How to Create a Cyber Cute Resume(Part 3)

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Gone are the days of just typing up your resume and printing them out to send to prospective employers.

Welcome to creating an online resume. An online friendly version of your resume that WILL capture the employer’s attention!

Keywords and SEO  matter in resumes.

After you’ve completed parts 1 and 2 in the Write Resumes 2017 series, we can now create the cyber cute resume!

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Step 1: Create and Make it Plain

Just like a plain bagel with strawberry cream cheese on top, your online resume should be sweet and to the point.. So the first step is to create your resume in your favorite word processing program or in HTML.

Step 2: Don’t be too Fancy!

No bold, no underline, no borders, no cute drawings, no photos- nothing goes into an online resume . We are trying to get your resume easily scanned by the database “crawlers and bots”

Step 3: Keywords

Now look at your employer’s ad. What keywords are they using in the ad? You would want this first and foremost in your resume. Trust me. You could get a phone call if this is all done right.

Skip to a sample of an online resume!

Remember to use relevant keywords pertaining to your strengths and job ad, throughout the resume. Important!

Step 4: Edit your resume then send it online.

Remember, save as an ASCII plain text file!

Where should you send it?

To your employer’s site, or visit wonderful sites like,, or I like them all.

Important Cyber Resume Info and Tips!

Why is the cyber resume so darn important?

It is important because more and more employers are doing less reading and more “scanning” of resumes, typically spending just 30 seconds or less on a resume.

If the first part of your resume does not catch their eye or offer the keywords they are looking for, your resume will be obliterated to internet hell.

The cyber resume is saved as a plain text and require less fancy “schmancy” stuff because it can come up confusing and crazy on databases. You want your resume clearly read and ACCEPTED.

Now, keywords.

Why do I keep emphasizing that, even in the earlier posts?

Because keywords matter. Just like metadata and keywords matter in a blogpost and website, so too for an online resume- because it is an ONLINE resume.

See Illustration of all these steps below! Notes in red. This resume has been fictionalized a tiny bit LOL


Rain200(at)msn(dot)com  *Here, I am keeping the CONTACT info simple. You do not want to send too much information online.
Full time or part time opportunity as a bank teller.*Make sure this part is as clear as possible. What position are you applying for exactly?

Accounting, Administrative duties, clerical, Microsoft Office Suite, communications, office technology, organized, team player *These keywords were pulled from my own actual experience and the job ad. Honesty is key here.

EDUCATION *Notice how all major headings are in all caps? This is perfect. Just don’t bold!
College, A.S. degree awarded in May 2006
Sociology/Business, major
GPA 4.0 *Update: This part can be done away with now. Employers don’t care too much about your GPA.

CLERICAL SKILLS*Now we are using terminology and headings found in the job ad. Again, keep it honest.
Excellent working knowledge of Microsoft Office Word and Excel, as well as Power Point and Access.
Typing speed estimated round 45 wpm.

Efficient and accurate when handling money. *This is exactly what the job ad was looking for.
Deliver amazing customer service in all situations.

*Adapt quickly to most environments.    *For each skill, I used an *(asterisk) and nothing more. This is ok.
*Great speaking tone.
*Experience in customer service sector.
*Work well with any staff.

EXPERIENCE *Now here, I can admit that I have zero actual banking experience and in some cases you will still get a phone call if you used proper keywords and emphasize your strengths.
+Dispatcher answering multiple phone lines, organizing incoming and outgoing files while also preparing payroll part time, Thomas Nelson CC Campus Police Hampton, Va
+Cashier; complete transactions using POS system, set customer service goals, solve customer problems with efficiency and compassion, Food Lion, Newport News, Va


See you in the next and final Resume 2017 post this week!


Information was gleaned from Philip C. Kolin’s “Professional Writing at Work“(2009)


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