‘Feverborn’ Steamed Up the Pages and Offers These Two Truths #TruthInFiction #BookReview


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It began with MacKayla Lane learning about her sister’s death in Dublin, Ireland. When she herself goes there, MacKayla(“Mac”) realizes she has not only is she a Sidhe-Seer, she had just entered the feverish and seductive world of the fae and at every turn around the corner, death could literally grab her.

Not sure if any of you heard of this series but I finally bought Feverborn(Fever Series, #8) and it has plenty going on. Here is a brief summary of this addictive romance :

When the immortal Fae destroyed the ancient wall dividing the worlds of Man and Faery, the very fabric of the universe was damaged, and now Earth is vanishing bit by bit. Only the long-lost Song of Making—a haunting, dangerous melody that is the source of life itself—can save the planet.

But those who seek the mythic song must contend with old wounds and new enemies, passions that burn hot and hunger for vengeance that runs deep. The challenges are many: the Keltar at war with nine immortals who’ve secretly ruled Dublin for eons, Mac and Jada hunted by the masses, the Seelie queen nowhere to be found, and the most powerful Unseelie prince in all creation determined to rule both Fae and Man. Now the task of solving the ancient riddle of the Song of Making falls to a band of deadly warriors divided among—and within—themselves.

-Blurb from Amazon

The first thing I love about Karen Marie Moning’s writing, is she is so descriptive and raw with what happens to the characters. Mac is deeply in love with Barrons but they do not call each other girlfriend/boyfriend. I remember in the fifth book, Barrons mentioned that humans must label everything. Would it change what they are if they labeled what they have?(I’m paraphrasing here).

Sexual Healing

MacKayla and Barrons have found their own Gospel- –sex.

“He’d accessed.

I was pain and violence.

He’d given his body as a Band-Aid for the wound…Sex is so damned healing.”(Feverborn, Moning, 2015: pg.171)

Now, what does this have to do with truth? In the novel, Mac mentions a lot about how “tightly wound” she is and she never knows if she is herself or how to deal with certain emotions especially after losing her sister and then losing Dani. So she would have primal, hot jungle sex with Barrons to release all her frustration and get “loose” for battle.

Barrons is described as primal, animalistic, not classically handsome, but if a woman were to see him in her line of sight she will either run from or to him. That’s how sensual he is. Whew!

Here is part of an article from Psychology Today which offers a link between sex and healing

“Sex reduces pain in two ways. It’s an enjoyable distraction. During sex, people focus less on their pain—and as a result, suffer less. And because it’s exercise, sex releases endorphins, the body’s own pain-relieving compounds. One of the nation’s most prevalent chronic-pain conditions is osteoarthritis. The Arthritis Foundation recommends regular sex to help control it.

Got the blues? Sex elevates mood. The endorphins released during lovemaking not only relieve pain, but also have antidepressant action. Massage is also a mood-enhancer, and good sex includes whole-body massage.”

There was definitely a lot of paint splashing, chairs breaking, and backs slamming against walls in this one- but then again, it’s Barrons. Mac can’t resist him.

Change Your Mind

The second truth is about neuroplasticity. One of the Nine(an immortal race of men including Barrons) mentioned it to a woman who wanted to regain her memory.

A while back, back, perhaps five years ago, I did a review of Dr. Caroline Leaf’s book Switch On Your Brain. In it, she described how our brains don’t have to be stuck in a loop, it can grow. It can change with positive thinking, reminding us “not to make genetics our god.” I just thought it interesting that the subject was brought up in this dark fantasy romance.

I highly recommend The Fever Series! If you like slow burn seduction, Dublin Ireland, ladies who kick butt with swords but have a black heart of gold you will love it.

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‘Deadly Sexy’ by Beverly Jenkins Review Plus #TruthinFiction

deadly sexy

Deadly Sexy by Beverly Jenkins

(Try Sexy/Dangerous as well. Such a pleasing romp of a story!)

This book has literally nothing but five stars on Amazon! No kidding!

This week I had the absolute pleasure(always is while reading a Bev Jenkins novel) of reading Deadly Sexy. I tell you, I just can’t stay away from her books and now that my Freading.com account is back on track, I am back to my bookworm-y ways. Anyway, check out this snippet of my Goodreads review about the sports agent and glamorous JT “Jessie” Blake!

