The One Thing You Need Before Writing a Resume

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Has been edited as of 2/24/2017

“You got to have faith-a faith-a  faith-ah!” Crooned the late George Michael.

Or, here’s another one: “Confidence always wins.”

When you are preparing to write your resume, please begin with an open, positive mind.

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You may be stuck in a job you literally cry before going to(Okay, maybe that’s something I would do), but you have a wealth of knowledge and skills to place on that gorgeous, waiting- to -be written resume. Believe it!(Thank you, Naruto)

I have perused several “How to Write a Resume” books and they are wonderful gems to explore. But they can take a long time because of they list so many steps. All important, but, you know- time crunch here!

P.S. I have just started my new career search and I am excited! These tips I am showing you is what helped me to get two calls in one day. I am hoping to have the same winning streak again.

Prep in Two Easy Steps!

First, jot down ALL the skills you do have(confidence!) in one column.

Second, hunt for those top three jobs you want. Make sure you have at least 2-3 skills that match what they want. You may star these skills, highlight them, whatever. Just make sure you have at least 2-3 skills they are looking for.


Confidence is the one thing you need. Develop that winning attitude today!

P.S. Confidence is required in an interview too…Just sayin’ 😉



Helpful Resources

*Rockport Institute– “Help people choose careers since 1981″(According to their website)

*Knock ‘Em Dead Resumes– A must read that has helped people get the phone call!


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