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All Things New by Lauren Miller (a review)

All Things New by Lauren Miller

Published by Three Saints Press(August 1, 2017)

ISBN: 978-0998511115

After a car accident Jessa Gray finds herself wallowing in a bout of questions and insecurities along with a new disability: aphantasia. She can no longer visualize imagery in her mind, but once she moves to Colorado to live with her dad, not only does she meets new friends, she begin to learn that maybe this disability is not a disability, but unique and useful.

This book is incredible as far as imagery and ideas. When Jessa finds her boyfriend cheating on her, it throws her into a panic attack while driving and then some car speeds past a red light and hits her causing her entire world to change. As you read, you get the feeling Jessa has always relied on her beautiful  looks in the past to cover up who she really inside- which is broken. The author does an amazing job slowly peeling back the layers of Jessa’s life and helping us to see why she thinks and behaves the way she does.

The beautiful takeaway in this story is that panic disorders are real but with the right support and love, you can heal.”

The shining light is Marshall. His attraction to Jessa seems instant. Even with her scars he see her as beautiful and wants to spend time with her. He tries to see the best in everyone and even though he has a hole in his heart, his love for Jessa could repair her own. Their romance buds pretty fast and that was unexpected, however their interaction was all marshmallows and hearts.

My eyes are on his chin, his forehead, then, finally, his eyes, which leap at me…swallowing up air between us…let go of me. But he isn’t holding on to me…He’s just looking at me.” (All Things New, 2017)

What is also interesting about the book is the references to “The Portrait of Dorian Gray” by Oscar Wilde. The book seems to mirror the story as far as perception and the soul is concerned. It piqued my interest in reading Oscar Wilde’s novel.

In summation, the book was definitely good if you are into serious existentialist talk, Van Gogh, and teen issues. An overall good story.

Learn more about Lauren Miller and then if you’re feeling super geeky, check out this link on existentialism and learn more about that too and click Aphantasia to learn about that as well.

This book was received for free from Netgalley!


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Come to the Garden Review, Was it all a dream?

Come to the Garden book with blue sky and lavender flowers
Cover Design courtesy of Howard Books

Did Jennifer Wilder Morgan have a powerful dream about an angel? A vision? Or was this something else?

Come to the Garden is marketed as a “Inspired by True Events” novel. However, is it really true and at the end, does it matter?

Here is my opinion of the book:

I really love angel books. I do. And Jennifer Wilder Morgan has penned a lovely, enriching story that’s captivating.

I have done many blog posts on angels: from what angels are made of, to fiction involving angels.

In the Author’s Note, Jennifer states,

Soon, the character of an intriguing angel named Margaret began to shape in the eyes of my heart. I would write a fictional story about her.”(Come to the Garden, pg. xiii)

In the Acknowledgements section, Jennifer even states: “I had a dream and wasn’t going to settle for a personal journal.”

So in essence, what we are reading is an allegory. Which in itself isn’t a bad thing.

Jennifer’s guardian angel explores her dreams. These dreams Jennifer has are about loved ones passing or being ill, and some dreams bring about hope, such hope that even you as the reader will stop and praise God for her vision, and then other dreams are wholly prophetic.

And her gentle, beautiful guide is right there explaining the metaphors and symbols(pay attention to these!)

I felt invited while reading. I felt that even my own dreams and fears were finally explained just by reading this book.

At the final page, I took a breath, read some of the Scriptures offered in the back and reflected on what I’ve read.

Perhaps Jennifer’s own events inspired her to create the angel Margaret. Now, whether this is real or if angels are guardians versus messengers is set for another discussion elsewhere. All I know is that I am now inspired.

*This book was received for free from Howard Books through Jennifer’s publicist.

Book Details:

Come to the Garden, Jennifer Wilder Morgan

Published by Howard Books(2016)

ISBN: 978-1-5011-3133-2(paperback)

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Jennifer Wilder Morgan Invites You to the Garden(Exclusive Giveaway!)


