M Is For Mahogany #AtoZChallenge @AprilA2Z


Photo Credit: Nappy for Pexels.com


M is For Mahogany 

Here we are

two Jaspers in space

Meeting up for the first time with a priori

for seduction’s

Chance yet here we are wearing

prejudices placed in our minds from meditations..


I like you, you like me, this tango should be simple

I follow your lead and in turn I lead your heart back to me

Only one thing stops me from loving you,

You’re mahogany- just like me. Our sameness,

our hurts all the bitterness of these apples

were handed to us without a choice

I see you

I see someone I am supposed to loathe because of ThugBabyDaddyBabymommaDramaUnemployedSelfhate

And when you see me you see FemaleMasculinityTooIndependentButBrokeEnoughtoBeaGolddigger


Who gave you the poison? Oh, she did?

Who gave me my poison? He did, they did, we all effing did

But I’ll dance with you,

I’ll lure you with my same browness and bigness, and thick-skinnedness

As long as you do the same to me

Copyright 2018© Erica Jean Smith

*I hope you enjoyed this poem. This one was right off the top of my head when I thought of the color mahogany which is like a reddish-brown hue. We have all been bruised emotionally because of our skin-tone or hair type. One thing I learned is that “isms” never really die. Why? Because they are ideas, philosophies, prejudices, ghosts. What we can do is rise above it all and love one another on deeper terms than just what we are given. Yes, even our own experiences can cloud very good judgment.


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