It’s YA Summer Recap and a Reveal of My Favorite Book

Vacation Holiday

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I’d just like to say I had an amazing summer reading YA fiction. I’ve discovered some amazing books this year and I hope to do this and similar blog posts in the near future.

So here is a wrap up of what’s been going on with this bookworm and the reveal of what my favorite book of the summer was. Can you guess?

First, summer kicked off with Hidden Monster written by Amanda Strong earning 4.5 stars for originality and for prompting my love of dragonflies all of a sudden(hint, hint). It had all I needed in a story: love, science fiction, and fantasy. Definitely good.

Click here to discover my favorite book/author of the summer!

Remember to Forget by teen author Ashley Royer ,had sweetness, pain and all of the fixins’ for a popular read. In that story, a boy loses his girlfriend in an accident and he no longer speaks. He later meets a girl just like her…

To make your summer even more enjoyable, I posted up links to FREE YA eBooks you can download right away and start reading!

Things take a fantastic turn with Trish Marie Dawson’s The Station Series, beginning with Dying to Forget(Book 1). Such a thoughtful premise about a young girl who dies and finds herself in the afterlife at The Station where she must become a Volunteer to help the living -by becoming their conscious. The romance and the plot is on point, folks!

Next, I take up a controversial topic asking “What’s up with African American fiction?” I try to make a bold case as to why most YA novels featuring black people are seemingly not as popular.

After that post, I read and reviewed a few more of Trish Marie Dawson’s novels and had the privilege of interviewing her about her Station series, because I am seriously addicted to that world she has created. To learn about her books and read the reviews, you can check out her interview here.

Finally, I took trip back in time you guys!

Yep, I read and reviewed the juicy, totally awesome ’80s novel Melt With You by talented author, Addison Moore. She is another author my sister and I favor. In this story, a teen has a crush on the hottest guy in school and when he accidentally hit her with his truck, he is stuck with caring for her. Sure he has a hot girlfriend, but the sparks are beginning to fly between him and the “nice” girl…

I am sad to have YA summer reading end like this, but I promise more books from all genres and subcategories, more writings from around the web, and more!

Now how can you make this post even more special?

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