My One Week Experience With Blogmutt

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Geesh. I never ever learn, do I?

A few months ago, I wrote a pretty detailed post of my experience with Fiverr and how it stacks up to creating your own  writing career freedom, away from these “gig sites and content mills”.

Well, a little over a week ago I began to have the “writer’s itch”. I wanted to create content for the web like I did with Examiner and Helium(both sites have since moved or changed completely!)

I spotted a site called Blogmutt.

Blogmutt allows you to write content, submit it and you get paid $8 for 250+ words. More words could have you earning $72 per post- if the customer buys your article.

This all sounds good right? I was amped and ready to go. Before I could officially become a Blogmutt writer though, I had to go through the rituals.

  • Take the grammar exam. Passed.
  • Writing and Plagiarism test. Passed.
  • Gave blogmutt my personal info for the W-9 form.

After all this, I received an email that read, “Congratulations! You passed the exams! Now you have to write your first post. If your first post  is not accepted, you will be denied access to Blogmutt and can never write for us again.”

I wish I was exaggerating here, folks.

I wrote a pretty good article about Spanish language jobs and uploaded it to the site. I spent days on it, perfecting it, making sure it sounded just right.

Well, yesterday I go onto my Blogmutt dashboard and it reads, “ATTENTION: Your account has been suspended. We will not answer emails regarding the reasons.”

The creator must get off knowing he is an a%#@hole. The language spoken is unprofessional and the rules are not professional at all, and yet there are people, supposedly earning from this site.

This is what I mean by staying away from content mills. They take your work and then ban you for no apparent reason.

The only one I can blame is myself and maybe businesses.

If businesses want content for their sites, there are so many great writers out there and me making $8 per article is great if I write enough articles, but not enough to do the writing and then get banned.

I am not sure what tips I can offer here besides marketing yourself online and offline. Let people know you provide great web content services.

Until next time, keep writing! 🙂


18 thoughts on “My One Week Experience With Blogmutt

  1. Hey Erica,

    BlogMutt is a joke; DO NOT WRITE FOR THEM!

    A simple Google search will reveal their shady tactics of “suspending” writers without merit. This is particularly problematic given BlogMutt’s format, which involves writing posts in advance without the guarantee of those posts being purchased. So, if you have 50 posts completed that are sitting in clients’ queues and BlogMutt decides to suspend you for reasons unknown, you’ve just lost those 50 posts.

    Aside from its grossly incompetent managers, the pay at BlogMutt is absolutely horrible. Clients pay $25 for 250-word posts, for which the writer earns an appalling $8.

    If you’re looking to write for fun and want to gain more experience, perhaps BlogMutt may work — until they suspend your account and don’t respond to your emails. But if you want to get paid for writing, choose a different platform.

    • Thank you for the comment! I agree, the $8 is horrible and also you must fill out paperwork with your personal info and then learn after one article, the account is suspended? I do not understand Blogmutt at all😒

  2. This happened to me too. I submitted my first post only and waited to see if it could be approved. Before it was even reviewed by admin, I found out that my account has been suspended. This is the message I received. “Your account has been suspended, and you are no longer able to write posts for BlogMutt. You can still invoice for posts that you have sold.
    Typical reasons for suspension of your writing privileges on the BlogMutt platform include:
    • A violation of our Terms of Service
    • An unacceptable decline rate as determined by our internal algorithm
    • Plagiarism
    We will not answer any emails regarding reasons for suspensions”.

    • See. that is just crazy! After giving all your info and writing, to just be cut off like that? It is so much better to try and work for ourselves- as difficult as it is though.

      Sorry this happened to you. Keep writing and you will find better! Thanks for reading!

  3. I got suspended right out of the gate, too! I just joined two weeks ago and wrote my first post about a local Mexican restaurant that an apartment complex needed…I was told it needed to be approved by the team first before I could submit further comment. I logged in today and got the standard suspension message that Peter received. I was shocked to see plagiarism listed as I’ve been working for a real estate company for the past three years, writing several articles per month on local small businesses across the country. The blogmutt post was written in the same style. I have never plagiarized anything. Jerks. By the way, I found about them because they were advertising on Craigslist a few weeks ago. From the sounds of it, they are clearly shady.

    • See. Things like that is so disappointing. We want to break into writing or build up our portfolio, only to have sites like Blogmutt hurt us. I hope you found better.
      Thanks for reading!

      • Last night I came across a comment thread on an article about BlogMutt; it was full of numerous complaints from writers, some who had written for them for quite a while and had achieved level eight status, who were suspended for no obvious reason. Some of these people were owed hundreds of dollars worth of work and will never be paid for it.

        I’m lucky that I found the company I did a few years ago (also through Craigslist) and another reputable company that needed writers to write short descriptions of business listings on their site. Neither would fire a writer for making one silly mistake. They provide feedback (there was one time where I did have one typo in one of the short descriptions) but they simply ask you to make the edit.

        I’m glad I found you blog! I will definitely be following it for writers’ tips and ideas to make more income from writing.

      • First, thank you for commenting and following my blog! I truly appreciate it and hope you enjoy future posts😊 Also, it seems I need to start digging around for reputable sites as well like you have. Blogmutt is an experience no one should have.

    • Yes just found out a few minutes ago about my suspension with the same stupid reasons as each of you have mention. I was so upset that I was about to go to facebook to fuss them out but there is no message section on their facebook account. This is ridilicous and I made sure to follow all the rules such as no plagiarism, posting links, etc. I’m done with them but not before I blast them.

      • Oh my goodness! What a terrible company! I am sorry many of you were at the sick end of that site. Supposedly, the owner does not want his name dragged( I read somewhere)..but people must know about his bad business practice.
        Thanks for reading my blog!

      • They do have a Twitter account. 😉 Of course, don’t expect a reply but I did mention them in a few tweets (they have probably blocked me.) Losers!

  4. Hi Ericajean, I just found your blog and wanted to let you know I wrote for BlogMutt for quite some time. They upgraded me and immediately restricted me after my posts began to sell. When asked for a reason, they made up a bunch of very easily disproven lies. There is nothing you can do. So I am leaving. Avoid at all costs!

      • They just did me the same way as of ten minutes ago and I am pissed. I followed all the rules and still got suspended. I started to feel bad and doubt myself until I found each of your posts. This company is a scam and need to be reported. Now I have to go back and start over. I signed up for Textbroker….. do anyone know anything about them

      • Hi!

        I heard of textbroker but have not tried it yet. Sorry about your experience at Blogmutt. Such a scam. I would like to curate some legit writing sites so we can all know which ones are worth it. Suggestions welcome!

  5. Yes I think I’m going to go ahead and write an eBook
    which was my ultimate goal anyway but thought I would start with smaller writing first. I’ve heard its best to stay away from content writing sites and I believe so especially after hearing from more seasonal writers bad experiences.. I don’t know we will have to wait and see

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