Print Books Making a Huge Comeback?

Hi fellow bloggers and bookworms!

I never finished the A to Z Challenge, but that is okay.

I want to talk about how the more things change, the more they do stay the same. For instance, when I see cell phones of today versus the phone of twenty and thirty years back. The phones in the past were bigger or were mostly “flip” phones and have gotten smaller, but lately, there are Smartphones big enough to be tablets and I am confused, is it an e-book or phone? Are we getting back to bigger phones?

Well, the same thing is happening with books according to the Thrift Books press release three days ago.

The Praxis Research surveyed 1,000 readers and discovered:

  • 70% of readers prefer print to ebooks
  • 37% women prefer mystery(thought it would be romance, didn’t you?)
  • 13% people read while they commute
  • 92% of kids ages 10-17 borrow books from the library

Since February, I have gone back to reading print books. In fact, last weekend, I bought Feverborn by Karen Moning in print(I love reading her print books!). I miss the fresh smell of the ink in a newly opened book and when my phone crashed the other day, I realized if I only read on a device, I could lose everything.

So now, I have the Kindle app on my PC and balance out with print. Every now and then, I find great ebooks on Freading and I will use their app-even though it needs improvement.

Anyway, let me know if you prefer print books and why.

Have a great day!

~The Write Web

5 thoughts on “Print Books Making a Huge Comeback?

  1. I definitely prefer print. I’m really not a fan of the glow and glare when reading ebooks. And besides, book covers are the bomb. People can see what you’re reading and they might be impressed. In some cases, you might look more well-read and sophisticated than you really are! Haha!

    1. Yes! I agree! I remember when I was in middle and high school, I enjoyed having my novel of interest on top of my desk and people would ask me “Ohhhh what is that you’re reading?” For me, that was a conversation starter about the story and I even made interesting friends that way.

      Book covers are amazing. The work that goes into the cover and interior- I appreciate it. The “glow and glare” hurts my eyes sometimes, even when I dim the lighting on my device. I only began reading ebooks because I was accumulating so many books in the house, plus, I can be impatient waiting for a book on order. But you know what? I still love print.

  2. I was a print only person for a very long time until I met my husband who was an e-reader enthusiast. I was hesitant to try e-reading at first but realized I could sneak in some reading at my desk even though I was “just looking on my phone”. I haven’t even touched my kindle since I’ve been back in the States, I mostly borrow books from the library now. If I really love the book, I’ll buy it. That being said, I just went though a huge decluttering of my books and got rid of about 10 haha, I can’t seem to let them go!

    1. Patti,
      Thanks for commenting and yes the de-cluttering struggle is real! I had at least 400 plus books in my bookshelf growing up. When it came time to move… Oh boy! Then when I got married, the books increased. Some I kept under the table because the closet was full of books already. But I do read on the PC Kindle now or Freading app at times but for now I love my print. Glad to have a book in my hand😉

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