U Is For UFO Green #ColorsInPoetry #AtoZChallenge @AprilA2Z

    I read somewhere lightning strikes From the ground up And if so, then I wonder what I was Before I met you Was I the ground or the strike? The thing or the brown? In another life I am the Unidentified Fly Object Of your affections Whatever the process, The pollination set ablazeContinue reading “U Is For UFO Green #ColorsInPoetry #AtoZChallenge @AprilA2Z”

3 Things I Learned While Reading ‘A Fistful of Honey’ #TruthInFiction

Published by Transformation Press(2015) ISBN-13: 978-0-9966384-0-1 Get A Fistful of Honey book on Amazon or BarnesandNoble and other retailers TODAY! Want to read a story that reflects what is happening in the world and in black communities specifically? Want a book that can tell a great story while adding action, romance, and the dark wisdomContinue reading “3 Things I Learned While Reading ‘A Fistful of Honey’ #TruthInFiction”

T is For Twilight Lavender, #AtoZChallenge, @AprilA2Z #ColorsInPoetry

    T is For Twilight Lavender I’ll never forget It was the night I knew I was on the market- The night I knew the dreaming and The “girl talk” would prove useless Because you came to me while my back was pressed Against the screen door And the huge pine tree, majestic behindContinue reading “T is For Twilight Lavender, #AtoZChallenge, @AprilA2Z #ColorsInPoetry”