Top 6 Reasons Anime Lovers Really Love Anime #Otaku #Anime

Hopefully, you’ve read my previous post about what anime lovers hate about anime, but overall there is a fondness we have for it. Let me share the reasons why we are addicted to Japanese animations…


Great for the Attention Span

Is it just me, or is our attention span significantly shorter these days?

Not sure, but anime in general runs about 15-20 minutes tops(unless it is an anime movie). By then you pretty much are into the show and await the next one. This generation has short attention spans now so let me get on with the next point quickly.

Something for Everyone

I did not realize this until I started really watching anime. There is literally an anime category for everyone.

Like romance? Try Maid-Sama and others like it.

Like Shonen Jump?(Action) Try Naruto, or Dragon Ball Z

Like quests with interesting characters you fall for? Try One Piece.

Want more college life or adult life stuff? Try shows such as Nana

Then there are the thrillers I absolutely fell in love with: Parasayte the Maxim and Ajin.

Like I said, young or old, there is something for you.

Addicting Storylines

Only in anime will the storylines be so crazy but you watch them anyway. I’ve read crazy books and watched silly movies but only in anime will you see this:

In Brothers Conflict, a young girl(perhaps a teen of 17 y/0) goes to live with her stepfather’s sons for a while and all thirteen of them are super handsome and each have a different personality-of course, affecting her in some way. It is hilarious how a few of them “hit” on her in many ways and I swear the show was addicting but there weren’t many episodes(hence one reason I wrote the previous post)


Also, The Devil is a Part Timer is an instant favorite for us all. Only in anime will Satan himself become a teen and have to rent an apartment, eat lackluster foods and make a living in fast food only to be the apple of some chick’s eye…but there is lots of action and maybe a hint of romance..?

Watching Anime Extends Your True Creative Self

Okay, okay- what do I mean by this?

If you go on YouTube, you will find videos by people suddenly wanting to go to Japan to learn the language(some speak it fluently too!), becoming manga/comic artists, or are famous because they post really cool stuff on YouTube like AMVs.

Me, personally, I think I fell in love with the culture as a child before really understanding why and not because of anime. Although after watching anime in 2006 I took up learning the mechanics of haiku and have an interest in learning lettering and design! 


We are called otakus(some say this is a derogatory term), geeks, nerd, crazy, and all of the above just for participating in an event where you can dress up as your favorite game/anime/comic character and join others with the same addiction as you.

I’ve never been to a cosplay, my family and close friends have, and I plan on going soon myself.


I nearly forgot to mention this. I write fanfiction often. This is where you take an anime(or show, or movie, or book) and rewrite it as your own keeping the same settings, characters, and overall mood of the anime or twisting it around. So far it is the best place for people to judge your writing abilities and make friends.

By now, I hope you at least have a clue as to why we love these darn animes. It is no different than those addicted to K-Dramas(which I am now). I’m sure after reading this you will probably not waste your time watching an anime, but now you know why we are so serious about it.

Do you like anime? Yes? No? Do you enjoy watching K-Dramas as well? Why or why not? Thoughts?

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~The Write Web



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