A Very Thirsty Frog-Short Fiction


black brown frog
Photo Credit: Egor Kamelev


Today, I introduce you to some flash fiction (I have a hard time keeping my writing slim if you know what I mean) I will try, LOL! These prompts are from Write every day: A Year of Daily Writing Prompts by J.M. Snyder.


Standing in front of the tall bar stool in the abandoned community center of 54th street. The lights are shining right on me. I am wearing my yellow rubber boots, yellow jeans and shirt-I just love anything yellow. Sun, butter, lemons. Piss is yellow too but…

My friends from high school are all looking at me, because all of my tricks work since elementary school were steller except this one. I said, “Okay everybody. Watch this!” Last night I kissed the slimy, gray frog and indeed with a bit of fart smells exploding from his little booty(do they have one?) he grew into a smoldering tanned skin, crimson-eyed honey for all of ten seconds before farting and turning into an amphibian once again. In the present, his lumpy eyes were sad yet observant as I lean forward to kiss it. AGAIN. Nothing….again. I hear ever encouraging audience: “Man this is wack! Let’s go!” The treacherous hot tears bum rushed my face before I could do anything. As my audience file out throwing up “deuces”, I kicked out my foot to knock the bar stool over, when the frog leaped from the stool and onto my face. Suddenly my bowels lost control and I broke wind. HARD. Before I knew it, I was looking up with a worm’s eye view, into the face of the handsome tanned guy and when I tried to ask him why was he so tall…I croaked. Like seriously the worst belch ever! The fly buzzing around looked tasty too, like a mini flying hamburger…

You too can try the prompt: “You’re a magician who forgets how a magic trick is supposed to work halfway through your performance.”

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