Goodbye to Book Reviewing, Sad Face

Glove hand that says bye
Photo by Trinity Kubassek

I’ve been reviewing books roughly since 2008 when I began my blogging adventure and became fascinated with books and writing for the web. Those were the good ol’ happy days. Getting free books to my door and now technology has it so we can get e-galleys very early, connect with authors and publishers and now we can win prizes and digital badges.

I am thankful for it all. Truly.

However, as a bonafide bookworm I am addicted to words and the feeling they give me. I think it is because of this that I must leave official book reviewing.

Let me explain.

When I see a book I might like, I request it. Then I would request another. Then another…and another and then I miss the publishing dates sometimes and I still have a pretty large TBR pile. Secondly, I don’t like how some books expire after a certain time, and third- I get headaches now from reading too much. Ouch!

The interesting this is, before I was reviewing books, I would simply read, or join a nice reader’s group and give a brief review on Amazon then keep it moving. Sometimes I would read a book and not even discuss it or review it. It was a just a relaxing treasure for me to experience before moving on. I may tell a customer or two at my job how great it is was, but that’s it.

Anyhow, because of this change I will have to refocus my blog to only include posts about writing, poetry, and marketing writing, but will focus on more marketing writing more than anything. I have already updated the About TWW page to reflect this small but very important change.

Will I still review books on here? Perhaps, if they are self help for writers and writers wanting to learn more about marketing and the psychology behind it.

**Meet me at my Goodreads Page to talk books!**

Goodreads will be my bookie hub. To see books I’ve read, feel free to join me over there and I may do some brief reviews of books there also, but not on this blog. Again, I just want to get back to reading for pleasure and in my own time. Besides, reviewing does not pay. You get a free book to become an influencer for an author which is so much fun. I love it all! Those books, the authors and their interviews will still be housed here. Try out my categories and tags to find them all!

Again, I will still be reading but my reviews(if I do them at all) will be on Goodreads and Amazon.

Smile! This is a new adventure for us!


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