You Have Not Experienced a Page Turner Until You’ve Read ‘The Banks Sisters’ #UrbanFiction


The Banks Sisters is a story about four sisters who experience severe loss and pain and when they lose their grandmother and find out that the church will take away their house, the one solution they seem to have is to rob a bank. The book reads like a familiar movie but I will tell you this, you never know which winding path this book may take. It has all the sizzling sex, trash talking and bloody violence to whet anyone’s sick appetites…and I’m here for it!

banks sisters
The Banks Sisters by Nikki Turner


After reading two books in The Banks Sisters series, I am hooked on Nikki Turner’s writing. My husband gifted me with this book(he knows how bad my reading addiction is) and after reading the first one, I had to grab the second. Let me give you a run- down of the sisters really quick:

Simone is the professional one. She was daddy’s girl. And like her sisters, the one thing their deadbeat mother left them was their gorgeous looks and dreamy gray eyes.

Tallyha is the wife material. She is about to get married and prefers the stay at home lifestyle, yet has some weight issues that will come into question later.

Bunny(the Diva) is dating a rich gangsta and swears she is the baddest chick in the game. Every girl is envious of her and she craves it.

Now, Ginger is a straight up clown. Her jokes have me cracking up, and with her beer money and wine tastes, she does illegal crap to pay for her looks that make men stop dead in their tracks.(Ginger is my fav)

This was one emotional rollercoaster. The plot is so gripping, it definitely has you turning the pages fast. I could not help myself and wanted to “Sip on this story slowly” but I ended up reading it on my lunch breaks, ignoring everything around me and so here I am. Done.

Now I need Book 3 like I need my next coffee break. *Sigh*

I highly recommend this series. It definitely underscores the importance of family and how much would you do for family and at what cost?

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~The Write Web

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