At the Zenith of My Writing Powers

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No, I am not at the Steel, Koontz, and King Status- actually far from it.

I just want to take note of how much I’ve grown over the years in writing short stories and novellas.

Have you ever wanted to do that? If not, I think I know why. It is scary to face facts that we have grown very little and not much at all when it comes to our favorite thing to do. This goes for anything in life.

But I want to take a moment and just rejoice over the small things I’ve overcome over the years. I pray you do the same. Let’s not look at the weak spots- yet.

I’ve gotten over my bias of two person narratives. I’ve mentioned this in a couple of blog posts about how I do not like when a story is told from two points of views, but after reading a few great books I am now a believer, just not a convert yet. My latest novel Kiss of Blood will have two person narratives of a genie and his soon to be lover.

I am no longer afraid to self edit. In fact, self editing is quite fun! I’m not sure why I never appreciated this before. The reason could be that I am afraid of my stupid slip ups in my writing. But isn’t that what drafts are for anyway? While re-reading your own manuscript you can find loopholes, gaps, bad spots and great tokens you can place elsewhere or maybe you have an idea to include this time? I love it!

Taking my writing seriously every morning. Well, not every morning, but at least five or six days a week, I am at my laptop editing or writing a story. It totally develops creative muscle when you write everyday! My suggestion to other writers is to find a writer’s devotional if you need direction. One devotional I found pretty darn good is A Writer’s Year by Sally J. Walker. I didn’t get around to using all of the devotional activities because it was on loan, but what I got out of it is what counts.

I am beginning to care about character profiles. When I first plot a novel, I see the action first and I see the scenes, but character? No way, I never spent much time on it because I am more about what is going on in a story. However, after googling several websites to find the best templates for this, I learn it is essential to creating a believable character.

Finally learning which sites to “read on” versus write on. Wattpad is an awesome app for writers but I just have not had any luck on it besides my teen fiction Weight and See. It seems that if you do not already have a following from the beginning, you’re toast. I could be wrong and maybe jealous, but oh well I don’t care. However I do love the stories on there and I have found positive, glowing feedback on my fanfiction over on and novels on Smashwords.

Understanding I have my own voice. This is so critical. I love reading books, and I am inspired by brilliant author’s writings. But I have my own voice and finding it is like finding a small child or fuzzy kitten at your doorstep, waiting to be held and fed.

Nothing is more amazing than finding your voice. What is voice? Your own style and flavor of writing. It could be your tone(funny, witty, sarcastic) or style of writing(prose, poetic), slang usage, etc. I don’t know just monitor your own writings and read them aloud. You’ll see.

What have you learned about your writing habits/style lately? I’d love to know! 🙂

2 thoughts on “At the Zenith of My Writing Powers

    • Hi Otaku Judge,

      Exactly the point I was making in the beginning of the post. You are right. We need a following. In my other blog posts about Wattpad, I notice there are amazing stories on that app but if you don’t have a following…bad news.

      Thanks for the input!

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