J is For Jade #Poetry #AtoZChallenge @AprilA2Z

j is for jade
Image designed by Ericajean using Canva/Photo found on Pixabay


I am *piedra de ijada since 1569

A gemstone in heavenly balances and found

in the crust of dirt and necklaces and set

in the eyes of the jealous

The sweat of perspiration

found on the lushness of grass

the Mortal Kombat player

the sharp twisting band for the hand of marriage:

I do solemnly swear I’ m better than you.

Better than any other hue on this planet.

My figure a voluminous **158, 100, 66

a blowing green in your dreams and nightmares


I have nothing to


but I am set in your eyes

when your competition

escapes the shackles of life,

set in your eyes when the adulterer completely turns on


set in your eyes when no one wants to be you.


*Spanish for jade green

**Hue, saturation, and lightness of the color jade

Copyright© 2018 Erica Jean Smith


Top 6 Reasons Anime Lovers Really Love Anime #Otaku #Anime

Hopefully, you’ve read my previous post about what anime lovers hate about anime, but overall there is a fondness we have for it. Let me share the reasons why we are addicted to Japanese animations…


Great for the Attention Span

Is it just me, or is our attention span significantly shorter these days?

Not sure, but anime in general runs about 15-20 minutes tops(unless it is an anime movie). By then you pretty much are into the show and await the next one. This generation has short attention spans now so let me get on with the next point quickly.

Something for Everyone

I did not realize this until I started really watching anime. There is literally an anime category for everyone.

Like romance? Try Maid-Sama and others like it.

Like Shonen Jump?(Action) Try Naruto, or Dragon Ball Z

Like quests with interesting characters you fall for? Try One Piece.

Want more college life or adult life stuff? Try shows such as Nana

Then there are the thrillers I absolutely fell in love with: Parasayte the Maxim and Ajin.

Like I said, young or old, there is something for you.

Addicting Storylines

Only in anime will the storylines be so crazy but you watch them anyway. I’ve read crazy books and watched silly movies but only in anime will you see this:

In Brothers Conflict, a young girl(perhaps a teen of 17 y/0) goes to live with her stepfather’s sons for a while and all thirteen of them are super handsome and each have a different personality-of course, affecting her in some way. It is hilarious how a few of them “hit” on her in many ways and I swear the show was addicting but there weren’t many episodes(hence one reason I wrote the previous post)


Also, The Devil is a Part Timer is an instant favorite for us all. Only in anime will Satan himself become a teen and have to rent an apartment, eat lackluster foods and make a living in fast food only to be the apple of some chick’s eye…but there is lots of action and maybe a hint of romance..?

Watching Anime Extends Your True Creative Self

Okay, okay- what do I mean by this?

If you go on YouTube, you will find videos by people suddenly wanting to go to Japan to learn the language(some speak it fluently too!), becoming manga/comic artists, or are famous because they post really cool stuff on YouTube like AMVs.

Me, personally, I think I fell in love with the culture as a child before really understanding why and not because of anime. Although after watching anime in 2006 I took up learning the mechanics of haiku and have an interest in learning lettering and design! 


We are called otakus(some say this is a derogatory term), geeks, nerd, crazy, and all of the above just for participating in an event where you can dress up as your favorite game/anime/comic character and join others with the same addiction as you.

I’ve never been to a cosplay, my family and close friends have, and I plan on going soon myself.


I nearly forgot to mention this. I write fanfiction often. This is where you take an anime(or show, or movie, or book) and rewrite it as your own keeping the same settings, characters, and overall mood of the anime or twisting it around. So far it is the best place for people to judge your writing abilities and make friends.

By now, I hope you at least have a clue as to why we love these darn animes. It is no different than those addicted to K-Dramas(which I am now). I’m sure after reading this you will probably not waste your time watching an anime, but now you know why we are so serious about it.

Do you like anime? Yes? No? Do you enjoy watching K-Dramas as well? Why or why not? Thoughts?

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~The Write Web



I is For Ivory #AtoZChallenge @AprilA2Z

I is for ivory.png

i was ivory once

a beautiful child with beautiful hair

beautiful dreams and cherry

scented parents as I watch rubber ducks


in ivory soap waters

my eyes glued to the set

my ears listened to what they

were really saying-


about me

I realized my black

was not just skin deep

it pierced below the dermis

down to the bone

a quick spark to the soul

realization:  I am not ivory like them

like my friends, like the white of my teeth

like the soap that always float

and rubber ducks that never sink

my black reaches past the ivory

of that calcium rich African fortified


i cross from puberty

i shake my spiraly hair and smack my lips

Copyright2018 Erica Jean Smith


H is For Honolulu Blue in the Morning #AtoZChallenge @AprilA2Z

Honolulu blue.png
Image designed by Ericajean using Canva/Image found on wallpapercave.com


H is For Honolulu Blue

That was the shade of the couch and curtains in the home

we lived in.

