I Pick My Hair Up #BlaPoWriMo #BlackHistoryMonth

afro by bruce mars
Photo Credit: Bruce Mars



According to May Sarton in Writings on Writing,

“A poem does not emerge off of a feeling alone. It is instead created when tension that is felt releases a stirring of words and images and  this kind of creativity could bring a sufferer from their grief.”

I picked my hair

Up before escaping to

the night to march;

it’s loose coils now untamed

hardened by picks,

up like antlers

up like storm clouds

Defiant against the system

Telling me to let go

and lay down and die out

I scream no! I protest no!

My hair will defy you and gravity

at the same damn time

My crown, my dark halo

an avenging angel to the


pale supremacy

over my people over their

people and the people’s people

I pick my hair up


Note**Thank you for reading. Nortina has opened BlaPoWriMo to us and wrote an amazing poem about Dark Girls too! Please visit her page. As Nortina says, “These blogs are not mean to discriminate, but to educate. You do not have to be black to participate.” 🙂


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Wife, daughter, sister friend... A voracious bookworm and colorista who loves to share her creations. Nice to meet ya!

4 thoughts on “I Pick My Hair Up #BlaPoWriMo #BlackHistoryMonth”

  1. I love the quote. An exact definition for what a poem is. Poetry is definitely a release of tension through words and images, provoked by a feeling or emotion, or a response to something like oppression or grief.

    I also love this definition juxtaposed to the image of picking one’s hair, which could be a symbol for releasing that tension brought on by racism, prejudice, breaking those chains and owning one’s blackness, etc. I don’t know if that was intentional, but it works perfectly!

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