Sin Bin is 800+ Pages of Delicious Heat


I’ve just finished one of the most scrumptious, delicious series ever.

Should you read these books in order?

God. Yes.  It will pack more punch..

Denver Rebels Order of Books:

#1 Wicked Games

#2 The Swede

#3 Sin Bin


I know Summer is soon on our heels, but these hockey players are hitting the ice and blazing the pages with romance in Maureen Smith’s Denver Rebels series. I read the first two already and you can view my review of them on my Amazon Page.

Right now, I want to review Sin Bin..

In Sin Bin(Book 3 in Denver Rebels), we meet Logan “The Bruiser” Brassard the tough, sexy sinfully hot hockey player for the Denver Rebels- and certified “manwhore”. With a past that left emotional scars that runs deep as his soul, Brassard constantly finds himself in the “Sin Bin”, constantly called out for fights on the ice. But then, he was always a fighter, especially back when he was a kid protecting Jupiter, the nickname for the little girl who was constantly bullied.

the swede
The Swede Book 2 in Denver Rebels

Fast forward about fifteen years later, and the “little girl” Meadow Ryan is all curvy and beautiful; she finds herself leaving Sin City to find work in Denver. When she runs into her foster friend Logan, she can’t deny her attraction to him. He still calls her Jupiter because of her love of astronomy(so sweet!). Even though Meadow is attracted to him and it is obvious he wants her bad, she does not want to get hurt again and Logan’s reputation does precede him…

My Thoughts

First, this was 800+ pages of slow burn deliciousness and I am here for it. I tried to read it slower as advised by the author herself but darn it how can I?  Each one broken inside because of their past: Logan was abused and so was Meadow and now they’ve found each other. The book was well paced, even with their sex scenes. It was more than sex whatever Logan was doing to her, letting me as the reader know Meadow was definitely treasured higher than any “puck bunny” he’d lain with.

Secondly, I like how the author introduces social commentary while keeping the juice of the story flavorful. The mentioning of “pro black women”, sexual abuse, black men who don’t date black women comes up in a few conversations and it did not distract but added to the book.

I definitely can’t wait for Hunter and Cynara’s story. I know that one will be beyond explosive. It would be nuclear.

Check out the Denver Rebel Series for more information and purchasing options.

Black Borne by L.L. Farmer #AfrofuturismBooks

black borne

On my quest to finding “afrofuturistic” books with strong female leads, I lucked up and found Black Borne by L.L. Farmer.

Let me tell you about this book, just a tiny bit and give my brief reaction…

Neema was born a slave in New York in the 1700s, since then she has hunted demons and is immortal(how that came to be, you’ll have to read to find out), anyway in present day, she is fated to go on a journey to solve a mystery about a dead young woman who may have been dabbling in something she shouldn’t have been. The Seven Sins, death demons, and Baal himself appear in this exciting, refreshing novel.

My Reaction?

  • Excited
  • Refreshing
  • Thrilling

It was so good to find a darker toned woman on a book cover holding a sword and the book is also well paced with occasional glimpses of the past, but even that is exciting because as Neema tries to solve the mystery, you grow curious about her past and much that is revealed is amazingly chilling. The infusion of intricate weapon design, fighting, and even a brief romance (a very tiny spark though,  this one is NOT in the Romance genre!)makes this book top notch.

If you are looking for a book where demons actually are demons and something fresh, yet hardcore, I suggest this one.

Book 2: Black Ghost is also on Amazon!

Thank you for reading,


When Christmas Had Another Name

snowman drawing
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What Did Christmas Mean to Me This Year?

I smelled it in the air, the year we struggled. It was two weeks before Christmas when we lost our place. The spiced scent of Christmas in my drink, in my food, in the air- was no more.

I saw trees lighted in people’s windows, churches sang sweet hymns to  God and everyone was bundled up in red, green and gold: the official banner for Santa and for the very first time-

I did not care.

Fast forward six years later and Christmas no longer holds the magic it used to hold.

I take that statement back, last night for the first time, a small bit of Christmas nipped me at my nostalgic nose, greeted me with a kiss. My sister came by with her sweet children and we all played Banned Words. My brother- in- law flew in to visit and regaled us with his adventures of traveling the globe and my husband and I were pleased to serve a good meal to anyone who came by.

Earlier that morning while cooking, I played the Jackson 5 Christmas songs album on YouTube. So glad my favorite holiday album can be found on social media these days.

A bit of that magic seeped into our home.

For that moment, just one moment, I was that little girl again waking up to breakfast and shiny packages to rip into.

