About TWW

Hello fellow bloggers, writers, and bookworms!

Writing is my addiction and my therapy. It is a mosaic glass mirror that I enjoy shattering and rebuilding again. This blog will be geared towards my creative writing efforts and joy of reading.

This blog’s aim and purpose is to:

  • Write engaging book reviews.
  • Connect with other writers and other bloggers to share knowledge and encouragement.
  • Promote beautiful stories for free and at low cost. Enjoyment should be high, though. 🙂

Here are some small facts about me that you may(or may not) find interesting:

  • I am married to a wonderful poet who is everything I’ve ever wanted.
  • I am a Born Again believer in Jesus Christ.
  • I love Japanese Animations and reading Christian Fiction.
  • Interested in Technology and Publishing news.
  • I love researching on the brain, astronomy and world religions.

For those of you who enjoy swoon worthy really-really short stories head over to my Flash Walk Stories

Any Questions or suggestions, please contact me.

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