Black Borne by L.L. Farmer #AfrofuturismBooks

black borne

On my quest to finding “afrofuturistic” books with strong female leads, I lucked up and found Black Borne by L.L. Farmer.

Let me tell you about this book, just a tiny bit and give my brief reaction…

Neema was born a slave in New York in the 1700s, since then she has hunted demons and is immortal(how that came to be, you’ll have to read to find out), anyway in present day, she is fated to go on a journey to solve a mystery about a dead young woman who may have been dabbling in something she shouldn’t have been. The Seven Sins, death demons, and Baal himself appear in this exciting, refreshing novel.

My Reaction?

  • Excited
  • Refreshing
  • Thrilling

It was so good to find a darker toned woman on a book cover holding a sword and the book is also well paced with occasional glimpses of the past, but even that is exciting because as Neema tries to solve the mystery, you grow curious about her past and much that is revealed is amazingly chilling. The infusion of intricate weapon design, fighting, and even a brief romance (a very tiny spark though,  this one is NOT in the Romance genre!)makes this book top notch.

If you are looking for a book where demons actually are demons and something fresh, yet hardcore, I suggest this one.

Book 2: Black Ghost is also on Amazon!

Thank you for reading,


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