Mornings were

swept in like pixie dust light that littered the floor

And the blue jays and gray birds

always sat on that sill

School mornings:

Honey Nut Cheerios, Nutri Grain bars and Saturday strips of bacon and pancakes

warmed our day and then

A cup of cold orange juice before I start the day.

Little legs swinging in the chair


Ponytails greased back with baubles and bows

Left in from the night before,

slammed into my head during violent dreams

And gave me morning headaches

But somehow I had enough sense

to read a chapter and pass a quiz

And dance class

seemed to never




I couldn’t hip-hop with all my friends-

“white girl moves” and all

but those were blue morning days,

Azure evenings sitting with auntie while she

Caught fireflies on her wrist

Telling me now, I’m a lady.


Copyright 2018 Erica Jean Smith

Top 6 Things Anime Lovers Hate About Anime(sometimes)#Otaku #Anime

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Yes, I know my blog is about writing and blogging, but blogging about anime should be included too right? Since watching anime seriously around 2006 there are some things most anime watchers will agree they cannot stand about the shows. But we continue to watch them because- hey, it’s anime.

Very long Intros

This one can be a biggie. This one can literally cause you to throw your eggrolls at the screen.

For some reason, the intros seem twenty minutes long when the show itself is about only twenty minutes tops. In reality the intros are almost two minutes long. I can admit though, that some Inuyasha Intro songs and Naruto, especially second season Naruto, I absolutely adore. One good thing is that while the intro is on, you can catch up on social media and take a bathroom break.


Even though I enjoy subbed anime, the English dubbed is awesome for when I just want to watch the show and not read. So when the villain or main hero says, “Impossible!” I cringe. Let me explain. Sometimes in an anime, the villain or even a regular Joe seems not to believe a person had that “special ability” or it can be as subtle as finding out a character’s true background. I hear this all the time and like I said, I cringe but I soldier on. You will probably hear this word 45 times in an anime.

You can’t deny anime is full of kawaii(“cuteness”). If you’d like to bring it home and have brighter days like me. Try a whole box of kawaii and drop me a comment about it 🙂


Me and hubby are watching One Piece right now and it seems that just when the action in the show is getting good, here comes a filler episode or a couple of filler episodes. Now One Piece so far is not too bad with it, but let me explain fillers: Filler episodes are like spin off shows that has nothing to do with the current arc. So in one arc the characters could be going into a haunted house to fight a demon, but when that episode ends, the next one will be about them winning a lottery ticket or something.

I read on one website explaining that fillers are added to fill in for the season or something if a manga is not complete. But me- I just want to keep the action going.

Memories, Nostalgia

This one is almost just as bad as fillers.

Why does everything remind an anime character about something in the past? We want to get on with the story not travel back in time. Right now in One Piece(episode 500+), the show is not only reminiscing about Luffy and his brother’s past, it is at least five episodes into their past now to the point that I am forgetting what the current problem is.

CalebCity on Youtube makes fun of this happenstance in anime. It is hilarious! Check it out below!

Anatomically In(correct)

You know we have to discuss this right?

The way the girls are drawn in the anime is crazy. To the guys it is probably a dream but Lord! In The Devil is Part Timer, Chiho is short and petite but her darn boobs are like inflatable rowboats!

Then there are the animes where the guy is super handsome, packed with muscles and height while the love interest is either plain/short/child-like(weirdness here).

The school uniforms for the girls are also way, waaaaay too short. But heck I will wear one too if it shows off my shapely thighs 😉

Not Enough Episodes

When Hulu was completely free, I used to watch anime on there(I currently subscribe to Funimation now).

I watched at least four anime that I wish would go on forever because they are so good. Yona of the Dawn, Kamisama Kiss, Maid-Sama, and Parasyte the Maxim, but I don’t think there are any more seasons. Just like The Devil is a Part Timer, such a wild and funny show, but no more seasons. I think these just had one or two seasons and when you try looking up if there are more seasons, you find speculations but not truths. Again, there could be a reason for that too.

Even with all of this damage, why is it we still love anime? Why do we create memes, artwork, music and cosplays based off this form of entertainment?

