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The Wife Between Us Blog Tour Has Begun


Imagine you are about to get married and your fiancé’s crazy ex begins to show up, send letters and call to bug the heck out of you.

Imagine that you are the ex wife, doing all you can to end your ex husband’s new relationship.

Imagine being the husband, wishing that your ex would just leave you be.

As you read the book, you suddenly realize something….

Things are not always what they seem. I promise that as you read this your mind will latch on to one bendable truth, naturally but prepare for the twists!

The Wife Between Us centers around the theme of not always knowing who you marry. That fact alone is humbling enough and in reality, many of us experience this, however the authors made sure to keep us on one plane of thought while systematically, twisting our mind around in the middle of the book.

The secrets, the mystery, the psychological torture is only the tip of the iceberg and I can honestly say I was not ready for the many revelations.

At least two revelations, surprised me, but the biggest one of all towards the end shocked the mess out of me.

For those used to linear storytelling, however, do not fear but I do warn you. The true gem of this work lies not only in storytelling and pacing, but how the story is told. It may give you whiplash if you are not paying attention.

“We think we’ve entered into a union with another person when, in fact, we’ve formed a triangle with one point anchored by a silent but all seeing judge…” (from The Wife Between Us by Hendricks and Pekkanen, 2018)

All in all I highly- and I do mean highly recommend this book to you. If there is one you pick up this Winter, let it be The Wife Between Us.

**This book was received for my unbiased review through Netgalley.

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Submitting to Publications, the Real Story

paper note
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Ever thought about submitting your writings?

I used to think it would be easy and that there would be keen competition, but darn it all it is difficult trying to squeeze my creative pieces in someone’s eyesight!

I will be submitting my writings to various places. Like, really committing to it— like a job. I already write more than I work, but I keep flailing along with submissions.

One thing I realize, and this is something I did not understand until now, is that before submitting any piece of writing, you should take a look at the publishers’ samples and even subscribe to their publication.

Now what about that did I not understand in the past? Self explanatory, right?

Well, here is what I used to do:

  • Select writings I’ve done in the past or recently.
  • Go to the library to check out Writer’s Market books.
  • Sit down for hours and look for publications that will take what I wrote.

The result?

Got accepted to none.

Well, one of my Christian poems made it to an online site(that no longer exists) and the University of Maryland magazine Constellation, picked up my coolest poems in 2008.

But did I receive bigger recognition and awards? Nope.


From what I researched, the Right way to submit to places is to:

  • Check the web(specifically, love that site!)
  • Look at small presses, open contests, etc. Really take note of what they are looking for and take special note of the deadlines.
  • Many websites/publications, now have samples you can view FREE! For example, I will be resubmitting my haiku to several publications that have samples and free downloads of past accepted work.
  • Pick out the publication/contest you are interested in: science fiction writing? Poetry? Experimental?
  • Now, get to work!

In this way, you have a kind of rubric of what’s expected of you and you write your piece, tailoring it to what they are looking for.

I am on both sides of the fence though because would it stifle my creativity? Not sure. Chime in and let me know what you think.

Have you thought of submitting some work? Which methods have you used? Do you have links to your work?

What is your advice?

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~The Write Web


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Hitting the Sweet Spot…of a Story #NaNoWriMo2017 #19K

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You know what I’m talkin’ about.

You’re writing that book, getting it in good with the dialogue, you’ve introduced a hot character into the mix.

Your worldbuilding skills is tight…

You have soft music or hard music playing, your coffee or Sprite is next to you. Your loving furrball is gazing at you with respect (or seething anger at this point.)

You don’t care. You are happily clicking away, chugging along. It feels as if the Muse is giving you all the right stuff and you know at least an hour has passed.

Still good.

You clench(I mean click, sorry!), as every nerve, every fiber in your moment pulls taut, you see stars, you hear them.

The choir is singing.

You pull in that final word and then…

And then…


Everything was going fine until you wrote  a paragraph that you think may not belong, but during NaNoWriMo, you can’t go back! You have to keep going. Get it all in there good, you know?

I think my story is exactly at that point.

I placed my characters in a setting they don’t need to be in right now.

I gave up this morning.

Don’t be me.

Don’t give up.

Keep sticking it(er, oh Gosh. Blush much!) to the page. Ok? Alright?


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#NaNoWriMoCheckIn #17K, Plus Ishiguro Advises Writing from Emotion

abstract aqua
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Hi Voracious, fearless writers!

At this point you are probably clicking away on your story or taking a much needed break.

Not to jab at you, but hopefully you are at least at 10K or higher. If not, get moving, soldier! Just kidding, sometimes it is hard to keep up the pace as I’ve stated in a previous  post, I never hit 50K and I know why I don’t.

