6 Ways to Identify a Five Star Book

Image designed by Ericajean
Image designed by Ericajean

What the heck is a five star book even made of? Isn’t that a subjective question? A three star book to me could be five stars to you, so there can’t possibly be a way to identify a really good book, right?

You would be right, my friend. The suggestions mentioned here, however, is based on reviews of books by other readers including what should be happening in a stellar work. So I suppose this list is subjective and objective at the same time. Shall we begin?

Quality of Writing

Need I say more? I am no editing wiz and so even my published works needs polishing and maybe some polishing after time has passed as well.

Readers are not generally editors but they’ve probably won a spelling bee a time or two and/or  have Strunk and White’s Grammar bible at their side, so yes, quality of writing is important- to me story is a tiny bit more important.


We fall in love with people in real life and we want to fall for characters.

No cookie cutter characters, just genuine characters who either surprise us or who are us. As a fellow bookworm I reckon you’d like the hero/heroine to be someone you identify with or fall in love with. Nothing is better than a character who feels like a friend or you can fanboy/fangirl all over.


Folks are talking.

Social media’s ablaze.

Talks of film rights.

Emails pouring in about how a book has changed lives…

Yes, making a lasting impact through literature is a sure way to always get a good rating.


As a writer your work should have a natural flow. Today’s books, particularly in the teen categories don’t start off at a snail’s pace and if it does, it quickly gets to the point mid chapter.

Action scenes(part of setting and plot) should be timed perfectly and there should always be a moment of rest somewhere. Find a balance. It can’t be just straight up adrenaline for fifty pages. Let there be breathing room. Likewise the story shouldn’t have 100 pages of monotone boring slop. I have read books like this too.

Raw, No Pussyfootin’ Around

Pussyfootin; is an old school term meaning “Stop holding back, stop playing around!” I love books that do not mind peeling back the curtains for all of us to see the dirt and the magic happening all at once. Tiana Laveen’s Race to Redemtpion series about a White Supremacist who falls for his pen pal that happens to be a black woman, is one such novel. There was no one and no topic spared in this novel and it has gained five stars consistently across the board on Amazon!

The Takeover

This goes back to the fangirl/fanboy moments. If a book has got you up late at night or taking irregular coffee breaks at work, just go on ahead and admit it, you are reading a five star book, baby!

There are so many books that took up my nights and robbed my sleep. A few of them off the top of my head are Fledgling by Octavia Butler, Twilight Series by Stephenie Meyer, and Julie Lessman’s A Passion Most Pure.

Okay, I am at the end of my rope here. Disagree with my list? Have a better one? Please share your thoughts here and why not share this post or at least like it?

Thank you to all my subscribers and I hope you have a great Veteran’s Day Weekend!



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