Top 6 Things Anime Lovers Hate About Anime(sometimes)#Otaku #Anime

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Yes, I know my blog is about writing and blogging, but blogging about anime should be included too right? Since watching anime seriously around 2006 there are some things most anime watchers will agree they cannot stand about the shows. But we continue to watch them because- hey, it’s anime.

Very long Intros

This one can be a biggie. This one can literally cause you to throw your eggrolls at the screen.

For some reason, the intros seem twenty minutes long when the show itself is about only twenty minutes tops. In reality the intros are almost two minutes long. I can admit though, that some Inuyasha Intro songs and Naruto, especially second season Naruto, I absolutely adore. One good thing is that while the intro is on, you can catch up on social media and take a bathroom break.


Even though I enjoy subbed anime, the English dubbed is awesome for when I just want to watch the show and not read. So when the villain or main hero says, “Impossible!” I cringe. Let me explain. Sometimes in an anime, the villain or even a regular Joe seems not to believe a person had that “special ability” or it can be as subtle as finding out a character’s true background. I hear this all the time and like I said, I cringe but I soldier on. You will probably hear this word 45 times in an anime.

You can’t deny anime is full of kawaii(“cuteness”). If you’d like to bring it home and have brighter days like me. Try a whole box of kawaii and drop me a comment about it 🙂


Me and hubby are watching One Piece right now and it seems that just when the action in the show is getting good, here comes a filler episode or a couple of filler episodes. Now One Piece so far is not too bad with it, but let me explain fillers: Filler episodes are like spin off shows that has nothing to do with the current arc. So in one arc the characters could be going into a haunted house to fight a demon, but when that episode ends, the next one will be about them winning a lottery ticket or something.

I read on one website explaining that fillers are added to fill in for the season or something if a manga is not complete. But me- I just want to keep the action going.

Memories, Nostalgia

This one is almost just as bad as fillers.

Why does everything remind an anime character about something in the past? We want to get on with the story not travel back in time. Right now in One Piece(episode 500+), the show is not only reminiscing about Luffy and his brother’s past, it is at least five episodes into their past now to the point that I am forgetting what the current problem is.

CalebCity on Youtube makes fun of this happenstance in anime. It is hilarious! Check it out below!

Anatomically In(correct)

You know we have to discuss this right?

The way the girls are drawn in the anime is crazy. To the guys it is probably a dream but Lord! In The Devil is Part Timer, Chiho is short and petite but her darn boobs are like inflatable rowboats!

Then there are the animes where the guy is super handsome, packed with muscles and height while the love interest is either plain/short/child-like(weirdness here).

The school uniforms for the girls are also way, waaaaay too short. But heck I will wear one too if it shows off my shapely thighs 😉

Not Enough Episodes

When Hulu was completely free, I used to watch anime on there(I currently subscribe to Funimation now).

I watched at least four anime that I wish would go on forever because they are so good. Yona of the Dawn, Kamisama Kiss, Maid-Sama, and Parasyte the Maxim, but I don’t think there are any more seasons. Just like The Devil is a Part Timer, such a wild and funny show, but no more seasons. I think these just had one or two seasons and when you try looking up if there are more seasons, you find speculations but not truths. Again, there could be a reason for that too.

Even with all of this damage, why is it we still love anime? Why do we create memes, artwork, music and cosplays based off this form of entertainment?

I don’t know why, anime has charm and it is darn near magical. I will constantly watch it until old age, it is addicting and even with the stuff we hate about it, anyone new to anime will still adore it upon first watching. With anime there is something for every kind of crowd.

For anime fans, I appreciate your feedback and shares of this post. For those of you who are not fans of anime, I hope I didn’t scare you off, LOL.


6 thoughts on “Top 6 Things Anime Lovers Hate About Anime(sometimes)#Otaku #Anime

  1. Thanks for this blog post. I’ve been a fan of anime since the days of Robotech and Dragon Ball Z and I completely agree with you. My sisters and I discuss the very same things you mentioned–often at length. I’m not a fan of the top-heavy school girls, either, with dual airbags for breast who inevitably find themselves in compromising positions that often involves panty flashing or a visit to the hot springs which I’m sure is done to keep the male viewership tuned in. I mean, you can create a great anime without all that extra! I love action animes myself. Especially ones where the female protagonist doesn’t have to be half-naked to kick ass! My all-time favorite is Black Lagoon. It’s old school and the animation is a bit crude but it’s the women who pretty much run things and they are bad ass.

    1. Thanks for reading!😊Yes Dragon Ball Z is still a fav. Love it! I would love to see Black Lagoon sounds interesting! My first anime though was Inuyasha and Escaflowne. Come to find out, my dad watched animes too! In my spare time I watch Black Clover. I highly recommend Ajin though- it is a thriller that’s actually pretty deep.

    1. I loved Escaflowne! It’s another anime that I will near my heart because it and Inuyasha were the first anime loaned to me to watch😊. I will have to add Rurouni Kenshin to my watch list.

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