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Becoming a More Intentional Writer

Living my life intentionally is living my life with purpose and on purpose. Any external circumstance out of my power, I can conquer by reflection and moving on.

I am realizing I have the power to change those things within my power.

You can too.

I call myself a writer and this is true, but I am actually a lazy writer.

When it is time to write, I will procrastinate, but it is not something I consciously do. Tell me if you’ve ever done this before:

  • The night before, you’d say, “Okay. In the morning I will meditate/pray/workout/write, and enjoy the rest of my day.”
  • The sun is up(doing it’s job). You: Still sleep or on your Smartphone.
  • “I’m only going to check in on Twitter/G+/Facebook, for a few minutes,” you say and before you know it, it is the afternoon…

But wait. There is still time to write!

  • You watch a little anime, a little Scandal and heck, Once Upon a Time is getting good. Two episodes won’t kill you.
  • Night falls(it’s doing its job), even a few stars are hanging out and the moon is brilliant and you feel a nice, Zen moment slip its hands over your shoulders. A quiet little poem whispers in your ear and before you grab your notebook and pen-
  • RINNNNNG! Your bestie calls and the conversation is at least two hours…

Need I finish this?

I have been watching Jim Kwik’s mind hacks and I am blown away by his techniques for freeing up our minds!

I encourage you to watch his videos. If you are in a slump, feeling drained or uninspired, just ten minutes of listening to him will revive you. I promise!

Anyway, back to writing. So next year I plan on submitting more of my writings but I must be intentional with it. I must make an effort to write more. The problem is that I do write, but my goal is to write for a specific market and I have been lazy in that area.

Another goal is one I hope to share with you all: More Write Web Challenges! I notice that blogs which host challenges, tend to build a great, supportive community and my goal is to help writers reach their goals by tapping into their inner god/goddess.

Toast, to more intentional habits and beautiful writing!


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What Have You Learned from #NaNoWriMo2017? #42K and Beyond

advent blur
Image Credit: Torsten Dettlaff


Good Day/Evening, fellow bloggers and bookworms!

I’ve had a wonderful time writing this month. Ideas kept coming to me and I kept writing away. Technically, I am not trying to work on a novel, but a novella instead, so technically I am finished with NaNoWriMo. Also, it has been fun talking with Marquessa about goals and making “space” in our life by de-cluttering and also thinking of those people and things that inspire us.

My hope and prayer for all of you is that you have achieved some goal this month. Whatever it is you wanted to explore and study, I hope you were able to delve into it and found something beautiful, something useful, something to be proud of and to share.

If not?

Then this is the perfect time to figure it out.

I was reading Soul Numbers by Michelle Arbeau and after learning how to calculate number meanings, I found out that 2017 is the year of planting. Check this out:

According to,

The intentions & foundations you set in place during 2017 (preferrably early in 2017), mold the field of potentiality and set the tone & flow of energy within your life over the forthcoming 9 years.

This is the year of planting and planning. No matter your belief system, the Creator has instilled in you the need to plant and envision. This is the time to do that.

If you are a writer, then working towards your book by researching and planning it out is a good step. Thus, the need for NaNoWriMo where you just keep writing and never look back until you are finished.

Or, if you’re like me, you are planting seeds by submitting to small presses and contests(hoping they will accept your work- I’ll be posting about my freelance writing journey more and offering tips).

Have you reached you NaNoWriMo goals yet?

Any life goals you plan to reach(….Sometimes it is best to keep these secret. I understand.)



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I Can See Clearly Now…NaNoWriMo2017, #40K Words and Counting

golden hour glasses
Photo Credit: Siva Adithya


At this point, I am further than I’ve ever gone before during any NaNoWriMo Challenge, trust me.

I am not caring about details, background, nothing. I am just straight up and down chasing the images coming into my brain.

If I were to try and promote this unedited version, some will think it is the best novel ever written(that’s my spoiled ego talking), or the worst thing anyone sober or not could come up with.

