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The Chocolate Reading Experience Presents: Sexy/Dangerous by Beverly Jenkins

sexy dangerous


Click here to grab Sexy/Dangerous by Beverly Jenkins

HarpersCollins Publishers(2006)

ISBN: 978-0061751578

The guns. The fights. The thrills. The sex.

This one has it all!

Side note: This book has straight up five stars on Amazon. I’m just sayin’.

Beverly Jenkins proves she not only has a gift for writing historical novels, but writing an amazingly hot and sexy contemporary romance is within her powers also.

Maxine “Max” Blake is hired to protect Dr. Adam Gary, a black scientist who may have just created a prototype that will put the oil industry out of business. When Max meets the sexy, intelligent scientist she is surprised he doesn’t like her, and he is downright rude. The two butt heads constantly but when the “ice” begins to break….

It kept my eyes glued to the page. Let me tell you. I had a sty on my eye, needed rest, needed to get back into reality, but when I read a Beverly Jenkins story I am caught in and it takes a while for me to come up for air.

That is what this book did for me.

Not only does Max remind you of  Storm from X-Men(but with green eyes), her resolve her strength and her humility is infectious. Dr. Adam Gary needed more people skills but you grow a soft spot for him when you learn of his past and his love for science. Plus, the fact that he knows how to turn up the heat on lovin’ helps a bit!

So, let me gift you with a passage from the book so you’ll know what I mean, then afterwards get the book post haste if you haven’t already.

Warning! The following brief passage will elicit a slow burn in your heart. Take those antacids!

“If I don’t see you anymore today, what do you want for breakfast in the morning?” she asked.

“Eggs, bacon, toast.”

“All yours.”

Adam wished she were. The look in her eyes and the tone of her voice made him take a deep mental breath…Blame it on his celibacy, blame it on her, blame it on whatever, but he was hard as a rock.”(from Sexy/Dangerous, Jenkins, 2006).

See what I mean?

So click on the link above in this post(there are affiliate links here folks).

Stay tuned for even more chocolaty reading! Let me know if I am providing enough of it LOL

Thank you for reading!  🙂

~The Write Web

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Upcoming February Theme: The Chocolate Experience

Image designed by Ericajean using Canva


Thank you everyone for your participation in the Haiku Challenges. I had fun reading your comments and posting information.

The theme of February will be on love of the chocolate variety.  That’s right! I have been reading and reviewing magnificent books by African American writers and many of their books receive high praises!

African Americans are writing books and finding success in many genres:

  • Memoir
  • Science Fiction/Speculative
  • Romance-including historical!
  • Horror
  • Teen/Young Adult
  • Thriller
  • Urban-the infamous “street” fiction!

If you are trying seek out books that have more action, more HOT romance, and finally  books that will educate and uplift, then stay tuned because I will hook you up with information on books that are scrumptiously good and then some!

Drop your comments below, like and share if you are as excited as I am!


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When It Is Too Much for Dancing Tulips(Senryus)


Here are some more senryus with a mixture of haiku in there. The subject of course, is love but poetry is open to many interpretations…Enjoy!


Is it too much for

Roses and tulips

To dance

Under bleeding trepidations?


Love is such a strong

Word when your flesh meet mine and

Gazes clash like thunder.


When words are solid

As rare stones and purity

Vows are crisp on paper



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A Sprinkle of Real Love and Book Love

Image Credit: Pixabay


Hi fellow bloggers and bookworms!

This week has been amazing so far! Let me just brag a little bit…

My husband and I celebrated our 9th anniversary and one of my gifts was the beautifully scented Haiku, Kyoto Flower by Avon wrapped in a beautiful bag with a loving letter, I smell amazing right now you guys!

Now on to what I have been reading and working on.

My book reviews have been posted on Amazon, and I have been reading my urban fiction that I fell in love with years ago, and occasionally go back to. Nothing wrong with dipping into chocolate stories.

One of those books, written by Lamont L. Christian, entitled Indicted is about a man who was more loyal to the streets than he should have been while the love his life made a huge sacrifice for him and in the end, the indictment became much more than just a legal concept…

Then I binge read parts 2 and 3 of Jessica N. Watkins’ A Thug’s Love. What happens when a good girl who is headed for college, fall in love with a sexy dude named King who runs the streets yet treat her like a princess? I will tell you what you get: a lot of haters, scheming women, and there was a lot backstabbing in this hard to put down book too, but surprisingly it had a happy ending. Woot!

