Becoming a More Intentional Writer

Living my life intentionally is living my life with purpose and on purpose. Any external circumstance out of my power, I can conquer by reflection and moving on.

I am realizing I have the power to change those things within my power.

You can too.

I call myself a writer and this is true, but I am actually a lazy writer.

When it is time to write, I will procrastinate, but it is not something I consciously do. Tell me if you’ve ever done this before:

  • The night before, you’d say, “Okay. In the morning I will meditate/pray/workout/write, and enjoy the rest of my day.”
  • The sun is up(doing it’s job). You: Still sleep or on your Smartphone.
  • “I’m only going to check in on Twitter/G+/Facebook, for a few minutes,” you say and before you know it, it is the afternoon…

But wait. There is still time to write!

  • You watch a little anime, a little Scandal and heck, Once Upon a Time is getting good. Two episodes won’t kill you.
  • Night falls(it’s doing its job), even a few stars are hanging out and the moon is brilliant and you feel a nice, Zen moment slip its hands over your shoulders. A quiet little poem whispers in your ear and before you grab your notebook and pen-
  • RINNNNNG! Your bestie calls and the conversation is at least two hours…

Need I finish this?

I have been watching Jim Kwik’s mind hacks and I am blown away by his techniques for freeing up our minds!

I encourage you to watch his videos. If you are in a slump, feeling drained or uninspired, just ten minutes of listening to him will revive you. I promise!

Anyway, back to writing. So next year I plan on submitting more of my writings but I must be intentional with it. I must make an effort to write more. The problem is that I do write, but my goal is to write for a specific market and I have been lazy in that area.

Another goal is one I hope to share with you all: More Write Web Challenges! I notice that blogs which host challenges, tend to build a great, supportive community and my goal is to help writers reach their goals by tapping into their inner god/goddess.

Toast, to more intentional habits and beautiful writing!


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