3 Hot Facts From ‘Flames of Passion’ #TruthInFiction

flames of passion

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Flames of Passion by Kayla Perrin (Love on Fire Series, #2)

Kimani Romance, 2015

ISBN-13:978- 1460344736

Nya Lowe has sworn off men for good. Celibacy is the name of the game for her. No more bed hopping from one gorgeous man to the next. But when she spots her jerk of an ex at a hotel reception hall with a beautiful woman on his arm, she tries to save face by kissing a stranger sitting to her.

That stranger is none other than the sexy Tyler Johansen and even though he plays along with the searing kiss from Nya, he wants more from her -but will she be willing to give him more?

I finished this 160 page book in one day. It was definitely super delicious and Tyler seems to be a dreamboat. He is kind, thoughtful, hot, and such a romantic and does more than put out Nya’s fire.  However, Nya’s self-esteem is so low she pushes Tyler further away and her antics seems unjustified, but a woman with low self-esteem that does not see beauty in herself, can be a hard case to crack.

Here are three real life gems I pulled from Flames of Passion:

Real Life Celibacy Groups?

Yes! They exist! In the story, Nya is a part of an online support group for women who are celibate and even though you can find anything on Google, I had to research and find out if  this group exist and of course there are forums for everything these days, including those trying to abstain from sex(which I find hard to do). So if you are serious about keeping those legs closed and pants zipped-for however long to gain perspective, click on Daily strength’s link.

The Organza Dress

I know nothing of fashion and the names or styles just leaves me confused, but there is a scene in the story where Nya is dressed so gorgeously that even her ex can’t resist approaching her. The book describes her red gown as having a low-V in the front and “flaring out at the knees. I looked up photos of what an organza dress looks like. I could not find the exact one from the book but here is an example:

red valentine dress
Red Valentine Organza Dress found on Lyst.com



Another thing I learned from the story is that Nya could pluck someone’s nerves with how insecure she is, but given her background it is quite understandable. Sometimes life teaches us hard lessons and whatever it teaches us, we only hope it makes us stronger but not so cold as to push everyone away.

I am currently reading Book #1(out of order but that’s okay, it can be read as a stand alone) and it is just as hot!

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