How to Write Your Resume Right, Blog Series Intro

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Ever wondered if creating a resume is truly the ticket to getting the job you want?

Tired of going through books on resume creation that seem to take too long?

Want instant feedback on your letters of application and resumes?

My goal for all of you is for you to find that dream job in 2017. With persistence and good faith, we can do this. Together!

Soon, I’ll be launching a blog series on resume creation. What qualifies me to do this?

I have been writing resumes since I was fifteen, and let me tell you, my first resume was HORRIBLE. Very sketchy and lean at best. After reading books on resumes and letters of applications and applying what I know, I finally found a few SUPER KEYS to unlock the power of the resume. I even got two calls in one day!

So here is how this will work.

  • No sharing of personal information! If you do wish to share your resume(or parts of it) please leave off your address(or give fake addresses) Just sharing the “barebones” of your work is enough.
  • This will be a Mondays Only course just to allow time to work on Resumes and keep information from bogging people down.
  • Once a week I will upload helpful posts to get your resume in shape as well as helpful resources from the experts too!
  • This blog series will include letter of application-CVs as well.
  • Let me know if you are interested and please share the link. I will let you know when the blog series begins! Also any helpful advice on how to run this is welcome!

In the future, if you’d like to find these blog posts, they are neatly collected in the Write Resumes 2017 link in the nav menu. Thank you!


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