Body By Night, Perfect Summer Read!

Body By Night is that summer read that will inspire you to get your body goals in order, your friendships in order and your love life together. I was quite surprised with this book and although there were one or two minor bumps in the road, I do recommend the story to you. So hereContinue reading “Body By Night, Perfect Summer Read!”

‘The Sun is Also a Star’ An Honest Review

“But here is a true thing: Almost everything in the night sky gives off light. Even if we can’t see it, the light is still there.”- (The Sun is Also a Star, Yoon, N. pg.336, 2016) The Sun is Also a Star is out in theaters May 17th, and when I realized I had theContinue reading “‘The Sun is Also a Star’ An Honest Review”

#AfrofuturisticBooks, Black Ghost by L.L. Farmer

“Her husband had fought for a country that hated him. And she, well, she wasn’t hated. Pearl was rendered invisible through indifference. She didn’t count in the black struggle because she was a woman, and she didn’t count in the woman struggle because of her blackness.”(Farmer, L.L. Black Ghost: pg 293, 2018) It’s Woman’s MonthContinue reading “#AfrofuturisticBooks, Black Ghost by L.L. Farmer”