Congratulations if you’ve read this far. Because I have one last surprise.

Starting January 2018, I will host an important, fun, amazing challenge. So get your notebooks ready and for those planning on entering writing contests, this challenge may help. I am so excited about it.

I hope everyone have a very blessed and merry holiday. It is all about holding your family dear and showing love to one another…all year long.


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Who Are You? Where Am I? #ShamelessBookPromo, #ShortFiction

Autumn gets a full serving of what awaits her on the “other side” after death. It is not what she expects and not what you think. Like the snippet? Read more in my latest eBook, The Fall of Autumn-FREE until Dec. 1st.

Funny how the pain you think you’d feel before dying would be the worst. The pain of a body finally fizzing out like old soda. The creaks and groans of sick bones, the sore throat that is beyond hell and just having a sheet draped over you in the hospital, hurts your skin.

They doped me up with all kinds of funny name brand medicines, the clear tubing runs through my veins and I have my thumb taped to the “pain control” monitor to allow me to “inject” more drugs into my blood stream as I lay dying.

But none of this is as painful or morbid as staring into the eyes of my boyfriend Darwin Humphrey.

I can tell by the wince in his face, the pain in his tone, that he is watching a shell of me. The true me is slowly wasting away. The rare stomach cancer has finally won. At the age of 24, I am losing the battle. Have lost the battle.

Image Credit: Pixabay


He is probably inwardly groaning right now. The day I found out I had it, I remember sitting in my mother’s favorite chair. The pink one with pink feathers and red and pink small heart pillows(gifts from dad).

Darwin was sending pics of me to his family in Germany. He called me the “hot blonde” and truthfully I was.

I stand at 5’5, long strong, lean legs, breasts that I am/was? Naturally blessed with that had very little bounce and some jiggle. Bright blue eyes and hair that was just naturally straight and white teeth to match.

I was going to be a forensic photographer. I have always been a fan of those enormously addicting crime shows like Criminal Minds, Law and Order, and CSI but my fascination has always been with scenes.

Pictures tell a thousand words.

Right now, Darwin is breaking inside. I can feel it. His hand lightly touches mine, but instead of feeling warm and making me all bright inside, it hurts my paper thin skin. It’s like he is slowly scraping my skin with razor blades and I feel a boiling anger brewing.

At him. At myself. At no one. At God.

He sees an old woman.

Chemo will do that.

My shiny, bright California bred looks are no more. I look 65 to be honest and gaunt. I saw myself in the mirror by accident two months ago and since then, my mom agreed to buy me a veil to wear over my face.

In the hospital, I do not wear it. I do not wear it for Darwin. I don’t care anymore.

His wavy brown hair and lion gold eyes drinks me in from head to toe. Before, when we first met in college, his eyes would trail slowly over my curves causing small fires in my heart, making my stomach flutter.

Now, he looks at me as if I am a stranger. He takes me in slowly because Reality is a Beast. I look away from him and towards another rainy day. It’s true. It never rains Southern California but it is today.

“Autumn… you.”

Instead of responding, my eyes water but even that hurts. Can’t even cry. It’s been a good run in this world. All 24 years of it.

“Please. Look at me, love.” His Boston accent is what always does me in. I love city boys. I love smart ones who are hot.

Darwin is all of that.

He will move on without me in six months to a year maybe. Find another beauty who will console him as he talks about his dead girlfriend, they will share Starbucks coffee a few days out the week until his heart beats a little faster and his touches on her becomes less friendly and more loving- same as he did with me.

They will trade sob stories of the monster of cancer and he will invite her over for dinner at his mom’s.

A year from now or two he may be with or he may not. He will marry someone because that’s Darwin. Hot biology major whose parents are both professors at California State University.

They will welcome her.

He may become a player. Just sleep with a lot of girls.

I look at him and that is when all of a sudden, I feel a POP! Explode in my chest.

My air is cut!

I look to him and he is holding my hand, he is yelling and I see lime green nurse suits. Mom, dad, and my little brother Manly sweep in quick as dust.

Their images blur. It is getting darker in here.

I can’t breathe!

I gasp sharply as my world turns gray and blurry, then suddenly black.



I am floating.

I am light as air and I twist and turn, darkness all around me but I feel so much at peace. It is like for the first time I am not weighed down.

In life we seek peace through religion, or helping out at shelters, using drugs or sex.

But I must say, this is better than all of that combined times 100.