Deadly SexyDeadly Sexy by Beverly Jenkins

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This book was just as sexy and juicy as Sexy/Dangerous. Beverly Jenkins knows how to tell a story. In this one, JT “Jessie” Blake is a hardcore sports fan and sports agent. A glamorous and intelligent woman who hadn’t even thought about love…until one day her car breaks down and a handsome trucker comes to her rescue. Reese Anthony is stunned by the beauty along the side of the road, but whoever sabotaged her car is out for blood and they will do anything to have her miserable… or dead.

Who knew that a conversation over fat, yummy cherries would put these two together? I enjoyed their banter and I especially had a warm heart for the Anthony brothers. Reese Anthony is from a line of men who can cook, woo a woman, they are seriously HOT, and super intelligent businessmen. JT likes Reese immediately, and to me, it happened much to fast- I needed more hard to get action to prolong the “fun” you know?

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There is truth to every piece of writing, including “time stamps”. You can tell the time period of a book by the media used, certain slanguage, style of dress, etc. In Deadly Sexy, I was thrust back to 2007. Remember when we did not have all of this social media? Back then you had to literally turn on the television to try and get up to the minute updates or listen to the radio, basically there was just blogging, Myspace, and email? I know, it does not seem too long ago, like say, 1955- but still in the novel I noticed these things.

In the story, JT receives a call about her going to rehab. Apparently someone’s “publicist” had alerted the news networks(by phone and email) of this blatant lie. I was just thinking that in 2018, instead of JT having to go through her lawyer(which in some cases you should do anyway), she could have sent out a Tweet and some DMs totally canceling the slander.

Also, the phones mentioned in the book are either “phones” or “Blackberries” and now we have sophisticated technologies built into our Smartphones today. We can email, fax, go on social media, chat, go on Instagram, Skype- anything.

So, it was interesting noticing how business was truly conducted then compared to now; we  don’t truly need a middle person to be our PR.

Excellent novel by the way! Featuring strong, black women who are not only gorgeous but intelligent, sweet, and can cook a mean meal!

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A Former Bully Finds Love in ‘A Chance at Forever’ #SoulBookSunday #ChristianFiction


a chance at forever
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A Chance at Forever by Melissa Jagears(Teaville Moral Society, #3)

Bethany House(2018)

ISBN(Print) 978-0-7642-1753-1

This is my first Melissa Jagears novel and I truly loved the sweetness and real-ness of the book. I think the strength of the story lies within the subplots and the overall truth about real forgiveness though. There is just one thing I wish would happen in the story…

First, check out a snippet of the book taken from Amazon :

In early 1900s Kansas, Mercy McClain, determined to protect Teaville’s children from the bullying she experienced as a child, finds fulfillment working at the local orphanage and serving on the school board. When Aaron Firebrook, the classmate who bothered her more than any other, petitions the board for a teaching position, she’s dead set against him getting the job.

Aaron knows he deserves every bit of Mercy’s mistrust, but he’s returned to his hometown a changed man and is seeking to earn forgiveness of those he wronged. He doesn’t expect Mercy to like him, but surely he can prove he now has the best interests of the children at heart.

Will resentment and old wounds hold them back, or can Mercy and Aaron put the past behind them in time to face the unexpected threats to everything they’re working for?


A story about the bully and the victim, growing up all wise and mature and possibly finding love in each other’s arms, is number one on my swoon chart. Mercy definitely tried to stay away from Aaron and his soft, lingering eyes and large hands but then how long could she resist? Aaron, on the other hand has a sordid past, and much of why he tormented her as a child comes out in bits and pieces(his story is very sad) but he is a man on a mission to right all of his wrongs with anyone he has hurt- but most of all, he needs Mercy’s forgiveness.

“She could not fall for her tormentor-she just couldn’t. She tried to march up the stairs, but her feet felt as if they slogged through molasses…She wouldn’t have slapped any other man who’d made her feel as if the world had stopped in awe of her.”(Jagears, A Chance at Forever: p.127)

The book kept it real: forgiveness does not happen when someone asks for it. It is organic. Happens over time. The characters in the story(some of them) were very snotty and cruel.

However I truly wish there was more interaction between Aaron and Mercy. At nearly the end it seems the author tried to place more sparks between the two.

Then again, I have to remember this is a Christian story, not those “other” novels I read from time to time.