I don’t know why, anime has charm and it is darn near magical. I will constantly watch it until old age, it is addicting and even with the stuff we hate about it, anyone new to anime will still adore it upon first watching. With anime there is something for every kind of crowd.

For anime fans, I appreciate your feedback and shares of this post. For those of you who are not fans of anime, I hope I didn’t scare you off, LOL.


G is For Golden Media #AtoZChallenge @AprilA2Z

golden media.png
Image designed by Ericajean using Canva/Photo by Siri


G is For Golden Media

They say the devil is the prince of the air. He is in our cell phones, our computers, and possibly the television. If this is true then he has taught me many maddening wonders- many, many bad things. Very bad things as Drake says because if God does indeed have a plan, yet the devil is the prince of the air, then I cannot run far-too fast away from him. This means he is in the sugar white clouds I dreamt of sitting on as a child. This means, alongside my God he is the brilliant green of grass that shoots up from dark ebony grounds and he is the coffee grounds I heat and drink in the mornings.

If the devil is the prince of the air, then he is indeed watching my schoolwork, my media accounts and perverse himself in my poems and stories. He lives in my water. The water we all wish was organic, pure and fresh but he is there also. If he is the prince of the air then I see him in the building’s faces so shiny and so much glass and scrapes the sky with offices built like legos and little people, with little suitcases, and little hair sit in chairs and work. Because if we do not work, we do not eat.

And then I realize maybe it is not that deep. I do damage scrambling for sleep because I think and I think and I think and I realize he is in the air I breathe. I feel like the Apostle Paul with a thorn in his side. Just always there. Always. Freaking. There. Who cares what the thorn is? Preachers try to sound all pompous and mysterious trying to gauge what it is. Non-believers do the same and I say- who cares? It was a source of pain. Always there. Jesus in his ear, the thorn in his side

My thorn? Bad news, Tweets, Dings and Pings, Alarms, Notifications all in my pocket- back of the butt

Copyright 2018 Erica Jean Smith

A Former Bully Finds Love in ‘A Chance at Forever’ #SoulBookSunday #ChristianFiction


a chance at forever
Cover Design by Koechel Peterson & Associates +Others and Bethany House Publishers


A Chance at Forever by Melissa Jagears(Teaville Moral Society, #3)

Bethany House(2018)

ISBN(Print) 978-0-7642-1753-1

This is my first Melissa Jagears novel and I truly loved the sweetness and real-ness of the book. I think the strength of the story lies within the subplots and the overall truth about real forgiveness though. There is just one thing I wish would happen in the story…

First, check out a snippet of the book taken from Amazon :

In early 1900s Kansas, Mercy McClain, determined to protect Teaville’s children from the bullying she experienced as a child, finds fulfillment working at the local orphanage and serving on the school board. When Aaron Firebrook, the classmate who bothered her more than any other, petitions the board for a teaching position, she’s dead set against him getting the job.

Aaron knows he deserves every bit of Mercy’s mistrust, but he’s returned to his hometown a changed man and is seeking to earn forgiveness of those he wronged. He doesn’t expect Mercy to like him, but surely he can prove he now has the best interests of the children at heart.

Will resentment and old wounds hold them back, or can Mercy and Aaron put the past behind them in time to face the unexpected threats to everything they’re working for?


A story about the bully and the victim, growing up all wise and mature and possibly finding love in each other’s arms, is number one on my swoon chart. Mercy definitely tried to stay away from Aaron and his soft, lingering eyes and large hands but then how long could she resist? Aaron, on the other hand has a sordid past, and much of why he tormented her as a child comes out in bits and pieces(his story is very sad) but he is a man on a mission to right all of his wrongs with anyone he has hurt- but most of all, he needs Mercy’s forgiveness.

“She could not fall for her tormentor-she just couldn’t. She tried to march up the stairs, but her feet felt as if they slogged through molasses…She wouldn’t have slapped any other man who’d made her feel as if the world had stopped in awe of her.”(Jagears, A Chance at Forever: p.127)

The book kept it real: forgiveness does not happen when someone asks for it. It is organic. Happens over time. The characters in the story(some of them) were very snotty and cruel.

However I truly wish there was more interaction between Aaron and Mercy. At nearly the end it seems the author tried to place more sparks between the two.

Then again, I have to remember this is a Christian story, not those “other” novels I read from time to time.

Having said that, have a Happy Sunday and stay tuned for more Soul Book Sundays!

*Book provided for my unbiased review from Bethany House