Are angels real?

If so, do they watch over us? Have they spoken to us before?

Jennifer Wilder Morgan had an encounter in her garden one day with the angel Margaret…

All of the events, the dreams, even the seemingly mundane things in life are about to be explained in this beautiful story inspired by true events.

And you will be amazed with what the angel Margaret has to say about it all.

Dark haired woman with dog
Jenn and her dog, Cody

Here is the promo and what you can get!


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COME TO THE GARDEN; narrated by Today Show Host and Emmy Award-winner, Kathie Lee Gifford
Narrated by Today Show Host and Emmy Award-winner, Kathie Lee Gifford, Jennifer Wilder Morgan’s inspirational read hit shelves nationwide Feb. 23, 2016 through Howard Books (a division of Simon & Schuster) and debuted at No. 1 on Amazon’s Christian Classics & Allegories List and was featured on the Today Show.

“I’m excited to see so many people connect with this book’” says Jennifer. “’Come to the Garden’ is an invitation to discover a deeper, intimate, heart relationship with God. I want my story to encourage readers to overcome the fear of sharing how we encounter God in our lives.  When we share our stories, they become God’s story, and He will use them to bring hope and healing to others.”

* Stay tuned for my honest review on #SoulBookSunday!
Come to the Garden, When and Where
On May 3, 2016, Jennifer will host a unique stage event as part of the book launch titled “Come To The Garden – On Stage!” The feature-length stage show cinematic event will use groundbreaking three-dimensional projection technology to fuse live-action and animation, creating a unique and immersive experience on the big screen. “Come to the Garden – On Stage!” will release in select U.S. cinemas, presented by Fathom Events and Eakin Films.


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Catch Me When I Fall, Dreamcatchers, #1


Catch Me When I Fall (Dreamcatcher #1)Catch Me When I Fall by Vicki Leigh

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

His job is to catch dreams and protect the human world from nightmares.

For two hundred years, Daniel Graham has been the protector of Night fighting red eyed monsters that haunt people’s dreams. His next mission: Kayla Bartlett, a sixteen year old clinically depressed patient in a psychiatric ward.

Daniel finds himself attracted to her and bending(breaking) all the rules to get close to her.

But he has to be careful, because Kayla’s nightmares are not normal and what Daniel and others like him discover soon enough that they will need all the help they can get to fight her nightmares.

My Reaction:

This was definitely supernatural teen romance at its best. My two favorite parts of the book is the action and the love scenes.

The book is pretty dark because there are psychological battles and supernatural battles going on that Daniel must face. At first I thought the nightmares were just that, but they can be physical and the way the author describes scenes in the book you can pretty much imagine them on the screen. The fighting scenes are gruesome, very descriptive but important to the story.

Even the sensual/sex scene is done somewhat in taste but still there, FYI.

I actually enjoyed this one and hope that the next book is just as good.

Warning: Sex and Violence

About Vicki Leigh

Adopted by a construction worker and stay-at-home mom, Vicki grew up in a small suburb of Akron, Ohio where at the age of four she began to read and by the sixth grade she penned her first full-length screen play.

If she couldn’t be a writer, Vicki would be a hunter,(like on the show Supernatural) or a Jedi.

Book Details:

Catch Me When I Fall(Dreamcatchers, #1), Vicki Leigh

Curiosity Quills Press, LLC(2014)

ISBN: 978-1-62007-486-2(ebook)

ISBN: 978-1-62007-487-9(paperback)


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Eve: A Novel by WM. Paul Young (a review)

Image courtesy of Howard Books

Eve by Wm. Paul Young
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

*Advanced copy given for free from Netgalley(uncorrected proof)

eBook read on my LG Tribute using the Kindle App

If I can give Eve five more stars, I would.

Eve is a gorgeously written, complex story about the weight of terrifying freedom. If you’ve read WM. Paul Young’s other works, most notably The Shack, then you will be prepared for this riveting, colorful portrayal of Genesis, which happens to be our beginning and end.

