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Iced by Karen Marie Moning ( review)


Iced by Karen Marie Moning

Published by Delacorte Press(2012)-Hardcover

ISBN13: 978-0385344401


Bull-fecking-Crikey, Dani Mega O’Malley is here! Word to the wise: This book pushes boundaries. How in the magical world was Moning able to weave in action, magic, and some serious sexual tension all from the point of view of fourteen year old Dani? Well, most of it is in her POV. Anyways…

It is 1 AWC(After the Wall Crashed all fae hell broke lose) Dani Mega O’Malley carries the sword of Light. It can do some serious damage to the fae, particularly, the Unseelie variety. She is on the run from Mackayla “Mac” Lane since she revealed she killed Mac’s sister Alina.

Read my 3-line review on Goodreads and make sure to get Iced for yourself. Join the fight!

On top of everything else going on, various places are freezing and Dani finds herself joining up with none other than Ryodan, Chester’s dark, brooding nightclub owner. He wants to know what is going on too and with Dani’s superhuman sight and speed she proves useful.

I can’t explain how sensuality was woven in this book. All I can say is, 14 year old Danny has a line of suitors waiting for her to grow up.

So what lead to the full five purple heart rating?

  • C’mon! It’s Karen Marie Moning, for feck(got “feck” from her books) sake. Only she can use words to work you up like a tightly wound guitar string, then make you go POP.
  • She was genius in her taste of words and scene structure.
  • Iced was extremely hard to put down because when you read a KMM novel, you are in an adventure. Point blank period. You get comfy, lie down and open up a whole new world.
  • I actually like that Dani was not treated with kid gloves because the girl isn’t stupid and she is strong, so, yeah. It all worked out.

I am glad to be rejoining the fight to save save the world. One page at a time.

Have you read any of KMM’s books? Share here!


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D.K. Cassidy Writes About a Nation that Can No Longer Sleep

the sleepless
Image courtesy of Pluvio Press


I just reviewed The Sleepless(Insomnolence Book 1) over on Amazon, so check out the full review there! I’ve also written a neat haiku review over on Goodreads that quickly sums up my thoughts on the work.

The Sleepless was a very interesting story. What I learned from the author is the power of characterization and not being afraid to test premises.

In The Sleepless, the main character Kate has to navigate life not being able to sleep anymore, so she has to take on odd jobs like cleaning up dead bodies and the another horrible job she refuses: prostitution.

Thank God she has Decker, a dear friend(who could be more than a friend at this point) who does the clean up duties for her. He is actually a sleeper. One of the ones unaffected by whatever event happened a decade back. What I like most about him is that he is an artist and never had much liking for Smartphones and social media. He prefers touch and face to face communication.

D.K. Cassidy’s fearless approach to tell a story about a nation who can’t fall asleep makes the book appealing and to be honest gave me pause. I feel this nation is heading to that point now. Think about it: I can barely sleep because I am always scrolling on my phone trying to find the next Tweet, or next comedic Facebook post and when not doing that, I am reading an eBook.

By time I have to go to work, I am still up- no choice now.

When I come home, I hop on my laptop. I do real work on there, but social media takes up 80% of that time.

D.K. Cassidy is currently working on Book 2: The Dreamers. If you have not already, please subscribe to this blog and check out D.K. Cassidy’s amazing books! 🙂

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Here it is! ‘Low Down and Dirty’, the Review

Low Down and Dirty novel
Low Down & Dirty by Addison Moore

Low Down & Dirty(Volume 1) by Addison Moore

Published by Hollis Thatcher Press, LTD. 2017

Cover Design by: Gaffey Media

Received as an Arc from Author but is currently on sale on Amazon so head there now!

First of all, a huge shout out to Addison and Kathy for this amazing ARC!

When I have an Addison Moore book in my hand, I know I will be laughing, swooning and just binging on the words she knows how to wield so well in these books.

Low Down &Dirty is one such book which literally begins with me bursting at the seams with LOLs. Harlowe Hartly is down on her luck. She feels sick, just lost her job and loses her home- all in the span of less than a day.

She finds herself going to her bestie, Raven.

Raven suggests she live with her brother.

What Harlowe did not count on was falling for the dark haired, blue eyed male version of her best friend. Levi turns out to be super hot and charming.

But Levi has a few secrets of his own.

Annnnnd Raven issued a serious notice to the both of them:

Do not fall in love.