Having said that, have a Happy Sunday and stay tuned for more Soul Book Sundays!

*Book provided for my unbiased review from Bethany House

This Book Just Painted My Soul a Whole New Shade #TruthinFiction

Here is the gist of The Color of Heaven, taken from Amazon:

A deeply emotional tale about Sophie Duncan, a successful columnist whose world falls apart after her daughter’s unexpected illness and her husband’s shocking affair. When it seems nothing else could possibly go wrong, her car skids off an icy road and plunges into a frozen lake. There, in the cold, dark depths of the water a profound and extraordinary experience unlocks the surprising secrets from Sophie’s past, and teaches her what it means to truly live…and love.

the color of heaven.png

At first, I had to make sure the book was fiction because as I read it, it was sounding like a well thought out memoir and I could see the colors and taste the hope inside the book. Yes, this eBook packin’ 533 pages, and every moment I could, I had to read and see if Sophie would finally understand why she was abandoned, why she experienced the loss she had and then at some point we segue into the meaning of life…after death.

“Then you see a light- a brilliant, dazzling light- more calming and loving than any words can possibly describe, and everything finally makes sense to you. You are no longer afraid…” (MacLean, pg.11 The Color of Heaven: 2011)

*This book is free on Amazon and Barnes and Noble!*

For the life of me, I can not label this book as fiction. It would…cheapen the story. Yes, technically it is fiction. Never happened.



We’ve all experienced loss. We all dream of what heaven may look like. Through reading The Color of Heaven, I am actually understanding that the moments here on earth MATTER. They are pieces of heaven gifted to us. When you receive a hug from a child- that is heaven.

The beautiful, crisp fall leaves and dinner with family- is heaven.

Tasting the first kiss of real love- is heaven.

I am telling you. I am so inspired by this novel. If you are in a funk and you think the world is literally all darkness- the wonder Sophie experiences will give you the soul-electricity you need. I did not expect it.

Sophie got a glimpse of heaven and the supernatural side of it too. The book had everything: romance, great theme, adoring plot- just overall well written. I just learned there are more books in the series and I am ordering them right now!

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3 Hot Facts From ‘Flames of Passion’ #TruthInFiction

flames of passion

four halfheart

Flames of Passion by Kayla Perrin (Love on Fire Series, #2)

Kimani Romance, 2015

ISBN-13:978- 1460344736

Nya Lowe has sworn off men for good. Celibacy is the name of the game for her. No more bed hopping from one gorgeous man to the next. But when she spots her jerk of an ex at a hotel reception hall with a beautiful woman on his arm, she tries to save face by kissing a stranger sitting to her.

That stranger is none other than the sexy Tyler Johansen and even though he plays along with the searing kiss from Nya, he wants more from her -but will she be willing to give him more?

I finished this 160 page book in one day. It was definitely super delicious and Tyler seems to be a dreamboat. He is kind, thoughtful, hot, and such a romantic and does more than put out Nya’s fire.  However, Nya’s self-esteem is so low she pushes Tyler further away and her antics seems unjustified, but a woman with low self-esteem that does not see beauty in herself, can be a hard case to crack.

Here are three real life gems I pulled from Flames of Passion:

Real Life Celibacy Groups?

Yes! They exist! In the story, Nya is a part of an online support group for women who are celibate and even though you can find anything on Google, I had to research and find out if  this group exist and of course there are forums for everything these days, including those trying to abstain from sex(which I find hard to do). So if you are serious about keeping those legs closed and pants zipped-for however long to gain perspective, click on Daily strength’s link.

The Organza Dress

I know nothing of fashion and the names or styles just leaves me confused, but there is a scene in the story where Nya is dressed so gorgeously that even her ex can’t resist approaching her. The book describes her red gown as having a low-V in the front and “flaring out at the knees. I looked up photos of what an organza dress looks like. I could not find the exact one from the book but here is an example:

red valentine dress
Red Valentine Organza Dress found on Lyst.com



Another thing I learned from the story is that Nya could pluck someone’s nerves with how insecure she is, but given her background it is quite understandable. Sometimes life teaches us hard lessons and whatever it teaches us, we only hope it makes us stronger but not so cold as to push everyone away.

I am currently reading Book #1(out of order but that’s okay, it can be read as a stand alone) and it is just as hot!

