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The One Thing You Need Before Writing a Resume

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Has been edited as of 2/24/2017

“You got to have faith-a faith-a  faith-ah!” Crooned the late George Michael.

Or, here’s another one: “Confidence always wins.”

When you are preparing to write your resume, please begin with an open, positive mind.

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You may be stuck in a job you literally cry before going to(Okay, maybe that’s something I would do), but you have a wealth of knowledge and skills to place on that gorgeous, waiting- to -be written resume. Believe it!(Thank you, Naruto)

I have perused several “How to Write a Resume” books and they are wonderful gems to explore. But they can take a long time because of they list so many steps. All important, but, you know- time crunch here!

P.S. I have just started my new career search and I am excited! These tips I am showing you is what helped me to get two calls in one day. I am hoping to have the same winning streak again.

Prep in Two Easy Steps!

First, jot down ALL the skills you do have(confidence!) in one column.

Second, hunt for those top three jobs you want. Make sure you have at least 2-3 skills that match what they want. You may star these skills, highlight them, whatever. Just make sure you have at least 2-3 skills they are looking for.


Confidence is the one thing you need. Develop that winning attitude today!

P.S. Confidence is required in an interview too…Just sayin’ 😉



Helpful Resources

*Rockport Institute– “Help people choose careers since 1981″(According to their website)

*Knock ‘Em Dead Resumes– A must read that has helped people get the phone call!

Note to Readers of ‘Kiss of Stone’

Note to Readers!

Due to moving around a lot and losing material and technology(I know, really bad), there has been a severe delay in creating a second book to the Mark of Fortune series.

However, I am no longer in denial.

The genie romance was designed to present, simply, an idea. That’s it.

This is not to say that Sam and Stone’s story is completely over. I wrote it during a time that the world was built completely by my imagination and the direction I wish it to go continues to get stifled by the Muse.

Muse wins.

I am deeply sorry to my readers who enjoyed the work. Deeply. My heart breaks when I think of what the series can become.

However, all hope is not lost. I will be publishing great content and working on future genie books following a trajectory I think we all will be satisfied with. For now, join me in my adventure creating content in other genres I enjoy!



P.S. I am working on a serious memoir and some poems at this time. Visit me at Smashwords to find more of my writings and don’t forget to check out Write Resumes Right 2017, where I hope to collaborate with you on the structure, challenge and rewarding phase of job app writing.



‘Made For Us’ by Samantha Chase (a review)

Made for Us (The Shaughnessy Brothers, #1)Made for Us by Samantha Chase

My rating: 5 of 5 stars




This is my first Samantha Chase book. After reading the blurbs on Freading for the Shaughnessy Brothers series, I had to feed my Contemporary Romance addiction!

Order your copy of Made for Us today!

Zoe Dalton, an interior decorator, just moved from Arizona after losing her mom and wanted to experience everything the east coast could possibly offer. She finds herself landing a job working for one of the most notorious, bullheaded bosses in the entire world. Who also happens to be incredibly sexy- Aidan Shaughnessy.

Aidan lives life on deadlines and habit. He and his family has adjusted somewhat after their mother’s death, but he has filled the shoes of second parent. However his harsh way of dealing with people has to change. When he meet Zoe, he thinks he can pull the same rank with her, but this fiery red head is not having it.

My Reaction:

Aiden is the oldest so it kind of makes since that he has always been there for family, but he definitely got on my nerves with his rigid rules and inability to adapt to change. Still, I had some pity on him. Samantha Chase created real characters who demand us to root for them or to loathe them.

What made the book frothy and fun were the supporting characters too. The interaction between them and the main characters gave even more insight into the psyche of both Zoe and Aidan.

On a personal level this book really speaks to me, because losing someone is hard and in a way it does change you. In the midst of that there is happiness. Not necessarily easily achieved but possible.

Also, this was a clean romance. Some sexual suggestions but surprisingly it was kept decent and smokin’ hot at the same time. I really loved that.

*Stay tuned for my review of Book 2: Love Walks In, Shaughnessy Brothers, #2.

Wanna read with me? Post your comments below so we can talk about this sweet, romantic series. Let me know how you’re doin’ 🙂

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Hidden Monster by Amanda Strong, The Monsters Are Among Us(a review)

hidden monster

Hidden Monster
Hidden Monster by Amanda Strong Image courtesy of Clean Teen Publishing

Hidden Monster(Monsters Among Us, #1) Amanda Strong

Clean Teen Publishing (2014)

Cover Design by: Marya Heiman/Typography by: Courtney Nuckels

Book offered for free through Bookbub

4.5 Stars!


Hidden Monster is an enigma.

It was seriously so good and, well, had so many twists, that it left my head spinning.

But the important thing here is that the book is good and let me tell you why.


Here’s the Story:

Samantha is running in the woods when she is suddenly kidnapped, placed in a cabin without food or drink for a few weeks and her captor says five haunting words:

You are my special girl.

He wears a mask and says she will fall in love with him.

Only one boy calls her his special girl, her ex Jeremy. But could it really be him who had captured her?

Samantha escapes the cabin and that is when things get strange. Strange dreams, strange abilities, even her friends are acting strange.

And on top of that, her new neighbor, Blake, who is handsome and so sweet wants to spend time with her, but Samantha does not know who to trust.

Who is the real monster here?

PSSST: As of right now, Hidden Monster is free on Kindle! Grab it now by heading to the link of the title in this post 🙂

My Reaction:

My first reaction to the book was: “Oh wow! Love it!”

Then towards the middle, I was beginning to feel confused and maybe let down? You see, Hidden Monster begins like a suspenseful, teen novel. It really does.

Around the middle, say 50% of the novel, things pick up quickly and there is heart pounding romance and sci/fi. Pretty darn cool if you ask me.

Confusion gets worse as Samantha tries to figure out what she is and who she can trust. I got a little annoyed because of the long winded explanations and enormous twisty plots but this book still hovers on 4 or 4.5 stars for excellent storytelling and romance.

If you like Stephenie Meyer’s The Host and other novels involving science fiction, and love triangles, then you will really love this one!

Let me know what you think.

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It’s YA Summer Reading Begins Now

Its ya summer 2016
Image designed by Ericajean using Canva

It’s YA summer 2016 is officially here and already there are some great books, book deals, freebies, and author interviews planned!

I am so excited about this because the YA(young adult) genre is still by far one of the most popular categories, and I want to be your go to person for your book review needs.

So here is what will happen:

  • I will give my honest opinion of a book so you can choose wisely.
  • From now until August 30th, I will review young adult books. Books in other categories will be reviewed on my Goodreads and Amazon pages and I will send out social media buzzes on those.
  • Will provide information on free or discounted books and other giveaways going on.

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It’s YA summer and no one else’s.

Ends August 30th.

Let’s Go!

Collage: The Many Shades of Gratefulness

The Many Shades of Gratefulness2

Money is just the vehicle, but even without it, money can’t buy who you are to me. Lord, you are good.

My love, you are real.

*I am late with my Week 5 #RevofKindness due to us moving into our own home- finally. I am truly blessed in many ways.

Love yall!