Let me just add a side note here in case you are still wondering if Levi and Harlowe’s story is worth it. Levi is the most honest and intense man ever. In the bedroom, on business, friendships, whatever- he has secrets but who doesn’t? Harlowe’s entire being just can’t resist him, even with a threat hanging over both of their heads…

As I said before, I prepared myself for giggles and pure romance where the guys’ words sweep you off your feet.

The banter between Levi and Harlowe, the surprising scenes, the tension was pure reading ecstasy for this book.

I think the word gift/gifting was used way too much, but otherwise this book was hot.

P.S. 3AM: Kisses fans will be pleased to reunite with old characters in this one!

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Betrayal Has a Name(a really short story)

A Woman's Face
Photography of woman’s face by John Rocha


Patsy swung the door open hard. Not caring that it banged against the chalky, white cheap wall of her studio apartment. Not caring that some friends and family were eyeing her with strict concern. She took herself out of there and fast needing to be the first to reach her friend Alista.

“Wait,” a firm touch and clasp of his warm hand, grasped her elbow as she tried to take that last step. Jonathan’s eyes roved over her body. A tingle broke through her, beginning from her arm where he touched her and pooled in her belly. Where warm, illicit feelings stirred.

She removed his hand quickly with a pop of her hand. “What do you mean wait?” She spat. “Let me go to her. She’s my friend.” Every word was enunciated, hard. Like each nail driven into wood. Meant to close the deal and seal the truth.

But they were both liars and Patsy knew this bone deep.

Now it was Jonathan’s turn to frown. He looked at the short, cute girl wearing the gray pullover hoodie and whose sweatpants never looked better on another girl. Her body was perfect and her small face even more perfect. Her lips always begged for his kisses. How is it that I ignored this girl in high school? Not only is she incredibly hot, but so sincere. “I think we passed that line two days ago- don’t you think?”

Patsy bit her bottom lip. Even had the decency to look nervous and guilty. She looked up at Jonathan. His eyes, were trained on her lips. Now she remembered. Never did he look into her eyes when they would all hang out together. He always looked at her lips. And when she spoke, he always backed her opinions. Her, Alista, Jonathan, and Coby were the best of friends since high school.

Jonathan dated Alista, the pretty pianist with the big, chocolate eyes. He dated Alista all four years of high school.

High school was over now.

Now, they were deciding on college, jobs, and ultimately if there really was a pot of gold at the end of relationships. They both knew they shouldn’t hurt Alista anymore. Alista has been hurt enough. By her family, this sudden accident and now this…

“We have to see her. She is at the hospital. I’m done with…with this.” Patsy crossed her arms over her small breasts, watching as Jonathan licked his lips.

What have they done?

What have they done?

Jonathan wrapped his arms around her. Not caring who may see them. “I told you before,” he whispered. “And I’ll say it once more. You have always been the one for me. Maybe if we tell Alista the truth, it won’t be as hard for her to take later.”

Patsy shoved him hard and made it all the way to her car door and was about to pull it open when once again Jonathan’s arms wrapped about her. She forgot how fast he was, being a former track runner and running back for their high school football team.

Her phone buzzed.

His rang- had a stupid ringtone.

Both rang at the same time.

She pulled hers out of her pocket. Alista’s cousin’s face bloomed all over it, causing a knife to stake its way into her chest.

Jonathan showed her his screen. Alista’s mother was calling him.

It is moments like these where it is inappropriate to think of the late day showers with Jonathan’s muscular, powerfully built body pressing hers into the cool tiled wall, grunting, groaning, praying her name aloud.

Or in the morning, with her body spooned with his. Excited and tortured by his teasing lips.The cries of near pain and ecstasy as Patsy realize he was indeed a very, very experienced lover which caused her to nearly lose her voice. Probably one delicious reason Alista stayed with him.

The reason Patsy should have left him alone.

“I want you, Patsy. Let’s tell them the truth.”

Cold prickles marched down her neck like ants. “I don’t want to take this call.” She swallowed. “I don’t want to tell any truths.”

“It could be bad.” Jonathan agreed.

This time it was just his phone buzzing.

Alista’s mom again.


Stay tuned for the conclusion on Friday/Saturday! For more short stories visit My Flash Walk Fiction Page!

