4 Tips That Helped Me Get My Poem Published in a Journal

Hi fellow bloggers! I am so excited to tell you this! My haiku has been published in Haiku Journal Issue #57! I’ve worked so hard on those poems and am beyond ecstatic that one of my poems was chosen along with other talented writers. I am posting this up not to boast, but to encourage all other poets out there to keep writing and to also offer some tips that had helped me.

haiku journal 57
Haiku Journal #57, Painting by Glen Lyvers

Be Ye Organized

First, I gather all the poetry journals and contests that seem to fit me and save them in a  folder.  I make sure to provide links/addresses to each of these places because what they are looking for could give me cool ideas of what themes to explore while staying focused.

Furthermore, I have created a submission tracker to keep track of all poem titles I submit as well as those accepted, rejected and paid for. If you need a starter template, just contact me and I can try and create one for you!

Pay Attention to the Devil in the Details

Okay, so even though we are creative and want to write what we want to(that’s fine for personal journals no one will ever see), when you are trying to be a serious published and paid poet, pay attention to submission guidelines. You must follow these to the letter!(Sorry, not screaming at you). If the journal states that they have a reading period between June 1 and December 31, submitting after that cycle will get your poem tossed.

Haiku Journal actually accepts haiku as soon as the last journal entries have filled up but you can head over to their site to check their guidelines.

Submit as Much As You Can

I can’t stress this enough.

If a contest/journal says submit up to 10 poems. Then submit up to ten because one could win!

I submitted 3 haiku to Haiku Journal and two of my haiku were rejected but they took one they deemed best.

Also, side note: Some places will NOT accept simultaneous submissions. This means they will not accept a poem you’ve sent to other publications/contests. It has to be a unique one that you’re submitting only to them.

Always Hone Your Craft

I am not a genius at poetry at all.

Far from it.

But I love it, have a passion for it, read it and I practice it every day. I go online, look up old and new poetic forms and they inspire me to write.

Some people do not have time to do that every day- every now and again that is fine. In fact, when I start my new job I will really have to juggle my writing time with family time, etc.

If you are serious about being a published and paid poet at all, then these tips should help. Many of them are inspired by a book I hold dear to me and that has helped me a billion times over: The 2013 Poet’s Market(although there are newer versions).

Any questions or comments, please let me know 🙂

~The Write Web

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