How to Cope When You Can’t Receive An ARC


It is that moment when you see the cover. Your eyes enlarge and you want to kiss the e-galley/ARC* so badly because the title and the cover has your eyes and imagination salivating.

*ARC stands for “Advanced Reading Copy”

What a good book we’ll read today!

Then you read the blurb. You are hooked. Officially.

Finally you click on “Request” or “Submit” and you await approval from the publishers.

You get an email later that reads a little something like this:

“Request Notification from X,

You recently requested to view a title from X Company and unfortunately they have declined access to this title…”

At this point you slam down your Smartphone in anger.

Over the years, I have learned how to cope with not receiving a free book.

So relax, calm down, and take it from me. You can deal.

Realize It Could Be Your Profile.

The review company I receive free ARCS from has a section for reviewers to create a solid gold profile.

If your profile is not what companies are looking for, you could be denied.

At this point, like me, you are probably still angry.

Now with Netgalley, when you find a book you like, simply click on the publisher’s link and find out what they adore about certain profiles. In most cases, the publisher will approve you in the future if you improve your profile.

You Probably Have Too Many Books to Read Anyway

I know you really, really are itching to read that book, but if you’re like me, your TBR pile is sky high- maybe past the moon.

Do you really need to have all those books in your TBR pile and add another one that may or may not be a good story anyway?

Okay, maybe I forgot which choir I am preaching to. We always want more books.

Have a Get Even Fest…In Your Mind

Have a silent pep talk with yourself that goes a little something like this: “If a publisher does not want to approve me, so be it. I will not be requesting from them in the future, they missed out on a prominent, popular blogger to spread the word about the book.”

And when all else fails…

Just Buy the Darn Book

This can be a win/win situation for you.

When you purchase the book, it is yours and you will have time to review and not have to post that darn FTC message about reviewing for free, and not being coerced for a good review blah blah blah.

Therefore you can post whatever kind of review you want and not have it deleted from your device after fifty days or whatever(Kindle lets you keep ARCs forever).

Edit/Sidenote: Also, some publishers only have a limited amount of books that can be requested. Usually the site which offers e-galleys or the publisher will let you know this anyway.

Alright fellow bookworms, reviewers and bloggers. If you have any additional suggestions on how to deal with the rejection, please post those comments below and share- for the love of Mercy, share this post!  🙂




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