoding Poetry! I took the delight in reading Michael Drayton’s Sonnet #61: Since There’s No Help.

The speaker of this poem is trying to reconcile their feelings and confusion about love. The speaker wants nothing to do with it anymore, then recognizes Love for what it is truly is…

I went a little deeper with this one without outside help, however after I finished my own observations and jotting down what I thought, I found an amazing analysis on the AP Literature site. I checked it against my own notes and found it lined up.

Sonnet #61

Since there’s no help, come let us kiss and part.
Nay, I have done, you get no more of me;
And I am glad, yea glad with all my heart,
That thus so cleanly I myself can free.
Shake hands forever, cancel all our vows,
And when we meet at any time again,
Be it not seen in either of our brows
That we one jot of former love retain.
Now at the last gasp of love’s latest breath,
When, his pulse failing, passion speechless lies;
When Faith is kneeling by his bed of death,
And innocence is closing up his eyes–
Now, if thou wouldst, when all have given him over,
From death to life thou might’st him yet recover!

The Sounds, The Rhyme of Breaking Away

This poem uses alliteration(repetition of consonants) and assonance(repetition of vowel sounds) quite a bit, it adds more punch to what the speaker is trying to say.

Alliteration: “That, thus”(line2), “When we”(line 6), “of our”(line 7), “Love’s latest”(line 9), “by his bed”(line 11), “Innocence is”(line 12), “wouldest, when”(line 13)

Assonance: “no-more-of”(line 2), “am glad”(line 3), “shake hands, cancel”(line 5), “we meet”(line 6), “our brows”(line 7), “of-former-love”(line 8), “last gasp”(line 9), “when his”(line 10), “bed-death”(line 11), “given him”(line 13)

What significance do these two devices of poetry lend? Well, for starters the repetition of vowel and consonant sounds add more heartfelt flavor to a poem such as this. Especially when the speaker says, “Now at the last gasp of Love’s latest breath…”(line 9) it hardens the sounds on your tongue as you realize Love may not be as eternal as we thought, or Love can hurt(I will save my full thought on this in a moment)

This is a Journey…into Sonnets

orange butterfly
Image taken from

As soon as I read this poem aloud, I knew from the beginning I was reading a Shakespearean sonnet.

Each line in the quatrains(minus the 13th and 14th couplets ) has ten syllables per line which is called iambic pentameter. The rhyme scheme here for this sonnet as an end rhyme of: a-b-a-b-c-d-c-d-e-f-e-f-g-g. This lends to the ever flowing mimicry of a love letter, or a song.

Since There is No Help For Loving Someone

The message here speaks to anyone who has been in love. We have all been at that place in our soul where we were through with the false concept of love and its minions. We did not want to see it again, but when we finally lose it or the thought of losing love penetrates our thoughts, we get melancholy.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed my interpretation of this poem. It was published in 1619 and even so, I think we’ve all viewed Love in this way at some point or another.


Don’t be shy! Discuss!  🙂

‘Ain’t Gonna Be the Same Fool Twice’ by April Sinclair(a review)

ain't gonna be the smae fool twice, yellow book covers
Ain’t Gonna Be the Same Fool Twice by April Sincalir

Book Details: Ain’t Gonna Be the Same Fool Twice by April Sinclair

Published: Open Road Integrated Media(1996)

Cover Design: Kat Lee(for ebook version)

ISBN: 978-1-5040-1866-1

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4.5 stars


Keywords: African American-Human sexuality-college age-Chicago-San Francisco-Women’s Studies-Lesbianism

Book quotes yellow background
Designed by Ericajean using Canva

April Sinclair has done it again with Ain’t Gonna Be the Same Fool Twice, her follow up to Coffee Will Make You Black.

Jean Stevenson or “Stevie” has left high school with hopes of becoming a journalist while also still exploring her sexuality and how it could connect to her being black in the 70s.

In high school, she crushed on a white nurse(In the first book) and began questioning herself then, even though she had sex with a boy before. Even in college, Stevie dates men but soon she realizes there is more to her relationships than just sex. Racism, religion, and politics become a part of the stretching fabric of her life.

Stevie eventually finds herself in a few female relationships and she calls it “experimenting” yet those who care about her wonder if she is sure about any of her decisions. Recalling quotes from a loving grandmother and living in San Francisco with a homosexual hottie named Sterling, Stevie will need to muster all the courage and common sense she was taught just to survive.

My Reaction:

This book was just as good as the first! If you are someone who shies away from topics like lesbianism and racism with a dash of politics, then you may want to run. I am not into politics or sexuality topics like either, but the story was good.

A lot of Stevie’s experiences, sadly, has not changed in reality for 2016.

For example, when Stevie begins dating an attractive white female, they are stopped by the police and the police assumes Stevie is a black male and never once looks at her, he constantly asks if her girlfriend is okay. Unfortunately for Stevie, her white girlfriend is only offended when he calls her “ma’am”. This is Stevie’s crucial eye opener to the climate of the times she is in.

I enjoy Stevie’s personality and her wise mannerism to a degree. She can come off as scathing and wishy washy at the same time; most moments and even with a scathing, stern personality, she can become a rug for someone else even when she knows better. Her friends left much to be desire. I cared for no one really in California. The portrayal of the city she was in was one where people hold on to inhibitions, freedom and weed, but let go of sense and sensitivity.

All  in all I give this an exceptional rating. It was a perfect follow up to Coffee Will Make You Black.

Okay, bookworms! Would you ever read a book like this? What are some books you loved that had very sensitive topics for you? Discuss below and remember to share this post with your friends!