Glancing Back, Looking Forward

looking back
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Glancing back, I’ll say I’ve had an amazing February!

Not only did I visit great blogs, but was able to get my hands on books about black culture, ancient civilization and editing. It was a very productive month and I thank all the bloggers who read my work and who also featured amazing blog posts throughout the month.

A special thank you to friends and bloggers, Nortina from Lovelycurses and Marquessa Matthews for her blog posts    for creating communities of for creative writers and bloggers.

I know there are more bloggers out there and if you’d like me to visit your blog just comment below with the link! Simple as that, I’d love to hear from you.

Next, I did not get to finish the book The Between in time for February and I am still reading it. It is by one of my absolute fav authors, Tananarive Due and is about a man who could be living a dream, or dreaming while living. Very Twilight Zone-ish and Tales From the Crypt type vibe. You would love it! I will let you know soon if the book was good, but I will tell you now- it is not boring at all!

Finally, I have been silent a while because I jumped back into Fanfiction writing. That’s my nerdy/Otaku moment that is kind of addicting. I would tell you the stories I write on there but they are full of lemons and other unadulterated mess…SMH! I amazingly get plenty of reviews and clicks. It can be a challenging community but an exciting one too!

Hope you all had a blessed month and continue to have a very blessed year.

~The Write Web