About TWW

Hello fellow bloggers, writers, and bookworms!

Writing is my addiction and my therapy. It is a mosaic glass mirror that I enjoy shattering and rebuilding again. This blog will be geared towards my creative writing efforts and joy of reading.

This blog’s aim and purpose is to:

  • Write engaging book reviews.
  • Connect with other writers and other bloggers to share knowledge and encouragement.
  • Promote beautiful stories for free and at low cost. Enjoyment should be high, though. 🙂
  • New! Coming soon, I wish to review popular manga and maybe talk about the anime they inspire. Perhaps on Fridays. Still Iffy about this LOL.

Here are some small facts about me that you may(or may not) find interesting:

  • I am married to a wonderful poet who is everything I’ve ever wanted.
  • I am a Born Again believer in Jesus Christ.
  • I love Japanese Animations and reading Christian Fiction.
  • Interested in Technology and Publishing news.
  • I love researching on the brain, astronomy and world religions.

Any Questions or suggestions, please contact me.

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