Out of my skin and bones, out from psychological worry, I can float. No care in the care in the world.

“Open your eyes,” a smooth, silky, male voice says. It says something else that sounds like my name but I cannot identify it.

What is my name?

“Is that why it’s so dark?” I whisper. Why does my words sound like…music?

He chuckles. “Yes.” His words are poems too. Even a single word.

I hesitate. I nearly forget where I am and how I got to where I am. Why are my eyes closed?

I use muscle I no longer have to open my eyes.

“It takes a few tries to get used to a new body.”

“Huh?” I really snap open my “eyes” now and the plethora of color explode before me. Colors I don’t know the name of including a few common colors. Light and bright as the sun filters in and I see tall creatures before me. Their shadow advancing on me.

I take a step back.

I am standing on something lush and soft.

“She’s a new one, let us treat her as such.”

Their voices are so loud! I can hear them in my soul! “Stop yelling!” I shout.

“Yup, new body alright. Is there a reason why these people act like this? Do they not know about their transformation?”

Smooth Voice says, “They were not taught it properly. As far as I know they are the only species who can transform after expiring. You’d think they would be informed.”

I inhale a deep, cleansing breath and look down at myself. My feet are the color of bronze, they shine and sparkle. No need for polish. My nude body is positively glowing…

**As a side note, battling cancer is a serious issue. I lost my father to esophageal cancer a few years ago. I was inspired to write about the “what ifs” of the afterlife.

If you want more posts like this, please consider joining my blog and connecting with other wonderful readers and writers!


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Always Red #WattpadSuperstars

always red


Always Red by Isabelle Ronin

Publication Date: Sourcebooks Casablanca(November 7, 2017)

You might want to order Always Red today! (Kindle Edition)

*Galley provided for free from Netgalley for my unbiased review.

Always Red is definitely slightly better than Chasing Red in that there’s more background and depth to the story, promising subplots, and incredibly incendiary love scenes that are just wild!

The book picks up right where Chasing Red ends, with Caleb hurt over Beatrice-Rose’s betrayal and Red suddenly realizing that she may lose him. The page turning craze begins when Red tries to find new ways to contact Caleb to win him back. Is it possible that she can? Will Caleb even accept her?

It goes back to the saying: “You never know what you have until its gone.”

Her new friends Kar and Beth definitely kept me laughing and as I mentioned, their own plots in the story is promising. I can definitely see some books written based on their lives, however Always Red amps it up with the passionate scenes and crimes of passion as well.

There is definitely more truths being revealed and you pray everyone makes it out alive.

Red is not one of my favorite characters. I tried to like her in the first book, but now I see that Caleb, as sweet and hot as he is, is the more sensitive one in this situation. He will do anything for Red but it seems like it takes a herculean effort for her to show how much she loves him. I give her an A for effort…

I am saying this because, the gorgeous drifting rock star, Damon, who calls her “Angel Face” once again is always to her rescue and she just goes to him. Nothing wrong with that, I mean, she is a grown woman, but when Caleb feels some way about it, she never addresses it appropriately in my opinion. Her upbringing was kind of screwed up which can account for her being a shelled individual.

All in all a great conclusion to the series and I will definitely read more of Ronin’s stories on Wattpad!

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Queens of Men 2: Pipe’s Threat

aromatic photo
Aromatic Candle Art by George Becker


*Here is the next installment to my blog story series Queens of Men. Things get a bit difficult for Nikki as her ex with the lethal tongue threatens her agency! Click here to read part 1!


Dino watched the indecision cross over Nikki’s beautiful face.

She was so uptight.

Such a turn on when she blushed crimson, then clear when trying to establish her control. Her pulled his hand from hers reluctantly. “No pressure, Nikki.”

“Uh huh,” she approached the shining white four door car that was hers. When she popped the door open he could smell the new car scent and artificial strawberry from the dangling red pine tree hanging on the mirror of her car.

He watched as her lush backside slide into the seat.

He waved his fingers at her, blew a playful kiss— which she ignored.

Yeah, maybe she was way out of his league. The women on his list to escort this week was long. He definitely had his work cut out for him. Some chick named Randy Red, a half Asian half African chick, with a pretty mouth and head full of spiraling curls will be his date tomorrow.

He knew enough about her to know…that even she wouldn’t do for him. But she will be a pretty date and she wanted to make her boyfriend jealous.

