My First James Rollins Novel…Amazonia

My first James Rollins novel and I am in love with the way he disturbed me with his fast-paced action and ability make me mourn or shout with joy and with a book like Amazonia I was reading this well into the 3AM –not even mad about bags under my eyes. The story starts withContinue reading “My First James Rollins Novel…Amazonia”

An Ember in the Ashes(Full Review)

An enthralling tale full of heat, a bone chilling villain,  with amazing world-building to back a powerful series. When Laia’s brother is arrested for treason against the Martial Empire , she has to decide to run and hide or run and fight. As a Scholar, she knows her people may not stand a chance againstContinue reading “An Ember in the Ashes(Full Review)”

Cold Hearted Rake, Heats Up The Pages! #LisaKleypas #HistoricalRomance

Devon’s head lowered, and he kissed the side of her throat. “I want you in my bed again,” he whispered. Working his way along her neck, he found a sensitive place that made her shiver and arch, the tip of his tongue stroking a soft pulse…(Cold Hearted Rake, Klepas, Lisa: pg. 192 2016) I hadContinue reading “Cold Hearted Rake, Heats Up The Pages! #LisaKleypas #HistoricalRomance”