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Always Red by Isabelle Ronin

Publication Date: Sourcebooks Casablanca(November 7, 2017)

You might want to order Always Red today! (Kindle Edition)

*Galley provided for free from Netgalley for my unbiased review.

Always Red is definitely slightly better than Chasing Red in that there’s more background and depth to the story, promising subplots, and incredibly incendiary love scenes that are just wild!

The book picks up right where Chasing Red ends, with Caleb hurt over Beatrice-Rose’s betrayal and Red suddenly realizing that she may lose him. The page turning craze begins when Red tries to find new ways to contact Caleb to win him back. Is it possible that she can? Will Caleb even accept her?

It goes back to the saying: “You never know what you have until its gone.”

Her new friends Kar and Beth definitely kept me laughing and as I mentioned, their own plots in the story is promising. I can definitely see some books written based on their lives, however Always Red amps it up with the passionate scenes and crimes of passion as well.

There is definitely more truths being revealed and you pray everyone makes it out alive.

Red is not one of my favorite characters. I tried to like her in the first book, but now I see that Caleb, as sweet and hot as he is, is the more sensitive one in this situation. He will do anything for Red but it seems like it takes a herculean effort for her to show how much she loves him. I give her an A for effort…

I am saying this because, the gorgeous drifting rock star, Damon, who calls her “Angel Face” once again is always to her rescue and she just goes to him. Nothing wrong with that, I mean, she is a grown woman, but when Caleb feels some way about it, she never addresses it appropriately in my opinion. Her upbringing was kind of screwed up which can account for her being a shelled individual.

All in all a great conclusion to the series and I will definitely read more of Ronin’s stories on Wattpad!

3 Reasons to Read ‘Down to a Fraction’ on Wattpad

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This is a quick little post of the three reasons you should go and read, “Down to a Fraction” right now.

  • Teen fiction romance. Who doesn’t love the first tickle of fresh, new love?
  • Geeky, anime lovers. Will totally love this ongoing story with references to popular manga and anime since the main character loves it too.
  • A super HOT guy who falls for his extremely smart, not so popular tutor.

If that doesn’t help you decide what to read on Wattpad. Here’s a bonus:

Wattpad is a free app where you can read and write stories for free.

That’s right. Go on your PC, Mobile phone or other device and share in the bookworm magic!

P.S. Please show your support to writers who upload stories daily by simply voting on an individual chapter or at least adding their stories to your library 🙂

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Is Wattpad the App for You?

Woman writing
Writing for Wattpad Can be Fun/ Image taken from

Wattpad may be the best social app for writers and readers out there, but don’t be discouraged or surprised if you find your works aren’t being read and as popularized as others.

I have learned quite a bit about Watppad within the last year and even though I really enjoy the app, it is not something that is working for me at the time. Perhaps you are thinking of posting up free stories on there too and so hopefully this quick guide can help.

Published or Unpublished, Unleash it on Wattpad

One of the first stories I published on Wattpad is Weight and See. I began it sometime around February 2016 or March?

By the end of June 2016-roughly three months, I had at least 800+ reads and quite a few comments. From one reader.

It was not a story I published previously, just one I wrote off the top of my head and I uploaded it weekly. Finally, I took it down and published it on Smashwords where currently it has 1,071 downloads.

What was the secret?

After not even getting a burp on Wattpad, I finally decided to tag my book properly. It was a teen fiction first and foremost, that happened to have romance in it. Also, I tagged it according to location, serious matters, and as general fiction. That may have helped.

Either way, I was jealous of teen writers with 1.5k reads and likes…

One Wattpader decided to upload an already published novel for free and she grabbed more fans that way.

Teen Fiction Rules in that Domain

Estelle Maskame

Ashley Royer

Are just two of many who have made their debut on Wattpad and are now publishing mavens with agents.

Both are in high school.

Some Wattpaders who are adults, write teen fiction and if they achieve the right voice and audience, make it big.

My favorite Wattpad author(including the gifted ones above) is LD Crichton, who writes new adult and teen fiction.

Not into writing for the much younger, pubescent audience? That is quite alright. Wattpad has many categories you can sift your writing chops into, just take note that right now Wattpad is dominated by the teen fiction category.


My opinion is that when Wattpad first began, teens took to it more and faster.

It is social media after all and you read free books all day long. Even I like that idea. You can literally type a whole book on your phone and upload it right after.

The Wattpad App, Technicalities

Yes. Wattpad is great.

The app is proclaimed as magical.

Yet there are some bugs Wattpad need to fix.

First of all, I was working on a teen fiction the other day and decided, “Let me write this on my mobile phone. For a new writing experience. Should be fun.”

And it was.

For a day.

Next thing I knew, I published my chapters and one was missing.

Wattpad warns you to never delete a story or even part of it because you cannot undo it.

So I did the “unpublished” then “re-publish” thing. Still not working.

I copied my chapter on my Android phone, and deleted the story. That way I can just copy to a new empty chapter- start over right?


Nothing worked, nothing showed up. I deleted part of my story. I will never see it again.

Wattpad needs to fix this. Allowing Wattpaders to delete their story while giving a few days before a story is deleted permanently, is a better solution.

What Writing Platform is Working for Me?

Right now, Smashwords is awesome for me. I complete the manuscript, edit and upload it and the readers pour in faster than on Wattpad.

