U Is For UFO Green #ColorsInPoetry #AtoZChallenge @AprilA2Z


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I read somewhere lightning strikes

From the ground up

And if so, then I wonder what I was

Before I met you

Was I the ground or the strike?

The thing or the brown?

In another life I am the

Unidentified Fly Object

Of your affections

Whatever the process,

The pollination set ablaze

by your gaze

Your touch and taste

Takes me to another

World where we are

Un-touched by un-love

But once identified, once acceptance

Has blossomed-

Will I need to stop fighting?

To see myself? To see us?


3 Things I Learned While Reading ‘A Fistful of Honey’ #TruthInFiction

a fistful of honey

Published by Transformation Press(2015)

ISBN-13: 978-0-9966384-0-1

Get A Fistful of Honey book on Amazon or BarnesandNoble and other retailers TODAY!

Want to read a story that reflects what is happening in the world and in black communities specifically? Want a book that can tell a great story while adding action, romance, and the dark wisdom for a painfully delicious novel you can’t stop thinking about?

Here is a brief summary of this amazing book:

Her world is ending, but only she can stop all of existence from meeting the same fate…

This stunning novel begins when a pending divorce and job loss force Alena Ford out of her elite life in Manhattan’s Upper East Side, and into a gritty section of Brooklyn. Stripped of everything, she is forced to face the demons of her past and the ghosts in her heart. When Alena befriends her eccentric neighbor Gloria, the woman’s stunning amethyst necklace and Black Madonna painting draw her into a world of ancient secrets, dark forces, and powerful magic.

It is a world in which black women are divine. Alena finds that it is up to her to save humanity from a universal evil, the Shetani. To succeed, Alena must first conquer her own darkness; if she loses, the fate of the world is at stake. A brilliantly crafted story that seamlessly grapples race, oppression, divinity, and the redemptive power of forgiveness. 

-Blurb taken from Amazon

Let’s Talk Color

In the book, Alena is deeply hurt that the one man she wanted, a chocolate man-only seemed to gravitate to light skinned women and so when they finally reconnect, she shares her hurt and he reminds her that many men lusted after her and she learns that her own low self-esteem placed her in the path of a man who is not her race but who could not love her either, only as an exotic piece of the puzzle(this isn’t always the case, there are some happy IR relationships of course).

Anyway, I thought it interesting that this conversation takes place in the book because right now on social media there is a light black versus dark black discussion going on and it is pure silly. Attractive is attractive, who cares about the skin paint?

Is It All Just Spiritual?

Right now, many blacks are beginning to question all they’ve been taught. In the novel, Alena meets her Maker and other Ancestors and she learns that we were taught only part of the truth and the revealing of that Truth is beautiful and was enough to make me re-learn what I thought I knew.

Is God black? White? Male? Female? Truthfully, we don’t know and can’t know in this realm,  in this flesh. What I do know is that love transcends all of that and Alena had to rely on Love to get her though.

Current Events In Literature

I saved this one for last because it is too depressing to think of.

With all of the police brutality going on and of course the recent Starbucks incident, it makes you wonder: Is America falling behind? Why aren’t we progressing in humanity?

In A Fistful of Honey, the police are filled with hatred for the blacks and a little black boy is killed while going to the store for his mother. It is the most sickening and hurtful part of the book.

This is not to say that the blacks were saints in the story, but isn’t that reality? None of us are saints but we do not deserve to be lynched either. So the final showdown in the book gave me goosebumps and I hear there is a sequel too. I am so ready for it!

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~The Write Web

T is For Twilight Lavender, #AtoZChallenge, @AprilA2Z #ColorsInPoetry


twilight lavender
Photo Credit: Arya Kratos/Image designed by Ericajean using Canva


T is For Twilight Lavender

I’ll never forget

It was the night I knew I was on the market-

The night I knew the dreaming and

The “girl talk” would prove useless

Because you came to me while my back was pressed

Against the screen door

And the huge pine tree, majestic behind you

Taller than you, amplified your human-ness

Your maleness and all the romance books

And poetry

All the songs of that time

Finally made sense

You asked if my father was home,

I said “Yes.”

You said you wanted to date me

My hormones, my spine, my belly

My toes, my heart all said yes, but you were

Older and blended with the night

So much so that my heart

raced with delicious anticipation

We stood beneath the stars

while the grill burned flesh

As your gaze did the same to mine

And the stars increased, bursting from  the

Twilight Lavender of my mind

And you invaded my dreams forever,

Reminding me of the beauty of

First admiration…

Copyright© 2018 Erica Jean Smith

S Is For Smashed Pumpkin #AtoZChallenge, @AprilA2Z, #ColorsInPoetry

Here is another nostalgic story in free verse. I did not realize that this was an actual color. I mean, we have orange but “pumpkin orange”? Yep. Official. Check Wikipedia. So, hope you enjoy it and let me know what you think.  🙂

*I might bring this one back in the Fall!