Right now I am at 17K and that is better than previous years. My story at this point has the right amount of action(in my opinion) and several sensual moments. I am happy.

I attribute it to my dedication to plan before November. Get my characters straight in my head and understand the story.

No outlines, but the journey is interesting.

Meanwhile, over on, there is treasure trove of information that I think will encourage you at this time.

Author Kazuo Ishiguro, has been interviewed by different media outlets and I am in love with his responses to how he writes.

Ishiguro suggests writing from emotion, not morals. He’d rather highlight  “some aspect of being human” than tell a moralistic piece.

Another great piece of advice is to not build character profiles.

I do this all the time.

Ishiguro states that letting the relationship between the main character and others take course naturally, is enough to build character.

Maybe these work for him and it is his opinion, but during NaNoWriMo, this is a brilliant time to just let the Muse guide your story. Let the chips fall where they may. Edit later.

For those of you who did not plan and have not reached at least 10K. Don’t fret.

This is a time to let the story flow naturally. You’d be amazed at what you create.


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Let’s Chat About Falling…

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This time of year I bring out the cinnamon sticks, baked apple aerosol sprays and buy Apple pies and Sweet potato pies.

For real though. Those Seasonal Yummy Febreeze sprays are nothing but the truth! I own the Baked Apple scent.

Cinnamon sweetness permeates the air and the days are shorter than the sleep I get on longer nights.

I found an article online that was quite interesting. Ever wonder why there are two names for this season? Fall and Autumn?

You’d be surprised.

According to Dan Nosowitz for Atlas Obscura,

“Autumn coexisted with “harvest” as a loose description of the season.”

Fall is fairly new to us. Autumn and Harvest existed way before Fall’s 16th century appearance.

The catch is that Fall caught on hard for us Americans…

In fact, the article quotes a passage from H.W. Fowler’s 1908 essay which argues that “fall is much superior to autumn.”

It is simply easier to say and actually sounds like what occurs: the falling of leaves, the fall of the sun earlier than before, etc.

So Fall is the norm in the U.S and the U.K, however in the U.K. autumn is common.

What does this have to do with anything?

If you have not already done so, you can download the first 15% of The Fall of Autumn short story collection on Smashwords now for free.

I guarantee afterwards you’ll want more.

Enjoy the fall inspired stories of falling in love, falling for a stranger, for a ghost, for a cyborg.

Fall is about more than crisp air and anticipation of the festive holidays.

Fall into Hope.

Fall into Change.

Fall in Love.

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Always Red #WattpadSuperstars

always red


Always Red by Isabelle Ronin

Publication Date: Sourcebooks Casablanca(November 7, 2017)

You might want to order Always Red today! (Kindle Edition)

*Galley provided for free from Netgalley for my unbiased review.

Always Red is definitely slightly better than Chasing Red in that there’s more background and depth to the story, promising subplots, and incredibly incendiary love scenes that are just wild!

The book picks up right where Chasing Red ends, with Caleb hurt over Beatrice-Rose’s betrayal and Red suddenly realizing that she may lose him. The page turning craze begins when Red tries to find new ways to contact Caleb to win him back. Is it possible that she can? Will Caleb even accept her?

It goes back to the saying: “You never know what you have until its gone.”

Her new friends Kar and Beth definitely kept me laughing and as I mentioned, their own plots in the story is promising. I can definitely see some books written based on their lives, however Always Red amps it up with the passionate scenes and crimes of passion as well.

There is definitely more truths being revealed and you pray everyone makes it out alive.

Red is not one of my favorite characters. I tried to like her in the first book, but now I see that Caleb, as sweet and hot as he is, is the more sensitive one in this situation. He will do anything for Red but it seems like it takes a herculean effort for her to show how much she loves him. I give her an A for effort…

I am saying this because, the gorgeous drifting rock star, Damon, who calls her “Angel Face” once again is always to her rescue and she just goes to him. Nothing wrong with that, I mean, she is a grown woman, but when Caleb feels some way about it, she never addresses it appropriately in my opinion. Her upbringing was kind of screwed up which can account for her being a shelled individual.

All in all a great conclusion to the series and I will definitely read more of Ronin’s stories on Wattpad!

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Enlightenment Interrupted #FlashFiction #MeditationsofaDisciple

asian buddhist

In what felt like seconds, the soothing sounds of a bamboo flute in the key of A somewhere, ushered my mind into blankness and my soul gulped sweet serenity, soothed me before I caught fear of this foreign peace by thinking of my Old Religion.

I rise from my mat.

Then, my meditation-


Copyright 2017 Erica Jean Smith

*Happy Sunday everyone! I hope you enjoyed this flash fiction. Have an amazing week 🙂