The story begins when Lilly Fields, a young girl we can assume is a teen- is washed ashore to a place and time as the only survivor and John the Collector finds her in a box, body broken and barely alive. John has been having conversations with Eve- yes, the Eve. Adam’s Eve. Lilly also has conversations with Eve but John and the others do not know this. Lilly is a broken, damaged, confused woman, but what is God’s final verdict on the matter? And what is so important that Eve must tell Lilly? And what truly happened in the garden of Eden?

My Reaction:

I am such a fan of WM. Paul Young because like Tosca Lee, he takes ancient truths and spell it out for us in gorgeous literary work.

At first I was very confused. The characters’ conversations had me on edge as I tried to piece together where they were. When we read, we read for atmosphere and character, but our brains will want to eventually know a place and time, and the author has placed Lilly, John and other characters outside of normal time.

A potential pitfall for this book(for those who care about such things) could be the portrayal of Eve. In The Shack, God is an African American woman while the Holy Spirit is Asian and Jesus is Arabic. Well, in Eve- Eve is described as very dark skinned.

Also, I found myself highlighting multiple passages because they struck my heart, like this one:

“My daughters compete and war one against another for men and family, as if these could produce what we hoped…the weight of this truth crushed Lilly…we turned away from God.”(Young, 2015: Eve)

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Tracking an Author: Transitions, Nano and farewell…

A New Website

For the last few years I have been posting book reviews and writing savvy tips on this blog as well as try to make it a home for my “author site” and so far it has been going great. But I am now expanding my site by hosting another one for a specific age group.

The Write Web will be my official author’s home meaning it will focus solely on my writing projects and will be a place for fans of my stories- like a basic website. Now, you will still get the encouragement you need from my blog and I am more than happy to post about my journey on self-publishing so that you can literally see how this system works.

My Nano Journey So Far…

I am working on Book 3 in the Mark of Fortune series and it is coming along quite well, I am pleased. Naturally because it is Nano WriMo month I have to just go with the flow. I love how the characters do the dictating in this stage and how the chapters are going in many delicious directions.

In the end though, during edits I will have more control.

Genies, romance, and the battle with good and evil within are topics for the book.

What are you writing about? Share here! 🙂

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Even the afterlife has its drama, four stars for ‘Level 2’

Level 2 (The Memory Chronicles, #1)Level 2 by Lenore Appelhans

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Anytime a sci-fi novel mixes in with the supernatural and mythology, you can bet it will be something strange. In Applehans’ debut novel Level 2, Felicia Ward is in the afterlife and learns there has to be more to the afterlife than just the blinding white walls and being jammed into chambers of memories. What she does not know is that her memories are clues to where she is and that romance certainly never dies.

Felicia never made it to her eighteenth birthday and she now resides in Level 2- a holding place between our world and the next. She greatly misses Neil, her choir boy boyfriend and repeatedly “watches” memories of him. She does not know how long she has resided in Level 2, but think it has been an eternity.

Then there is Julian. Julian is the super hot looking boy who she knew in the land of the living. What is he doing there with her in the afterlife? He comes to her with this message: “I’ll be coming for you soon…I know where Neil is.”(Applehans, 2013, p.9: Level 2)

Felicia soon finds herself at the mercy of someone who betrayed her when she was alive. Should she trust Julian now? Does he really know where Neil is?

Level 2 has so many good things going for it. The imagery of a stark white afterlife where your body is numb and you can conjure up any weapon, tool, or dress just by thinking it- are fun to read about. Then throw in a handsome boy and some teen romance and the book is even more intriguing.

What was less intriguing are the memory stamps and the confusion as to why only Felicia’s energy is needed out all the billions of people on Earth? The memory stamps made the story sound or seem staccato to me because I wanted to stay in the present. Granted, those memory breaks are pertinent to the story and some were really cool to read. So I can’t complain too much.

I do, however, wish to read the sequel when it is available. I am plugged in to Level 2.

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