Photo Credit: Pietro Jeng


S is For Smashed Pumpkin

You already know what

I’ll say about sweet potato versus the

Pumpkin pie

Place enough sweet in the pumpkin

Place enough cinnamon in it-

They will taste similar

And I never been a fan of Jack O’ Lanterns

In my gullet

But I took a chance one year

When money couldn’t stretch

And the weather was below

And the chill of November kissed our toes and the

Fires chased the cold slowly below the attic

We tore into pumpkins- free pumpkins

What to do with something I rarely ate?

The color of pumpkin is alright

But that week, we smashed it

Pumpkin Oatmeal

Pumpkin Pie

Pumpkin oatmeal

And pumpkin cakes

The pulp was light to mix

And the crisp smell stays forever

As I remember the pumpkins that sat

Along the stairwell, basking in darkness, big and great

Providing light Christmas-Thanksgiving Textures of

Humbleness and homesickness

Copyright© 2018 Erica Jean Smith

R is For Rich Black #AtoZChallenge @AprilA2Z


Image found on Pixabay


R Is For Rich Black 

I’m gonna tell you the tale of the rich black that was dug up from the earth. The soil was heavy and even though we think the soil is mush and torrid and funky

with just the right amount of pressure, it does break the casing of a seed, it can crack the pine of coffins six feet underneath and soil is earth, it is rocky and our blood tastes funny like iron

Because we are soil, but we are black also. So, the rich black remain is not the shape of pretty and it is rough- a solid form of carbon and “extremely rigid lattice” piece of work of God, this rich black a million- no… billions of years old buried in the earth’s mantle and takes a lot of heat to break through but it’s tough

“Adama” , “Damao” unbreakable yet tame, a religious icon, this rich black Used as adornment or cutting-edge tools, this tough cookie’s black runs the gamut, chiseled by storms and years of grinding-sturdy, sexy, appealing yet tame and powerful like puff haired Jesus Christs- an indomitable spirit with the four C’s: carat, cut, color and clarity. My weight is a weight in memories of a slavery I’ve never witnessed yet it anchors my bones to the world, the cut of my body been whipped into shape because there are no loans for this rich black, and my color has been deemed royal and damning all at once

Clarity: is anyone free from what they are labeled?


Broken free from the earth with a hard blackness, coal upon them, but they are rich, desired and hard from the center of the earth- broken free, tilled and milled not seen as truly valuable until used as an adornment. Not thought of until needed as a tool

for building the Americas

Copyright©2018 Erica Jean Smith

Q is For Queen Pink #AtoZChallenge, @AprilA2Z



queen pink
Photo Credit: Jess Watters/Image designed by Ericajean using Canva


I hope everyone’s enjoying my version of the April Challenge. The colors in poetry has been beautiful yet challenging to use too, because poetry takes work to get it just right, which is why most of these are pre-scheduled while I work on other things.

Speaking of working on other things, I will be visiting more blogs this week. My Smartphone crashed-so I had to run out and spend on that(Sheesh!) and I have been on interviews for technical/accounting positions while I substitute teach(in other words super busy). Hope you all have a great week-and keep me in your prayers! 🙂

Queen Pink

Greetings to all

I am Queen Pink

A slip of cover for lacy gowns


I’m not that special as to be noticed or realized


As important

Yet not new either because

look at all the popularity of my predecessor:

Janelle’s Pynk

Singer Pink

Pink Fridays

And Barbie Tingz pink


But I’m the pinker shade of kisses

For the next interior designer

I make my home in yours

When the baby arrives

When she coos and you pull a dress over her

Or when he wants that palest shade against his tie

And buttons

I’m the sigh and the breath on a rose

At dawn and the release of frustration

before cuddling

The nail polish, the blush,

The pillow you lay beside him on

The color you think of

When your husband comes

Home because I’m the color

Of relaxed romance…

Copyright© 2018 Erica Jean Smith

P is For Persimmon #AtoZChallenge @AprilA2Z


Photo Credit: Pixabay


P Is For Persimmon

It was not exactly an orange and did not taste like it

Not exactly a peach and the texture was not like

An apple, nor a peach, or an orange.

I don’t want Google to tell me what Persimmon is


I have only my tongue to tell you about

the burst of cool earthen sugar

And silken roughened texture sliding down my mouth

After a Korean dinner at church

It was simply harvested from one of the ladies’


Tree out back

And she shared it with us saying, “Have you had this super fruit?”

I was dining on the turkey, stuffing, and gravy,

the Thanksgiving Dinner prepared for


Us from a Korean Baptist church,

Wide smiling faces amid popped, primped collars and suits

And righteousness in their hands and smiles

And on their lips and holy hands


While sharing persimmons- a kind of orange color

A kind of orange texture, not quite an apple

But nonetheless


This actually happened. I had a great time meeting new people, eating Kimchi and trying Persimmons for the first time. The blending of cultures and a wonderful service, was amazing!

Copyright 2018 Erica Jean Smith