Most women the agency cater to are usually twenty-five and older. They are lonely or even married and want a fun night to let their hair down, be treasured, no arguments or worrying over babysitters and bills or husbands who won’t listen to them.

Queens of Men agency was there to be an ear to hear and masculine shoulders to cry on- no judgments. Some carried it out further providing “Sticky” services that could put Nikki’s agency on the hot list for investigation.

Dino will admit that he has broken a few of those rules, other men of the agency broke them too.

But Dino played by the rules.

Its easy to follow the rules when the woman of your dreams was constantly on your brain like some leech on the brain sucking your blood and intelligence. Turning you from all other women.

That’s what Nikki Treasure did to him.

She possessed his dreams and turned them wet. Possessed his mind and made him stupid, but as long as he pulls off the gentlemanly way, she will choose him.

If not, he can move on.


Taking her grandpa’s money and investing it in Queens of Men Escort Services was the best thing she could do. It was like having a candy store knowing you won’t need to eat it. She didn’t need love from men anymore, they were trifling and cheaters, but she could employ good eye candy to give some other women a good time.

Nikki held her tablet in front of her. She was still getting emails and requests from the ladies via the app. Many of them either wanted Dino or Peter “Pipe” Smith.

Mostly for Dino.

“My Queen!” Pipe said, his big personality filling the room. Nikki didn’t even hear him knock. “I know you have some work for me but as I always say, you are free to join me and the ladies anytime. Don’t be shy.”

“What do you want?” Nikki asked warily.

“Just wanted to drop in.” His 6’1 masculine frame was clad in bright Navy Tom Ford Sharksin suit which probably ran him a couple thousand dollars. The way he smiled reminded her of a serpent.

“Did you complete your order?”

“I did. You should select more mahogany beauties in the future. I had loads and I do mean loads of fun with Angela Mwekeme.”

 I hope he did not…

He couldn’t…

“Pipe! You did not have sex with her, did you?”

Pipe looked every bit the cat that caught the canary. Nikki so badly wanted to wipe the smug, stupid look from his face. Permanently. “Jealous, My Queen?”

Jealous? We have a strict code, set by law. No sex! If one of these women decides to keep your semen or a hair follicle, record sessions-”

“Relax. Relax.” He leaned over my table like he owned the place. “I am waxed as a newborn baby, I use protection and have a no phones allowed policy. See?”

“Don’t tell me that! Now I’m privy to you telling me you prostituted yourself!” Nikki huffed and stormed over to her door which was slightly ajar, to shut it tightly. Getting up was a mistake, Pipe’s eyes went from playful brown to bedroom lust as he checked her out so boldly and openly.

Peter Smith, a.k.a. Pipe was not a bad looking man at all. In fact, he was nearly a doppelganger of Theo James to be exact, and rumored to have a lethal tongue.

Nikki knew from experience, it was indeed true. He had a magical tongue. But being with Pipe was a mistake never to be repeated, that’s for sure.

“Come on, Nikki,” he whispered stepping to close. “I know you get lonely. You can’t possibly be waiting around for Prince Charming when the Hot Devil is right here waiting for you. My body is always at your service.”

Pipe was closer to Nikki’s age being a year younger but sometimes he was more a child than a man. “Oh my goodness. No, Pipe!” He brushed his hips against hers forcefully, causing her back to press against the door.

Pipe suddenly had his hands clasped around both her wrists. Tightly. “I just want to hear you scream for me, Mi Cherie. I love how you say my name in bed. Such an expressive vixen you are.” He then opened his mouth to display his undulating tongue which was uncharacteristically long and bobbed up and down expertly.

Nikki pushed him away hard. “I have a guard on post if you try that again, Pipe. Get the hell out! As a warning, you can no longer accept weekly dates this month, and you will have 10% garnished from your earnings this month. Got it?”

Feeling more in control, Nikki went over to her desk, picked up her tablet and sent an email message to Stacy in payroll to take Pipe’s 10% out, but while doing so Pipe stood there, snarling.

“You don’t want to mess with me, Your Highness,” he grit out. “There are things I know about this agency that once I let them out, you will be sorry and instead of me cuffing you to my bed, the cops will cuff you and haul your pretty ass to the clinker.”

With incredible force he slams the door making papers swirl about in a white haze.

What stuff did he know? Were there illegal activities going on around me? Nikki wondered in slight fear.

She held her, bruised sore wrist in her hand, massaging it.

Copyright©2017 Erica Jean Smith

*Thanks for reading everyone! 

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