Either way there are some serious psychological twists and turns one take as you are approaching 40K and beyond. Check it out:

  • Confidence is rising. At this point, you are past all the worries. Yeah, there may be some plot points that scare you, but that is what is editing is for. Keep going!
  • Your character has taken over and you love/hate them. At this particular time, your character is developing a voice or has developed a unique voice, and although you may change the setting in the future, the Voice is still to your liking. Kudos!
  • You’ve created space and time. You are the god/goddess of this challenge. By now, at 40K you know what time is best to write and where you like to write. I have been choosing different spots in the house. It seems each room or corner delivers a special kind of mood that is conducive to my writing. Ever experience this?
  • You dream about that magnificent ending. At 40K, you are only 10,000 words away! What will you do? Sometimes, at this point, it is the panic mode. Alarms go off. Again, this is what editing is for. This month, you are just getting the story down- not making it perfect. Capiche?
  • And finally, for some of you, nothing is happening. You are coasting along. Hey, that’s fine too. At least you’re writing. That’s good.

I hope this month is favorable to your writing venture, if not- make it so! The power is your imagination, just get it down.

If you have not made it this far, you best get crackin’. It’s possible to leap a giant hurdle but it will take dedication on your part.

Already hit 50K? Dang…I’m jealous of you. I’m near the finish line though 😉

Take Care,

~The Write Web

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Is Book Reviewing Still Worth it?

commerce computer
Image Credit: Pixabay



“61% of consumers read online reviews before making a purchase decision.”

How competitive are consumer sites like Amazon, Banes and Noble, Kobo and others- as it concerns your blog?

Now, I read somewhere(can’t think of the site!) that most consumers just read reviews on Goodreads and Amazon before making their purchases. This makes sense because social media basically drives the internet now and people congregate where “groups” are and Goodreads in particular, have discussion groups, quizzes, and book giveaways daily.

Amazon is also a huge consumer site where many people will see your book review.

The question is, will people read the review on your blog?


For years I have reviewed books and other online writings via my WordPress blog, but it wasn’t until a couple of years ago, that I finally took my blog seriously by revamping SEO, using images more, engaging more with other writing communities and book bloggers.

There was even a time I got tired of reviewing because it takes time and energy and it is done for free!

Connecting with other bloggers, having great images and design on your site and even using SEO in creative and strategic ways, can earn you a decent following and revive a dead review blog.

Another idea would be to direct people to your blog from consumer sites.

When I review a book on Goodreads and Amazon, I put a little note at the bottom asking the consumer to join my blog if they want more reviews.

In fact Kimberly Grabas wrote an excellent article about authors looking for reviews on their book, however her information is perfect for book bloggers wondering if book blogging is slumping in a coma.

In sum, book reviewing itself is not dead. People still want to know if a book is worth their dollars so they will look at reviews. In this fast scan generation they may only look at the star ratings and pass though…

Oh well.

If writing reviews is your passion, don’t give up. People still like reading your opinion of a book!

~The Write Web

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My Protagonist Took Off Without Me, #NaNoWriMo2017, #27K

crescent run
Image Credit: Luizclas


You can guess from the title what just happened at the 27k mark.

My well designed well oiled, well constructed character. Built from a profile of the gods, have been magical, wonderful so far.

She took off, took the notebook, paper, all my notes and took her strong legs to the other side of the hills. Wrote her own story.

True, when you are a panstser, it happens quicker than you can imagine, but somewhere down the line, at 27K words, you wonder if you are truly the architect, or just the builder going off the Architect’s blueprint.

With an outline, things may be easier, but will it?

I’m a rebel and I barely follow rules….

Ok, I follow them but I study to see how I can bend them.

My protagonist, is already born into a supernatural world. The story does not center on the fact of her not knowing she is an ancient, supernatural entity, it begins with her knowing this.

It is the human side she wrestles with. It is the history she is unaware of that curtails her valiant efforts to just BE.