Except for these packages were felt instead of seen.

Like I said, Christmas just isn’t the same anymore. It has been called many things:

  • Jesus’ Birthday
  • A Pagan Holiday
  • Commercialized Selling Point

Through all of the name changes, I’ve come to believe it is simply a holiday like most that did not originate from thin air.

In the beginning, it was just Christmas to me-I was a child. Then Christianity became my cloak and it became Jesus’ Birthday. Research made me see it as pagan holiday when it I held it up to Bible Scholarship and as a full-fledged adult, it became a holiday after my money

Yet, for a few hours last night, I was taught the meaning of friendship and love and how laughter can heal anything.


‘A Duke By Default’, Another Winning Romance from Alyssa Cole



The Reluctant Royals Series by Alyssa Cole is Heating Up the Winter!

Five Purple hearts by default for A Duke By Default(Book #2 in the Reluctant Royals Series)

I am serious. These books are impossible to put down and I love how each one takes place somewhere different. Read my take on the first book in a previous post.

In A Duke By Default, Portia Hobbs is in over her head with drinking, partying, and sexing random men. Even with her Master’s degrees, she is told by family and friends to grow up and get a handle on things.

Why not apprentice as a swordmaker? Portia decides to head to Scotland and create Project: New Portia. No boozing, no sexing strange men and definitely get her head on straight, but when she meets Tavish McKenzie, her boss. Drinking is definitely the last thing on her mind.

Check out my reaction to this story below:

December 21, 2018

This is a story I’d love to see on the silver screen. It is just that good. Once again, Alyssa Cole’s Reluctant Royals series has made me lose sleep.

Duke by Default is hot, passionate, and just all around feel good. There’s swordmaking, Scotland, hot Scottish accents, Queens, Dukes, royals, and pop culture galore.

As part of Project: New Portia, Portia Hobbs goes off to Scotland to be an apprentice to a swordmaker, Mr. Tavish McKenzie. She is soon curious as to how skilled he really is with his hands because Tavish is devilishly handsome and his accent is making her want to demolish her Project New Portia.

A wonderful, delightful story about how we can feel so terrible about ourselves when we compare ourselves to others.

Even with all the passion, all the romance, and an equally posh/historic setting, Portia’s background and family life tugs at your heart.- *Review found on Amazon*

I am excited about Book 3 arriving on the scene April 2019, pre-order A Prince on Paper now to continue the adventure with those who did not ask for royalty, but find the passion of their hearts instead.
~The Write Web

Presenting L.K. Rayne’s ‘Silk and Thorne’ #Books2Read

silk and thorneEvery once in a while, an author gifts me with amazing books and I feel horrible sometimes that I have sooooo many books in queue to read, that I could never read the ARCs in the allotted time… However, I deal with this by reading the blurbs and a few chapters and if I feel good about them, I present them here. For instance, today I present to you L.K Rayne’s Silk and Thorne(which I will be reading and reviewing soon), here is the juicy blurb..

Some promises are made to be broken.
Some memories are better left forgotten.
Some thorns are not meant to be touched.

What do I remember most about Ethan Thorne?
The stupid games we used to play.
His scrawny legs as he struggled to climb the old willow tree.
How we raced back to the dock from the middle of the lake on a hot summer day.

What does the world say about Ethan Thorne?
Well, the tabloids call him a playboy. A lady-killer. Some sort of maverick. 
The business circuit calls him ruthless and cunning. An unrelenting competitor. A titan of industry.

But do you want to know who the real Ethan Thorne is? 
The truth is, I have no idea. 

Fifteen years ago, we were only children. For one short summer, we were pure and innocent, unspoiled by the cruelty of the world. But the funny thing about the world is that it has a way of taking what we hold closest to our heart and tearing it away.- Blurb from Amazon

The makings of a real romance seem on the horizon with this one.

I’d like to thank the author for sending me the ARC and to my blogger friends and those reading, if you are interested in a contemporary romance about old friendships turning into new flaming passionate love- pick this one up.

Have any book recommendations for me?

Let me know in the comments below!

I hope everyone’s Thanksgiving Holiday was bright with love and feasting! 🙂

Tempest Review #BeverlyJenkinsBooks

Sorry it’s been a while but I have been reading, I took up knitting recently, and I am preparing for this NaNoWriMo thing.

I finished reading the final installment in the Rhine Fontaine/OldWest Series. It was so

Tempest Book Cover Courtesy Avon Books/HarperCollins Publishers

good and it got me wondering about some of the historical events I never learned about in school.