Just like Smashwords, Wattpad has an algorithm. You must use proper keywords, tags, update regularly(Smashwords prefer you post multiple books if you want to see great results), and an awesome cover and blurb.

I may use Wattpad again one day, I will definitely read stories on there now. But it is definitely too “loud” to be heard. Even with their writing contests, it has been rumored that those who are already popular on Wattpad may get chosen over you.

My advice? Try them all out. See what works best for you.

Patience is also the key, which is why perhaps I should have kept my teen fiction on there, seeing as people have requested a part 2 now.

Good luck to you all and let me know of your experience!

Book Goodies: Weight and See Free eBook Download, So Worth It

“Weight and See” is FREE to download.  It had over 750 reads and likes on Wattpad as well. And over 600 reads on Smashwords now.

Click Weight and See  to download your free eBook NOW!

Here’s a snippet of the story…

I suffer from obesity. Not for the reason you think, but one of the reasons I suffer is that it is a disease that’s noticeable to all and I am teased for it, daily. My mom is a diva and don’t really understand what I go through because she’s always been so perfect. Her boyfriend Kevin understands me a lot. However, the one I dream of at night and want to kiss, is the one who makes my life a living hell. Brenden Harris is the epitome of hotness and intelligence. But if he and his twin sister don’t stop picking on me, I’m afraid I may explode…”- from Weight and See

I guarantee you that after reading this one, you will be squirming for Book 2(which I am currently working on).

Also, I have plenty of artful quotables to share in relation to this book and its second half. Coming soon!

Well guys and gals, this has been an amazing and HOT summer so far(especially in Va), but with YA summer kicking off like this- who’s complaining?

More goodies are in store for you all. I have sample books from other authors to share with you. Interviews, some more giveaways and discounts, just to make your summer that much more cooler.

Stay amazing!


YA Summer continues with ‘Remember to Forget’ by Ashley Royer(a review)

Remember to Forget
Image courtesy of HarperCollins/Blink

In Remember to Forget by Ashley Royer(HarperCollins Publishing, April 5, 2016), Levi has refused to speak- ever since the tragic death of his girlfriend Delia.

The event was so horrible, that not only does he not speak anymore, but depression and anxiety has taken a toll on his mom and his friends, sending him from therapist to therapist.

Finally, Levi’s mom decides to send him to Maine to live with his dad. Leaving Australia will be daunting and Levi is sure  this will not help…

Until he meets Delilah.

And Delilah eerily reminds him of his late girlfriend.

Check out this quick interview with Ashley Royer now!

Quote from story against maroon background
Image designed by Ericajean using Canva


My reaction:


First off, when I  learned this book was written by a seventeen year old honor student, I expected nothing less than an emotional rollercoaster, especially given the backdrop of the story.

However, Ashley Royer created memorable characters and scenes that will easily resonate with teenagers and older folks alike.

Levi is a boy you just want to hold and tell him everything will be alright(but if you read the book, you will understand he does not want that). His depression and anxiety are so palpable that the story nearly pulled some tears out of me.

Second, Delilah is a budding rose of fresh air for everyone. She works in the place where Levi goes for his therapy session. Without giving away too many spoilers, I will say that Delilah and Levi did not hit it off immediately. Still mourning the death of his girlfriend literally controls everything Levi does and does not do.

Finally, the scenes.

Ashley Royer has created memorable scenes perfect for Hallmark cards and poems. From awkward airport moments, to hot chocolate and ice skating, her ability to write such believable scenes and characters and her control over pacing is astounding.

Other than some typos calling Levi “Luke” and other small nuances, this book is great enough as a compelling read for anyone battling depression, but looking for clean, sweet romance.

I highly recommend this one.

If you’d like to learn more about this Wattpad Sensation, please visit her at

This book was received as an ARC through Netgalley for my unbiased review.

Before Sunday by LD Crichton(a wattpad review)

Sexy passion couple, beautiful young female and male faces closeup, studio shot
Sexy passion couple, beautiful young female and male faces closeup, studio shot

On the eve of her 21st birthday, Lola makes one wish.

To experience a love so deep that it hurts.

The next morning a gorgeously hot guy, Jackson Sunday, is sitting on her bed claiming he is the answer to her wish and he is her husband in the future…ten years in the future.

Lola questions the guy wondering if he is indeed psycho.

But then when she isn’t near him she is so ill, it breaks her down. And when she is around she feels right as rain.

Enticed yet? Read for free by heading over to Wattpad.

Could this be real? Is it true that he is her dream man and husband from the future?

My Reaction:

I sat up all night to read this. And folks who know me by my reviews know that if I am finished with your book within 1-2 days, then it was stellar.

And “Before Sunday” was as sweet as the cupcake Lola wished on and just as emotional. The anguish, the bitterness, the passion between her and Jackson is palpable.

There were small blunders here and there such as word order and tiny plot confusion here and there but it doesn’t matter- the story was delectable and earns five stars from me.

About LD Crichton

LD Crichton is a sought after writer who has written the only official One Direction fan fiction and she has over 62,000 pre-existing fans who love her works.

She has other books out that readers just gush about, so if you aren’t too busy you may want to immerse yourself in these beautifully broken stories about beautifully broken people.