Should You Use Apps to Write Your Resume?(Part 4)

Using Apps
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It should come as no surprise that Microsoft Word has the templates for everything from planners and calendars to resumes.*I’m a bit biased, I am a Windows/Microsoft user. Always have been.

*My favorite website, Skillcrush, just published a blog post on how to create the perfect resume and includes a FREE 30+ page eBook for you. I am reading it now! Grab it up here!


Want more amazing resources? Skip below to find out so much more on creating a dynamic resume.

Now, the fun part is finding out which apps are better to use and then I will give my own tips and reasons why they should be used in conjunction with real resume writing!

Want to skip the juicy tidbits and find out if using an app is good? Go ahead and skip(but at least read the post later…make me happy)

*VisualCV at

Imagine having an app- right on your phone, that allows you to simply input your information into fields and then spit out a neatly organized, decorated resume you can download to your mobile device and share?

Yep, that’s Visual CV for you.

I downloaded the app last month to my android, and had a ball with it! You can even sign in with your LinkediIn account.

You can use the app on your PC as well.

The really cool feature of VisualCV is the Share feature. You can literally click on the link and save as PDF to share or print, or share online(remember to exercise caution with this).

The downside to this app is that I am still getting used to all the “bells and whistles” of it. On the mobile app some features could be made more clear. I had to figure it out on my own. Outside of that, I will use it again.

 *11 Tried and True Resume Creators

This post would be very long if I listed every single resume creator out there and to tell the truth, I’ve only used Visual CV and the next one below. But click here for the top listings of FREE resume creator apps. I enjoyed reading this list.

*Good Ol’ Microsoft Word

Now, one app that is a classic and involves a little more “elbow grease”, is the Microsoft Method(I lovingly call it).

Click here to pick out a template that suits you and follow the online instructions.

Most people would rather skip this part because it requires your to actually write. Don’t be scared. We all need to do this.

 *When all else fails…

Create your own resume from scratch in your own word processing program.

Years ago I did this. I was not sure about margins, centering and what to bold and underline, but it felt good to write my own resume and you should feel good writing your own.

So, what’s the verdict? Is it good to use an app or not?
Sure it is good, you just have to plan it all out first, then use their forms.

Oh Gee! We’re at the End  😦

Well, we’ve come to the end of the resume writing adventure. I sincerely hope that the resources and blog posts helped you at least a little on your journey to finding that good job.

Remember to share this post on your social networks and comment below if you have questions or tips. Sharing is caring!

It is a brand new year and definitely a new you in the making.

The focus of this blog series was on resume writing only, however if you want to find places to submit your resume, learn how to write cover letters and other information, please seek the resources listed below.


Copyright©2017 Ericajean for The Write Web

Resources: also can be downloaded as an app to your mobile device. Find jobs tailored to your search and submit applications/resumes instantly!

Your local unemployment office Onlinedon’t sleep on this! Your local unemployment office is a Google away. Google your state(+) unemployment commission and find jobs that could be lurking around under your radar. just like Indeed and other job banks, you can submit your resume here and use it to apply to any job you see(you may have to upload a different resume for each job you wish to apply for).

Knock ‘em Dead Resumes by Martin Yate(November 2016)- I’m telling you. This book is gold!

Professional Writing at Work by Philip C. Kolin(2009)- without this book, I would have been without the knowledge I have now. It inspired me to write this series, actually! Check it out!

Disclaimer: There are affiliate links sprinkled all through this post. This simply means that if you decide to purchase any of these products, I could get a couple of pennies off of it. Literally. Pennies.


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