Scandalous Celebrities and Their Burning Desires #TruthInFiction

Sometimes a family issue can be so complex, that you never know whose side you should be on, or if there even is a side to choose. In Kayla Perrin’s Burning Desire, Sabrina is the product of a scandalous affair, but first here is a quick peek into the gist of this juicy book…

Burning Desire (Love on Fire, #1)Burning Desire by Kayla Perrin

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

People have praised this book over the second one but…I think I liked the second book better. Don’t get me wrong, Mason Foley is hotness personified and Sabrina Crawford is an independent, career driven woman, but Sabrina is what made this book maddening to read.

In the story, Sabrina is shooting pictures for the firefighter calendar she has been commissioned to do and even though after her divorce she have sworn off hot men for good, here comes Mason Foley, Chief Firefighter and with his dark good looks and tight muscles, he makes Sabrina’s mouth water. Even “worse”…he is a kind hearted man. (Want more of my opinion of this book? Click the link!)


You may be wondering, where is the truth in this book? We know about firefighters and their jobs(thank you firemen! and fire ladies!), and we know that the cover of the book is hot, but where is the other truth I learned?

In the story, Sabrina is the product of a councilman having an affair, therefore her siblings(and especially his wife) treated her as a bastard child. Well, remember the “Joe Jackson affair recently? Joe Jackson carried on a 25 year long affair with some woman and now his daughter, all grown up, has written a book called Bastard Child because that is what Kathryn Jackson called her. I mean, that is the technical term for it, albeit harsh.

The sad fact is, some of the Jacksons especially Janet do not want to build a relationship with Joh Vonnie according to reports, and to be honest, it must be hard for siblings to accept another sibling who is the result of an affair.

It is hard for dedicated spouses, like Kathryn Jackson to accept her husband and his mistress’s child and should she be forced to? In Burning Desire, the councilman’s wife had a deep, raging hate for Sabrina and much of it uncalled for. The wife was being the devil in this case. Read the book to find out how devilish!

We must remember the children did not ask to be here so we can not treat them maliciously like they are dirt. However we must understand too, that the wound of cheating leave deep scars for the spouse and the family. In other words, just don’t start nothin’, won’t be nothin’.

Thank you for spending time with me during Truth In Fiction, I hope to find more to bring you all. Have a pleasant day/evening.

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