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3 Things I Learned After Reading ‘The Lotus Palace’ #TruthInFiction


I have  read the most amazing, sensual historical fiction romance and I have to share it with you. Here is a brief part of my review from Goodreads.com,

For Bai Huang the most handsome, wealthiest guy in Pingkangli, he never thought it would be difficult to court the servant girl with the interesting face but the path to her love may be a path to his own bright future…if they don’t get killed first.

I love stories from medieval China- and good love stories at that! This one had me swooning because Bai Huang is seriously Bae. Not only is he handsome but he has the right words and right touches to convince even the ultra cautious, Yue-ying, to give him a chance.

The glittering part of the story is Huang’s patience with Yue-ying. She is a servant in one of the courtesan houses, born with an interesting red birthmark on the side of her face and although reserved, she is smart and strong. Being sold into prostitution from an early age has made her cold (Read more)

Even though the book is fiction, there are three things I took from this amazing story and it is a life changer for this writer.


I never heard of a Duanwu Festival until I read this book. In the story, the lovebirds attend one. A Duanwu Festival is a Dragon Boat Festival(much like a race car event but with boats) occurring during the summer solstice in China and it typically begins on the 5th day of the 5th lunar month. Where did this originate? The story may surprise you and it sure did shock me. It involves a poet and minister who committed suicide and people raced in their boats to…well, you can read the rest on Wikipedia.


The author of the book, in her intro, makes a point that the women courtesans are more than prostitutes. Apparently, these women were elegant, well mannered and “fiery” women. In the book, Yue-ying’s body was used for pleasure but she, like the other girls aspired to be more than “sex pots” or alluring. They were smart and Yue-ying was resourceful. Kind of paints a different picture for you now, doesn’t it?


Let’s be clear here.

Poetry is not dead but perhaps it may have been in a coma. In The Lotus Palace, the poets and scholars were held in high regard although the main character, Mr. Sexy Bai Huang used poetry to flirt with every courtesan he met. Still, there were actual poets who were ministers who maintained high offices. Wang Wan, Zhang Jiuling, Yan Shu, and Qu Yuan just to name a few.

They held other titles as well like statesman and Calligrapher but still, a poet? I like those odds- Unfortunately the poet that the Duanwu Festival is supposedly based on had a terrible fate.


Looks like I learned a lot!

On top of all that, I learn that some ancient Chinese stories can be seriously hot. Goodness! I kept fanning myself when Bai Huang entered the scene.

I will be reading more by Jeannie Lin.

Stay tuned for more reviews like this! Happy reading!

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‘The Two of Us’ by Victoria Bylin #SoulBookSunday

the two of us

four halfheart

Pick up The Two of Us by Victoria Bylin

Published by Bethany House (2017)

ISBN: 978-0-7642-1738-8(Paperback)

*Provided free for an unbiased review from Bethany House

The Two of Us is one of those Christian romances that defines exactly how a Christian romance should be written. The main character Mia Robinson is a nurse practitioner who already had two broken engagements in her life, and when she meets Jake Tanner, even with his relaxed manner and handsomeness-  she protects her heart. Jake, ever the patient man has experienced loss in his life but the two of them will discover they have a lot more in common than they thought.

From the first chapter, I was engaged with the story. Mia represents women who already know the power of heartbreak and does not want to experience it ever again. She puts her trust totally in the Lord and believes that the doors opening for her as far as missionary work overseas, is a sign from God.

Jake Tanner, from the moment he laid eyes on Mia, knew she had a story. So does he. As a former cop who lost a partner in a terrible accident he wants to do all he can to prove he can continue to help save lives, but the one life before him needs saving in a new way. He falls for Mia but will he ever conquer her heart? Will he be the one man to prove that not all men are after one thing?

There were a few subplots going on in this story worth mentioning. All of them demonstrate the power of holding on to God while understanding we are all human too. Mia’s sister Lucy is the opposite of her- Lucy grabs life by the horns while Mia assesses a situation first, then plan. Then there was the problem of Jake wanting to honor his partner’s memory by starting a camp for teens, but with increasing violence in the town, the community clashes with Jake’s plans to bring more troubled youth there.

I can share a million thoughts on the direction that was taken but just know if you are looking a sweet, Christian romance that has all the power of real love embodied by God’s enduring love for us, pick this up.

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