Copyright 2017 Erica Jean Smith


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Anything More Than Now by Rebecca Paula

young mana nd woman in black and white photo, sensual
Book Cover Design by Maggie Hall/ Blog Design by Ericajean, gold stars from

If you are looking for a classic rainy day fiction starring college kids who want to make it in life who find love, but are confused about love, make love then get confused about it and somehow find their way, then book  is for you.

Noah has loved Reagan from afar for about two years. She chose his best friend-the popular Beau instead and eventually they broke up. Now Noah can have Reagan, but there is a problem.

She is known as the Ice Queen.

And he needs her tutoring services, but she is so wrapped up in finding her lost sister and comparing him to Beau that she treats Noah very cold, until one drunken night…

A very awkward, drunken night that leaves them both confused and yearning more.

My Reaction:

I was not a fan of how Reagan treated Noah towards the end. I find it self-pitying and nearly cold.

Noah was flawed but you can do nothing but love him. Both characters were complex     and I loved how it was set in rainy day Portland.

Unfortunately, I did not read the first book in the series(did not know it was a series at first) , so I am kind of biased against Beau. I don’t have a clear grasp on his relationship with Reagan.

In summary, this novel was decent.

Have you read a Rebecca Paula book? Specifically in the Sutton College series? Let me know what you think!

*Please visit Rebecca Paula’s website via the link below.

**eGalley received for free from Netgalley

Book Details:

Anything More Than Now,#2 by Rebecca Paula

Cover Design by Maggie Hall

ISBN: 978099073955

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Before Sunday by LD Crichton(a wattpad review)

Sexy passion couple, beautiful young female and male faces closeup, studio shot
Sexy passion couple, beautiful young female and male faces closeup, studio shot

On the eve of her 21st birthday, Lola makes one wish.

To experience a love so deep that it hurts.

The next morning a gorgeously hot guy, Jackson Sunday, is sitting on her bed claiming he is the answer to her wish and he is her husband in the future…ten years in the future.

Lola questions the guy wondering if he is indeed psycho.

But then when she isn’t near him she is so ill, it breaks her down. And when she is around she feels right as rain.

Enticed yet? Read for free by heading over to Wattpad.

Could this be real? Is it true that he is her dream man and husband from the future?

My Reaction:

I sat up all night to read this. And folks who know me by my reviews know that if I am finished with your book within 1-2 days, then it was stellar.

And “Before Sunday” was as sweet as the cupcake Lola wished on and just as emotional. The anguish, the bitterness, the passion between her and Jackson is palpable.

There were small blunders here and there such as word order and tiny plot confusion here and there but it doesn’t matter- the story was delectable and earns five stars from me.

About LD Crichton

LD Crichton is a sought after writer who has written the only official One Direction fan fiction and she has over 62,000 pre-existing fans who love her works.

She has other books out that readers just gush about, so if you aren’t too busy you may want to immerse yourself in these beautifully broken stories about beautifully broken people.

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Seven Nights to Surrender by Jeanette Grey (a review)

Image courtesy of Forever-Grand Central Publishing
Image courtesy of Forever-Grand Central Publishing

Seven Nights to Surrender by Jeanette Grey

Published by Forever(Grand Central Publishing)

Release Date November 3, 2015

*Book received for free from Netgalley

Kate travelled to Paris to find inspiration for her artwork.

Instead, she found a living breathing, work of art. His name is Rylan and he is going to show her all of Paris including the dozens of ways to make Kate weak in the knees while she is there- for only seven days.

My reaction.

Kate. My goodness, Kate has the soul of an artist and so I respected her for that. I understand why she sees  so deep and why she questions everything. Being in Paris and knowing little French could do that.

But she was skittish to me. Even after getting comfortable with Rylan she played innocent and she clams up at all the wrong times and rarely shares much about herself until almost the end but expect so much from Rylan.

And it was Rylan who stole the show for me. Handsome, well educated and charming Rylan.

I felt that I wanted to learn more about his own tortured soul, than Kate’s. He admits to himself that he is a “kinky” man and is used to using women and casting them aside, but the dam breaks for him when he meets Kate and has her for the very first time. I hate the fact that he hid some facts about himself from her, but I wanted to scream, “Come on you two! Say I love you!”

I think this quote sums up Rylan for me:

If he could draw, he’d paint her in ivory and pink and umber, looking exactly the way she did in that instant. Preserve her forever…”(Seven Nights to Surrender,eBook)

A nice read that paints love at first sight, just right.

Warning: Sexually explicit scenes