Sample Saturday: Lion’s Blood

lions blood
Lion’s Blood by Steven Barnes

Lion’s Blood(Insh’Allah Book 1)

Author: Steven Barnes

Published by Spectrum Literary Agency, Inc.(2011)

With all of the racial and national tension going up, I think I needed to sample a book that was fantasy but gave some historical “meat” at the same time. Who better than Steven Barnes? I am already a fan of his wife’s work.

Lion’s Blood is about an alternate history: where whites are the slaves and blacks are the cruel slave masters. It appears to be a series and already just from reading a few pages, I know I will be a fan of Steven Barnes’ imaginative work. I love when books are bold!

Why Did I Sample This Book?

  1. I heard of Lion’s Blood before through visiting a local library years ago.
  2. His wife, Tananarive Due, writes amazing fantasy/horror books.
  3. This book has received so many high praises already, maybe because it is bold, daring and definitely on time.

Let me know, does this seem like something you would read?

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