Here’s a blurb from Amazon and find my reaction below!

“From USA Today Bestselling Author Beverly Jenkins comes a new novel in a mesmerizing series set in the Old West, where an arranged marriage becomes a grand passion . . .

What kind of mail-order bride greets her intended with a bullet instead of a kiss? One like Regan Carmichael—an independent spirit equally at home in denims and dresses. Shooting Dr. Colton Lee in the shoulder is an honest error, but soon Regan wonders if her entire plan to marry a man she’s never met is a mistake. Colton, who buried his heart along with his first wife, insists he only wants someone to care for his daughter. Yet Regan is drawn to the unmistakable desire in his gaze.

Regan’s far from the docile bride Colton was expecting. Still, few women would brave the wilds of Wyoming Territory for an uncertain future with a widower and his child. The thought of having a bold, forthright woman like Regan in his life—and in his arms—begins to inspire a new dream. And despite his family’s disapproval and an unseen enemy, he’ll risk all to make this match a real union of body and soul.”

As for romance and endearing moments that is classic Beverly Jenkins, this book scores high. There were several pivotal moments that reached my heart, like when Aunt Minnie makes little Anna(Regan’s stepdaughter) believe she is the cause of her biological mother’s death.

Then there is the sad state of affairs of what happened to the Chinese in Rock Springs. The author was kind enough to offer additional information in the back of the book and she encourages us, readers, to learn more about it as well.

Overall a good book and if I were to give the series any stars at all, on average I would say about a 4.5.

Have you read any good books lately?

Tell me in the comment section 🙂

Kate Bowler’s ‘Everything Happens for a Reason’ is Sensational and a Miracle

everything happens

This book was a miracle to my thought process…

No matter how much church we have in our pockets or theological knowledge- when death sniffs us out as potential meals, who cares about the English language anymore? This prosperity teaching author drops the f-bombs freely and sweetly as she shares her life story about living with stage IV colon cancer. There are more truths I paid attention to here as well.

The book is almost a guide on how to respect the ill and dying.

Reading an account of someone living with stage IV cancer is one thing, to hear the author read her own memoir aloud is another. Kate Bowler finds out she has colon cancer at the age of thirty-five and with a little baby and doting husband, she wonders if this is something God orchestrated and she explains in her own sharp-witted way(and with candid humor), that sometimes there can’t be a reason and sometimes things are the way they are.

“Some are sinking faster than others- but we’re all sinking” (Kate Bowler, “Everything Happens for a Reason”)

The emotion behind the author’s voice brings to life the anguish and irony of living while dying. The encounters with snotty doctors, uncaring doctors, and others who mean well but just cannot help.

As an assistant professor at Duke University, whose specialty is in the Prosperity Gospel, Kate is astonished at how little prosperity Gospel actually teaches. The chapter I paid attention to most is “Magic”, where the author recounts how at church one day everyone was proclaiming God’s provision in their lives for cars, homes, and weight loss and each of them received it but she had not received her blessing. I totally empathized with her on that one. There have been plenty of times God looked out for others and I would declare to no one in particular. “Why isn’t God looking out for me too? I love Him too?!”

The author definitely keeps it real about her diagnosis: from the evaluation to the nurse calling her and telling her that cancer was all over her body and then the grueling, painful task of saying the “slow goodbyes” to friends and family.

Overall, I admire this woman’s courage to tell her truth and even though we all know to be kind to others, when in the presence of someone deathly sick, please refrain from:

  • platitudes and Scriptures
  • Prayers of healing(unless asked for)
  • trying to “make” the person well again *of course, all of these are great if asked for!

and more importantly, do not treat them as if they are already erased. Just be there. Just listen.

I think about my father when he had stage IV esophageal cancer;  I would gently hold his hands and I would whisper prayers of healing I found online. He wore the Jehovah Heals scarves, had water that was prayed over and I told him “God can do all things, even heal”

His body resides in a vault now. Six years has passed on. Nope, it hasn’t gotten easier folks.

What was running through my own father’s mind when I tried to church him to health?

He was quiet, I do remember that.

We accept life, why can’t we accept this part of it too? Maybe because we never been on that trip before and don’t want to find out. We love God but we question: does he love us enough? I understand we are mortal, so death is as certain as taxes but cancer remains a beast.

*Kate if you are reading this, your book is a miracle in writing and I will say to you that there are never perfect words of healing to say to anyone in your position, I will say to take each day as a present as we all should, and that God may be there but I believe there are times where He presses the mute button.