In an effort of just BEING, there are some surprising things happening to her biologically and socially. That part is beautiful.

I think it is beautiful and necessary when the protagonist surprises you. At this point, I wouldn’t say it is complete smooth sailing, but I yearn for what the conclusion will be. That anticipation stirs your gut because you are past the halfway mark.

If you are not at the 25K mark at least, let me tell you something.

Don’t stop.

There was a time when I made it to 22K and would fall into a slump. I never hit 50K in the last three years because of this.

Now that I am over 25K, I see a change in my story, but I chug along anyway because I know I will do a full edit later.

Editing is another great way to find hidden gems in your story or excavate and obliterate the rubble you need to toss away. More on that later.

~The Write Web

*P.S. How are you doing this month with your writing? Share you woes, your challenges and your joy here.

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Submitting to Publications, the Real Story

paper note
Photo Credit: Tran


Ever thought about submitting your writings?

I used to think it would be easy and that there would be keen competition, but darn it all it is difficult trying to squeeze my creative pieces in someone’s eyesight!

I will be submitting my writings to various places. Like, really committing to it— like a job. I already write more than I work, but I keep flailing along with submissions.

One thing I realize, and this is something I did not understand until now, is that before submitting any piece of writing, you should take a look at the publishers’ samples and even subscribe to their publication.

Now what about that did I not understand in the past? Self explanatory, right?

Well, here is what I used to do:

  • Select writings I’ve done in the past or recently.
  • Go to the library to check out Writer’s Market books.
  • Sit down for hours and look for publications that will take what I wrote.

The result?

Got accepted to none.

Well, one of my Christian poems made it to an online site(that no longer exists) and the University of Maryland magazine Constellation, picked up my coolest poems in 2008.

But did I receive bigger recognition and awards? Nope.


From what I researched, the Right way to submit to places is to:

  • Check the web(specifically, love that site!)
  • Look at small presses, open contests, etc. Really take note of what they are looking for and take special note of the deadlines.
  • Many websites/publications, now have samples you can view FREE! For example, I will be resubmitting my haiku to several publications that have samples and free downloads of past accepted work.
  • Pick out the publication/contest you are interested in: science fiction writing? Poetry? Experimental?
  • Now, get to work!

In this way, you have a kind of rubric of what’s expected of you and you write your piece, tailoring it to what they are looking for.

I am on both sides of the fence though because would it stifle my creativity? Not sure. Chime in and let me know what you think.

Have you thought of submitting some work? Which methods have you used? Do you have links to your work?

What is your advice?

**Thank you for reading and if you like what you see, subscribe to The Write Web today and get connected with serious writers, and bookworms!

~The Write Web


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Hitting the Sweet Spot…of a Story #NaNoWriMo2017 #19K

Image Credit: Pixabay


You know what I’m talkin’ about.

You’re writing that book, getting it in good with the dialogue, you’ve introduced a hot character into the mix.

Your worldbuilding skills is tight…

You have soft music or hard music playing, your coffee or Sprite is next to you. Your loving furrball is gazing at you with respect (or seething anger at this point.)

You don’t care. You are happily clicking away, chugging along. It feels as if the Muse is giving you all the right stuff and you know at least an hour has passed.

Still good.

You clench(I mean click, sorry!), as every nerve, every fiber in your moment pulls taut, you see stars, you hear them.

The choir is singing.

You pull in that final word and then…

And then…


Everything was going fine until you wrote  a paragraph that you think may not belong, but during NaNoWriMo, you can’t go back! You have to keep going. Get it all in there good, you know?

I think my story is exactly at that point.

I placed my characters in a setting they don’t need to be in right now.

I gave up this morning.

Don’t be me.

Don’t give up.

Keep sticking it(er, oh Gosh. Blush much!) to the page. Ok? Alright?


**Feel free to—-you know, share this and subscribe, ok? I promise I will not be mad 😉